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Confidence in the Lord

| thu, march 12, 2009 |

Am I truly confident in the faith of my Lord?

As the furnace is fueled and the fire is stoked, will I tremble before the men of iniquity?

When the proclaimation is made, when I am told to no longer bow my knee to the One in whom I am saved, when the lions have been starved, when the queen wants my head, and the enemy has pushed me to the sea, what about then?

The words I have spoken, the strokes of my pen, and of all the correspondence I have sent, are they void of the truth and the faith I represent?

When satan has come in an attempt to devour my life, plague my thoughts, ravage me, and he seems to tear me apart, what will the words of my lips be then?

When the earth is made to tremble, as calamity grips the soul of man, when fear is real, and the reality of death is made apparent, and uncertainty seems to reign supreme, will i too be consumed by the same fear as the Fatherless?

As I see what little I have reduced, as resources become fewer, and reliance on self wholly falls short of satisfying the purpose of survival, when my provision dwindles, will I still trust in the Lord who has ALWAYS provided for my table?

When the darkness consumes and gone is the light, will my eyes see the Light of the One still on the throne?

The One who bore the sin of my doing, who in darkness gave up the Ghost, the One who in victory returned three days from the grave, upon His face the victory was shone, and in His body the Truth was made known!

For the Lord is my Light, in His death and resurrection I have found my salvation, and in this I will know not fear!

The world may crumble under my feet, the foundations can be made to shake, the pit of hell can be opened, but I shall not fear!

For I know my
Father, I know His voice, He is not in the wind or in the earthquake, but in His still small voice my direction is found.

The Lord is my strength, my life He holds, and His word will never fall void.

Since He is my strength then in whom shall I fear and in what can make me afraid!

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27:1

God Bless, daniel