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Jehovah is Our Defense

| wed, december 17, 2008 |

But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him. 1 Corinthians 8:6

If you have given your heart over to the Lord Jesus Christ than you personally know the comfort and truth that is bound within this verse. Once this truth, through edification by the Holy Spirit is apparent, the Truth is the comfort.

We live in a day that in some ways is not different than others. There are the obvious differences with today's various situations and agendas gripping the world in ways not seen since the Great Depression or before, but several things still remain the same.

Satan wants your peace and will do whatever he can to rob you of it. It is a well known fact that the events taking place are note-worthy, potentially life changing events that could very well change the norm for a lot of folks, but none of these things going on should be worthy of, or for even a second allow Satan to rob us of the peace and comfort that is found in Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ still reigns supreme, by whom are all things, and we in Him. We find our peace in the comfort that can only be found once Jesus Christ has been made King of our lives. Jesus reigns; He has always reigned, will continue to reign, and desires to be allowed to reign supreme in our hearts. Jesus is not a tyrant forcing Himself upon those who want nothing of Him, He only comes to those who accept His call.

I agree that we live in some unprecedented times, constantly news seems to be breaking of an even bigger story, but none of this is worth losing peace over. We know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free indeed. There is not a thing in this world that is out of control for the God that we serve, that is if you serve the one and only true God.

Don't let Satan distract your focus, don't let him take your eyes off of what is truly important in these days that we live. When Satan comes to rob you of your peace remind him of this, The Lord is my Defense; and my God is the Rock of my Refuge. With the Lord as our defense no attack in our physical or spiritual worlds orchestrated by Satan will penetrate.

Sometimes it's easy to get distracted, when we do slip remember what David said in Psalm 94:18, My foot slips, your mercy, O Lord, held me up. The Lord God Almighty is just, He understands and has known since before the foundations of the earth that man would never be sure footed in spirit. He has remedied this by sending His only begotten Son, Jesus came not into the world to condemn the world, but that through Him the world might be saved.

We can never on our own expect to keep our feet upon solid ground, especially when the ground outside of the pavilion of our Heavenly Father's protection is ever shifting through the schemes of Satan. We must realize, even if hard to comprehend, we are involved in a spiritual battle that is constantly being waged, a battle that goes as far back as Satan being cast from the presence of the Almighty. This battle is being prepared for a dramatic conclusion unlike anything the mind of man can comprehend. Jesus Christ will be victorious, the power of His might will be needless to say awe-inspiring, breathtaking, and at that moment any who had previously questioned His supreme power will instantly be enlightened.

So take comfort with me in the knowledge that we have. Hold close the joy that comes only once we have released ourselves to the will of our Heavenly Father. If you have yet to release yourself over to Jesus Christ, please consider what is gained by rejecting Him. We gain nothing but eternal sadness when Jesus Christ it denied the throne within our heart. Only when we acknowledge the throne is rightfully Jesus Christ's can we receive the eternal joy that comes with Jesus Christ as our personal and eternal King.

Stay strong, enjoy His peace, and my God be with you as your defense.

God Bless, daniel