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The Ambiance of the Hour : Spite

The Ambiance of the Hour: Spite

| sun, november 24, 2013|

 Thou hast seen it; for thou beholdest mischief and spite, to requite it with thy hand... Psalms 10:14  

The voices that have been so steadily warning of judgment for the past 5, 10, 20 or more years have been seemingly getting quieter. I believe that most of us who understand what is taking place in this world, this nation, and in Israel have come to terms with the reality that judgment is not just a word to describe Yahweh's displeasure, but a word that manifests in reality in such ways that man's narrow scope of comprehension is left bewildered and naked, exposed to the penalties of willful and uncorrectable iniquity.  

I am deeply concerned that the current environment we find ourselves in is beyond a post or op-ed about the absurdities of Obama's foreign policy, his cursing of Israel, or his lack of ability to keep a promise about healthcare. The actions we see that have shaped the ambiance of the current environment has just rang the doorbell of tribulation. 

I believe the following quote sums up the malicious nature of the betrayal we have just witnessed the U.S. perform against Israel.

In the infant stages of the Obama administration's push for peace in early 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revealed the leverage behind the peace agenda when she came before the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee on April 23.

"For Israel to get the kind of strong support it is looking for vis-à-vis Iran, it can't stay on the sidelines with respect to the Palestinians and the peace efforts. They go hand in hand."  (Link)

I have scratched my head and wrung my hands this past year wondering, what could be so attractive to the Obama administration that they would want to make such a deal with the Iranians? What could this administration possibly find within the deal that would make the years of diplomacy and pressure, years of tension, public and private with regional allies, specifically with Israel, that though small, influences U.S. politics more than any other nation, seem so valuable that it is worth the tension and years of diplomacy flushed down the drain?

It can only be one thing, SPITE.

Netanyahu did not give the Obama regime the feather it sought. Obama is about feathers, the kind one sticks in a cap. Like a drug addict, he must have the next best fix, the next best high, the next best feather. Netanyahu didn't play the "support against Iran" for the "peace with the Palestinians" game that the Obama regime strong armed Israel into playing. Instead, thank Yahweh, Netanyahu stuck to his convictions. I believe that this open blasting of Netanyahu by the Obama regime will force Netanyahu's hand on Iran. It makes me shudder when I think back to the words that I felt so impressed to write just 15 days after Obama was sworn into office and months before Netanyahu was sworn in as prime minister.

Israel and the Obama administration will begin to strain ties, the ties will come to a breaking point. The pride of the Obama administration will be the cause of the split and the trigger for America's fall. She (Israel) will act without the consent of the Obama administration, thus causing the prideful administration to cut her off. She (America) will have lost her saving grace; she will be now as another nation who curses the apple of God's eye. This will be the beginning of her tragic collapse. (Link)

I believe that the ties have been strained for years and that the breaking point came on 11/7. The tension between the US and Israel hit its breaking point on this date. Never before has Netanyahu been so openly critical of the Obama administration.  Usually he is reserved, valuing the relationship between his nation and the US far more than the Obama administration views their relationship with Israel. I believe this pride of the Obama administration was enflamed by Netanyahu’s unwillingness to join the peace talks to Iran’s nuclear program. I believe that this pride has forced Israel to reconsider many things, mainly how close they will remain to this administration and how soon they will have to take matters into their own hands.

Either Israel is bluffing, or Netanyahu means what he says. I believe that when Netanyahu acts, after months of presenting Israel’s position before the nations, Obama will openly blast Israel and hold Netanyahu personally accountable for Israel’s actions toward Iran. Israel will be left alone, which I have come to believe is ultimately Yahweh’s plan. Israel will be left without an earthly ally and the US - having shed the last bit of blessing with regard to Israel - will be subjected to her debt of immorality, the penalty of which will be so devastating that she will be rendered as useless as a body with no head.

Most of the time we may feel that we are treading water in a sea of uncertainty, struggling to find peace in such messy carnage.  However, we can each find peace in the faith that Yahweh has a plan for the days ahead.

Hope to see you soon in New Jerusalem, daniel