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Friday, December 23, 2016

Washington Backstabs Israel
Washington Backstabs Israel

It was eight prophetic years ago (2880 days) that I wrote the post Collapse, Destruction, and Our Back Against Israel.

In the post, as with several others, I put up messages that I felt at the time needed to be presented for other believers to read and pray about. I have always presented the information with humility. Few who read this site personally know me, but they will attest that it has been a spiritual battle and at time it has even been the source of depression and tribulation for me personally and in my spiritual walk.

I would be remiss if I didn’t stand up and warn of trouble that lies ahead for the United States of America and the nations that have agreed to condemn Israel. The resolution that was passed today is no less than a death sentence for the nations that want to see the destruction of Israel. Egypt and the USA are two nations that will suffer beyond comprehension. The people that look upon these nations will be in awe at the destruction, so great the destruction that modern history will not have seen the likes of it.

I am asking all who read this to be vigilant and prayerfully seek the Lord Yeshua for guidance. I will be watching the next 48 hours closely, but the next week should be a time of vigilance as well.

God Bless, daniel

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Monday, August 8, 2016

The Rose and the Bride
A rose, white and pure. 
A rose among the thorns, striped with red. 
Stripes of our iniquities...
Stripes of our transgressions...
Stripes of our sin...
O Shoshanah, O Hosannah 
How you love the Bride, a lily among the thorns...
Splashed in crimson, yet made white again.
The water flowed red, the Bride rinsed pure, yet made white again.
Your judgment and compassion surrounding her every side.
Yeshua, may Your Compassion and Loving Kindness surround the congregation.
YHWH, YHWH, you are compassionate, 
Most gracious, 
Slow to anger, 
Abounding in kindness, 
Abounding in faithfulness, 
Extending kindness to the thousandth generation, 
Forgiving iniquity, 
Forgiving transgressions, 
Forgiving sin.
You remit not Your punishment on those who refuse teshuvah but You free from guilt the sincere.
May the parents of the precious beings raise them in the ways of YHWH.
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Friday, July 29, 2016

Prayer Request

I wanted to take a moment to update the status of the website.

I know that I have not be active in over a year. It has been a struggle the past two years to find the words to say. It has been a spiritual battle and one that I am not currently in a position to fully describe. I appreciate everyone that has continued to visit the website and more importantly I am grateful, eternally grateful, to those who have kept me and my family in prayer.

I have felt the Holy Spirit urging me to refocus my efforts to monitor the events in and around Israel and other research that is suitable for the website.

Over the past two years I have wrestled with taking the website down, at times feeling that I had misspoke and put up items stemming from emotion and flesh rather than Spirit. I am not a perfect person and am not exempt from making mistakes or errors. I don’t feel that this gives me a reason to quit either.

I am requesting prayer from those who still visit the site, that I would receive guidance and direction from the Holy Spirit as to how to move forward with posting items on the website.

My silence has been long and without explanation. I feel that it is time to no longer remain silent and pick up where I left off, Lord willing.

God bless, daniel

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Prayer Request

I have felt an urgent need to pay special attention to the weeks ahead leading to the currently planned speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Obama administration has gone to great lengths to undermine the credibility of Benjamin Netanyahu and his calls to stop the Iranian nuclear program.

In 2009, days after Obama was sworn into office, I felt an urging of the Holy Spirit to warn that the pride of the Obama administration would lead to a severing of ties between the US and Israel and that such pride would lead to the Collapse and Destruction of the United States of America.

I am deeply concerned about what the actions of the Obama administration will bring as it attempts silence a voice that I believe the LORD has put in place to warn the world about the dangers of a regime that seeks to possess nuclear weapons for the purpose of destroying Israel. 

The pride of Obama has never before been so open and visible. 

Let us pray that the LORD will give Netanyahu words of fire and of undeniable truth. May his speech be a tool in which the LORD will use to divide the wolves from among the sheep. And I pray that the LORD will deal accordingly with the Obama administration and their wicked attempts to destroy YHVH's plan for Israel.

Be prepared for the days ahead. The LORD will judge this nation as he has all other nations that have continued in wickedness and sought the destruction of Israel.

God Bless, daniel

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

 John Kerry: The Betrayal 
I rarely link to articles, but considering the time at hand I felt that the following article by David Horovitz, the founding editor of Times of Israel, is very important. Along with this link I have re-posted several posts that I have put up over the past 5 years. Since the opening days of 2009, I have been concerned that such a day of betrayal would come. With this type of betrayal I have been more concerned that it will bring with it the destruction of the United States of America.
Betrayal of Israel is the betrayal of Hashem's plan for humanity. Many empires, rulers, and militaries have sought to destroy and forever erase the Jewish people and the Land of Israel, but to no avail. Though the Israelites suffered, pushed from the land and persecuted, it was those who rose up against Israel by the Hand of Hashem that ultimately brought their final judgment of destruction upon their land and their people. 
God is not mocked. The betrayal of Israel, led by the United States of America, The end-time Babylon, which is the mechanism for what lies ahead for humanity. 
The Sword of David (4/20/2010)
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