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Who, What, When, Where, and Why?

| mon, april 29, 2009 |

In the midst of chaos an answer is always sought after. Who, what, when, where, and why seems to always prelude the unanswered questions. Who did this, what caused it, when did it happen, where can I find the answer, or why did it happen, all these questions seem to be asked, but it seems only when our lives comes to a place of complete disorder do we then realize that these questions have always been there. These questions nag and itch within the spirit until the proper answer is received.

Currently the swine flu is such an event, just one in a long list of unanswered questions many are asking and rightly so. Those affected and those watching should ask such questions, should seek answers, and should never leave the question open without pursuit. Just like any other unanswered question, it becomes a mystery demanding a conclusion, and with the right amount of investigation and reasonable application of uncovered clues the investigation will often render valuable answers.

The pursuit of answers is often easier said than done. Most of the time it seems the best we can do is present our own ideas, but if these ideas are left unproven, the lack of proven truth promotes instability with a greater potential of collapse, thus the typical fate of speculation. If you are like me, when truth seems to be ever so elusive, the determination to uncover answers whole-heartedly takes over until truth's antidote soothes my burning desire for closure.

It seems we are always in some form of this vicious cycle of searching for answers, consciously or unconsciously driven to search for the answers to life and ultimately fulfill the deep down desires to complete our being. A certain level of self-motivation drives us all, some more than others. While some obsess, others seem to not care at all, but even the laziest of sloths seek out food.

What is it that causes us to seek completion? What or who are we pursuing? And why must we satisfy this insatiable crave?

With each endeavor is a purpose; with each motive is a central cause or reason. For some happiness (generally just the illusion of) seems to only be found in the pursuit and possession of money. For others it is not wholly about money, but the pursuit of an illusive love, multiple sex partners, drugs, alcohol, power, and carnal acceptance. All of these pursuits seem to bring momentary comfort and personal fulfillment, but with each the satisfaction fades, leading the pursuer to the next temporary high. These are just a few examples. Millions of different scenarios and combinations of pleasures can fuel desire, but for the purpose of this post, the basic rock and roll image: drugs, alcohol, sex, money, and self will prove adequate.

Having lived the drugs, alcohol, sex, money, and rock and roll lifestyle personally, I can reflect back upon previous experiences and personal interactions. Now with opened eyes, (thank you Jesus Christ), I am able to see that everyone including myself, though at the time perverse, was pursing completion or temporary satisfaction some how. Even in the midst of the drunken stupors, drug inflected dementia, indulgences in flesh, and no matter how much money I had, something still nagged inside. Nothing ever quenched it, even the temporary satisfactions were never complete, and every attempt fell short, desperately short.

The demand for a better high, better sex, more money, more friends, better car, bigger house, more, more, more, fuel the insatiable lusts, yet never are we complete and only end up feeling more abandoned inside. The deeper the desire, the further away completion seems, until the weight of such pursuit begins to bear down and crush us, the pursuer. The search is never ending, the craving, the desire for completion, we continue to tell ourselves, "Just this one last thing, this one last time, or if I could just do this and I will be complete." The list of potential JUSTS is forever long and never satisfactory.

Brothers and sisters, it is natural to search, it is natural to ask questions. We are all driven to pursue completion, having been engineered for a specific purpose this desire is instilled in the soul of every being. Once the realization that something within us is missing, it is only natural to find something to fill the void. Who are we filling it with, what are we filling it with, when are we going to fill it, where are we going to find the substance to fill it with, and why should we care about what we fill it with anyways?

The answer to this is simple, though many will try to complicate its simplicity. We need only to go to one place to find the answer; as a result of going to this place we will view the two following places from a different perspective.

The first place is a cross on a hill; the scene is over 2,000 years ago, at a place called Golgotha, a hill called the skull. Upon this hill a massive instrument of intense brutality, of which the sole purpose was to inflect the most amount of pain. Engineered for suffering, the roman cross insured prolonged agony and certain death. Though this cross was made the same as the others, this cross was different, upon this roman cross hung a man who was spotless, sinless, and bore the name Emmanuel, for upon it was the same God who is with us as He was that day on the cross.

As the Messiah, the King of kings, our Blessed Redeemer hung there, His Blood raining down in torrents, the cross driven into earth becoming the alter, His body was sacrificed and presented as the atonement for every sin committed past, present, and future for all who would accept Him as King. A man who at any minute could call 12 legions of angels from heaven to rescue Him, to spare Him from the mortal pain, though many forget the sin of mankind alone was enough to tear in two the heart of the sinless Lamb. A man who even in death pleaded for the lives of those who drove the spikes deep into His flesh, weeping for the lives of every soul that would reject His death, yet inside encouraged by the souls He would redeem.

Upon the last breath, once the Holy Ghost left, the earth moved, the temple veil was spilt, man could now come before Jehovah, and He even caused the hardest of roman soldiers to acknowledge He was the Christ. In death it all seemed to come to life. Salvation was set in place, the Blood of Christ was spilt, this is where we must go, and this is the sacrifice that we must never forget.

Such a selfless sacrifice by the King of kings is impossible for our inept minds to grasp, yet it seems to satisfy a longing so deep it must be the key to life. His act of love so incomprehensible it seems easier for the majority to reject the notion. If we can't bring ourselves to the cross of our Redeemer, then there is no further endeavor worth pursuit.

Under the shadow of the cross we must kneel, allowing the warm Blood of Jesus Christ to rain down upon our sinful souls, and allowing it to melt the icy heart sin produces. Under the body of Christ we find the key to completion, we see He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. All our questions answered by one man's response upon the cross. It is here that we must acknowledge Jesus Christ bore the burden of our sin, opening for us the door to eternal salvation, and presented His life as a sacrificial payment for our soul damning debt.

After we accept Jesus Christ for who He is, after we accept where He fits within our lives, we are ultimately shown another place.

In a tomb on loan we see the brief vision of our Savior's body being placed on a Rock. Wrapped in burial cloth and sprinkled with the sweet fragrance of perfume, not the typical burial for a king, but this was not a typical king, this was the King of kings. Just like in life, even in the grave the Son of man had no place of His own to lay His head. He, like His Ekklesia, are just traveling through, concerned more with the will of His Father, and the fulfillment of such a will meant continual sacrifice and separation from worldly substance, so why would this tomb be any different?

The door was blocked and sealed, guards posted in an attempt to keep someone from taking the body of Christ, never realizing that the King would emerge from within. Death's seeming defeat of Jesus Christ seemed complete, impossible to overcome, but Jesus Christ is the Overcomer! No man, no tomb, and even the icy grip of death cannot hold the King of kings in an earthly grave. Three days later after hanging on a cross, just as the prophets had prophesied, HE IS RISEN! He's alive and we're forgiven, heaven's gates where opened wide, HE'S ALIVE!

Here at the tomb we are validated, we too conquer death, we too are victorious, having seen the tomb empty we understand further the questions we have sought to answer.

The final place is the Throne. If you are reading this I can safely say you are still alive and haven't seen the Throne of Jehovah. We can only at best imagine what it will be like to stand before the Eternal and Righteous King of kings. The Day of Judgment will be the completion or eternal damnation for each and every soul that stands before the King. Did you accept Jesus as the Sacrificial Lamb or did you accept the temporary pleasures of a temporary earthly world, the gifts of our adversary Satan? If you have chosen the temporary instead of the eternal, you will receive the same judgment as Satan whose pleasure you shared in and helped to advance in the earthly realm. Eternal damnation, forever from the presence of Jehovah, whether burning or in utter darkness with memories of blatant opportunities to accept the Lamb of God, nothing will compare to the knowledge of never being eternally bound to the Creator and King. If you have chosen Jesus Christ, and followed after His instruction, enduring the sacrifices faced by separating yourself from a dying world, you will inherit all that Jehovah has given Jesus Christ. Eternal life and the completion of our creation, something we can never comprehend and will most definitely take eternity to enjoy and experience.

The last place we go is only the beginning. At this point eternal will take a whole new meaning and at this point in life a concept we are incapable of understanding, but that doesn't change the validity of the Truth. Will you enter in as a good and faithful servant and child of Jehovah or will you be cast away as one Jehovah never knew?

Nothing in this world is worth our pursuit if it is void of Jesus Christ and His direction. It is not our will that we should ever be concerned with, but rather the will of our Eternal Father. We must come to this place in our life, just as Jesus Christ did His whole life, and follow daily the Heavenly Father's path that is straight and narrow.

If it is the answer to life that you seek, here it is....... His name is Jesus Christ.

He is the Who, His sacrifice is the What, the When was 2,000 years ago on a roman cross, Where was a place called Golgotha, and the Why.... Because He loved each and every single one of us.

If you haven't given your life to Jesus Christ, I urge you too, life is short, but our soul is eternal.

God Bless, daniel