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I Will Make a Joyful Noise!

| tue, january 20, 2009 |

I will make a joyful noise unto the Lord my God! Gloriously will I praise the name of El Gibor, and I will honor only His mighty name.

My Heavenly Father is awesome in all His works, even my enemies must submit to His awesome power.

His salvation is spread upon the ends of the earth, and the confidence of His love pours from the hearts of the righteous.

All nations must submit to His name, for all nations will know He is the King, all will sing the words of His name upon their lips, and they shall exalt His name, the mighty name of the I AM!

His kindness, His mercy, and His truth endures forever, praise Him all you people, praise the Lord all you nations.

Let all nations who have come against Jerusalem turn from their wickedness, let them come to His temple year to year to worship the true King of Kings, the Lord of hosts, and let them keep the feast of the tabernacle.

God's work is awesome upon all men; I will remember always the songs of praise offered by His children who tread upon the dry ground, traveling through the flood with a dry foot.

Let us rejoice also in the praise of those before us, let our heart rejoice with the song of Israel.

Do not fear, for was it not the Lord who spread apart the Read Sea upon the end of Moses staff, was it not His chosen that He spared, and coming from the east was it not the strong breath of the Lord that cut the sea in two to reveal the safe passage hidden by it's depths.

I will rejoice with the song of these chosen people upon my lips; I will sing praise to the Heavenly Father, my deliverer and protector.

I will leave from the safety of my tent, I will follow the Ark to the other bank, and to the Land of Milk and Honey I will travel.

The rebellious will not last forever, for it is my Heavenly Father who dwells and rules for all eternity. Praise His name for He has placed His children upon solid ground, my feet shall not be moved, He is the bearer of my soul, and in Him my spirit shall not pass.

Purify me as fine silver, try me in the fire of Your righteousness dear Lord, make me more precious than fine gold.

As You prove my heart dear Lord, as You visit me in the night, let not my mouth transgress, let not the words of complaint fall from my lips as my affliction is tried upon my soul.

Increase the furnace of my affliction, consume me with the purging heat of Your fire, purge the iniquity from within O Lord.

As you bring me through Your fire, as I am continually refined as silver, continually tried as gold, hear my voice as I call upon your name, for you are my strength, and my strength I find only in You O Lord!

Let me be an offering of righteousness to your Holy name!

Though fire has been brought against my bones, though my affliction has been a net upon my feet, I will trust in You Lord always seeking Your divine purpose, and with Your assurance I will guard my heart against the seeds of my own doubt and the trembling of my fears.

Through the fire and water I pass, my Father continues to elevate my spirit to a place of spiritual growth, and with my Father my spirit will eternally reside.

As my life is long I will continue to give myself unto You and Your purpose, a humble offering, an offering I will bring through Your gates with thanksgiving in my heart, and pass through Your courts with praise!

I will stand before all people, paying my vows unto the Lord in the presence of my peers. I shall not be a fool, but will pay unto the Lord that which I have vowed.

When I was in trouble my vows I uttered, my mouth has spoken these words, my sacrifice has been met, the blood of my Redeemer, the cause of my salvation has been spilt, my vow forever will I keep.

Come and hear all you that fear the Lord our God, and I will declare what He has done for my soul.

I have cried unto Him with the cries of my mouth, I continuously praise Him with my tongue. When trouble came upon me He heard my cry.

He removed me from the wicked, He has placed me with the righteous in His eternal Pavilion of protection, and I have done His will and His ear I have acquired.

He listened to the voice of my prayers!

I love the Lord my God, He has sent me my Salvation, He has heard my cries, He has answered my prayers, and continues to bless my being.

Blessed be the name of the Lord my God for He has not turned His ear or His mercy from me! I will forever call upon His mighty name. Let me be a testament of the wondrous work of my Heavenly Father.

God Bless, daniel