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 John Kerry: The Betrayal 
I rarely link to articles, but considering the time at hand I felt that the following article by David Horovitz, the founding editor of Times of Israel, is very important. Along with this link I have re-posted several posts that I have put up over the past 5 years. Since the opening days of 2009, I have been concerned that such a day of betrayal would come. With this type of betrayal I have been more concerned that it will bring with it the destruction of the United States of America.
Betrayal of Israel is the betrayal of Hashem's plan for humanity. Many empires, rulers, and militaries have sought to destroy and forever erase the Jewish people and the Land of Israel, but to no avail. Though the Israelites suffered, pushed from the land and persecuted, it was those who rose up against Israel by the Hand of Hashem that ultimately brought their final judgment of destruction upon their land and their people. 
God is not mocked. The betrayal of Israel, led by the United States of America, The end-time Babylon, which is the mechanism for what lies ahead for humanity. 
The Sword of David (4/20/2010)
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