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I Will Praise His Name!

| wed, august 12, 2009 |

HEAVENLY FATHER, YOU saw the enemy of my soul who came to destroy my seed. You sent a wind to preserve me; it blew me free from the fowls, that ole devil that came to devour me.

The wind YOU sent sought to take me to the good ground YOU had prepared for my seed. Along the way I came upon the rocks and it seemed good for me to take root, the good ground seemed too distant and the journey too long.

Upon these rocks I began to grow, spreading my arms to the sky, and seeking out the LIGHT of JESUS CHRIST. I was unaware my root could not form; I had chosen the rocks because it had seemed good to me, but upon the rocks my roots would never grow.

Without the knowledge of YOUR WORD I began to die and became easily deceived. It seemed better to pursue the lusts of my flesh and in my dying state these temptations seemed like life to me.

The enemy of my soul had followed me, seeking me that he may devour, and desired only to destroy my seed. I had no life, no hope, and no purpose. He would whisper, "What good are you, what good is a seed that never grows fruit?"

I was alone, dry, and the flesh of my sprout was rotted. I became a stench even to myself, longing only to decay into the earth. Then I cried out, having remembered the SOWER, the ONE who sought to plant me upon the good ground.

I cried the tears of remorse, regret, and shame. In my moment of greatest sorrow I felt YOUR hand lift me up, high above the wayside, the rocks, and the thorns. It was YOU! The SOWER, the CREATOR of my seed, and the FATHER who sent HIS SON that I may be set free.

I desired only YOU, I admitted my sin and accepted the BLOOD of YOUR ONLY BEGOTTEN SON. YOU dipped me in a portion of BLOOD spilt by the SPOTLESS LAMB, dying and withered I went in, and out I came a new seed completely renewed.

Taking YOUR finger YOU made a hole in the good ground, dropping me in YOU said, "This is the good ground I have prepared for you so long ago, even before I established the foundations of the world, and it rich and fertile with MY WORD. In this ground I have always intended for you to grow."

FATHER I rejoice, YOU have intended to preserve me for YOUR glory, giving me the nourishment of YOUR WORD, and the promise of eternal life. Through YOUR HOLY SPIRIT I have been given the strength and knowledge to resist the thorns of temporary riches and pleasures of this life, staying focused on the hope of things eternal.

Upon this good ground I will bare fruit a hundred fold, with a noble and good heart I have heard YOUR WORD, I have kept it, and through patience I will continue to bring forth much fruit.

Thank you HOLY SPIRIT for being the guidance I always need, preserving me for my GROOM JESUS CHRIST, and preparing me for the Marriage Supper of the LAMB.

JESUS CHRIST YOU gave me YOUR life so that I could give you mine, thank YOU for the selfless sacrifice YOU have so freely given on my behalf!

HEAVENLY FATHER, thank YOU for showing me grace and mercy though the death and resurrection of YOUR ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, thank YOU for sending YOUR HOLY SPIRIT to dwell within my vessel, and FATHER thank YOU for YOUR love that never fails even though I have never deserved it.


God Bless, daniel