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Prayers For The People unconditionally supports Israel's right to
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Join us in keeping Israel and Jerusalem in prayer.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Two-Faced Push for Peace

On, November 26, 2009, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a 10-month "settlement freeze," after months of continued pressure from the Obama administration. After Netanyahu’s announcement the door to a historic winter season "freeze" for most of the nation blew wide open.

This year, as it was in 2009 and 2010 seems to be shaping up as the winter "freeze" of them all. Record lows have already been felt around the nation early on this winter season, forcing many to scramble to find adequate heating means. Propane is being rationed, with many who can get their hands on it only capable of getting their tanks filled halfway. Many of the prices associated with propane and other heating oils have risen 35-50% since last winter.

I find it of no coincidence that as Secretary of State Kerry is preparing to unleash the latest US-led "peace" initiative, the second round polar vortex has taken shape and set its sights on the Northeast, specifically Washington, D.C.

The current winter storm is named Janus. Named after the mythological Roman guardian of doors. Janus was said to have “two-faces,” one looking forward and one looking back. Janus, which, means “gateway,” was also associated with beginnings and endings. Is it ironic that as Kerry is preparing this latest initiative a winter storm “two-face” is bearing down on the historic lands of the great United States of America?

In the past I have correlated measures and steps that have been taken towards the attempted division of Haeretz Yisroel. Many of these seemed to have manifested in vicious winter weather. I believe that once again the work of Adonoi Hashem Tzva’os in Eretz Kasdim.

Read Jeremiah 50:25

Brothers and Sisters, I believe Eretz Kasdim (the land of the Chaldeans), in the future tense Biblically speaking, is the United States of America. Each passing hour and day supports this as truth and that Bavel Hagedolah is not simply some spiritual state of a whimsical and rebellious people of the end-times, rather it is explicitly stated to be a land with mountain ranges, many rivers, ports, commerce, the law enforcement (hammer of the whole earth), elite military, infrastructure, government, agendas, and an insatiable hunger for iniquity, homosexuality, and would see to it that the rest of the world would indulge in her lustful and filthy appetite for all things unholy. We must stop thinking of America as the home of the brave and land of the free with purple mountains majesty and recognize her as the filthy unrepentant whore that the Bible explicitly describes her as.

Time is short and I can no longer refrain from the truth on this matter.

The final straw of madness is to defy not only Hashem’s call for repentance, but to attempt to deny and render void his promise to Avraham, Yizhak, and Ya’akov. The berit olam (everlasting covenant) Hasham made regarding the land. The land is Hashem’s, for ha’ben shelo Yeshua, to rule as King.

The “leadership” of Bavel Hagedolah (Babylon the great), is insane with madness and the witness to this is the “messianic” and “obsessive” nature behind the latest and deeply troubling push for peace.

Due to the unfolding of events surround the “peace talks” and the continued escalation of tension between the US and Israel regarding Iran and the lifting of sanctions (that Obama never really wanted in place to begin with) I felt the need to repost some previous work on this topic.

This path we are currently observing this administration take is one that will only end in wasting and destruction, because her chatta’im (sins) have piled up reaching up to Shomayim, and Hashem has remembered the unrighteousness of her.

Please keep me in prayer. It has been a struggle to post lately.

God Bless, daniel


Chilly Echoes of the Past

"please chill out"

Collapse, Destruction, and Our Back Against Israel

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The House of Nets : Blindness

Bethsaida or Beit-Tzaidah means House of nets.

Read Mark 8:22-26Matthew 9:27-31, John 9:1-39

Does a child see?

Only when the child comes of age and can then be asked does one really know?

Only then can one know if a child can see.

But does the child see clearly?

One purpose behind the ministry of Yeshua is to make the blind see and for those who see to be made blind. It is in blindness that we have the hope of salvation.

One must first be blind in order to see. It is in blindness that we first find faith. When blind, you must rely on an outside source to “see” past the infirmity shrouding you in blindness. The blind always reach out, so we too must have our eyes closed in order to reach out in faith to Hashem.

Prayer is much like being blind. We cannot see Hashem, or His throne, the angels of heaven, or the sea of righteous, yet we reach out in faith expecting to touch heaven and hear the voice of our LORD.

What would lead one to do something so seemingly foolish to those around us that can “see”?


We must first be blind to be set free. Those who see before being blind have no “need” of faith and are thus not in a position to receive grace based on faith which, has the power to set them free from sin.

In blindness we reach out in faith. In faith we call upon Hashem, who has promised to open our eyes. Once Hashem opens our eyes we can then be set free of the infirmity that kept us in blindness. We have been brought out of Bethsaida, the House of nets and set free.

What the world or House of nets calls sight is really denial of the state of spiritual blindness it is in. We must be made aware of our blindness so that we may see. Once we see that we are really blind in spirit and cannot see Hashem, through faith, He is then capable of anointing our eyes with the Living Water of His Word, which proceeds from the mouth of Yeshua His Son.

We must first be blind to see.

Could this be why David prayed that Israel’s eyes would be darkened?

I pray that the fullness should come to pass in all our lives.

God Bless, daniel

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Ticket
One goal of the enemy is to execute and raise various environments of fear. All flesh can be found in and out of such environments. We, the redeemed, are without exception, we too find ourselves in and out of these settings.

At first we are humming a song of Joy, only to hear a voice in the darkened ambiance saying, "You seem happy. Do you not see that you are in the Valley of Despair? Can you not smell the odor of death enveloping you? Why are you so happy?"

At such a point the nature of flesh wants to fear, for flesh is the tent in which we still currently exist.

There is release from such fear.

The ticket is the Blood of Yeshua ben-David. Once we are forgiven the flesh must pass away, along with fleshly doubt, fleshly fear, and the condemnation we carried in the pre-salvation fleshly canvas.

Afraid? Of what?
To feel the Spirit's glad release?
To pass from pain to perfect peace?
The strife and strain of life to lease?
Afraid of what?
-Ten Boom (He Sets the Captive Free pg.43)

It is hard to believe at this time that everything before our carnal eyes is temporary. Only once we have received the gift of eternal life can we even begin to open the eyes of faith that prepares us for what we will see in the hereafter, the next real step in our existence.

So why fear? Adam (man), through death and sin may be the instrument of our fleshly destruction, but it is Christ that has given us the ticket of Freedom needed to make the trip free of condemnation and fear. Because isn't it the menace of condemnation that promotes the roots of fear?

So, are you still afraid? Of what?

God Bless, daniel

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