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Prayers For The People unconditionally supports Israel's right to
all of Jerusalem as its historic and eternal capital.

Join us in keeping Israel and Jerusalem in prayer.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Arrogance... The finishing blow
Arrogance is running rampant within our society.  Scientist using colliders to try and find the God particle, man placing himself above God and His divine laws.  Every where we look arrogance is getting deeper, thicker, more blatant. Christians must be careful, very careful to not get pulled into the infectious cancer of arrogance.  America is in an especially dangerous position, we were different, we were founded once on the principles of God and His divine laws.  We have no excuse for our blatant arrogance.  I fear for those who are not yet ready, not ready for the moment when God allows us to power this nation purely on our arrogance.  It is arrogance that has led this nation to believe that by our own power we have lasted, succeeded, and prevailed this long. It will be our arrogance that destroys everything that we had once built so firmly on the the Rock of our LORD. A nation that trust in arrogance instead of God is a truly foolish nation. God save us from our arrogance.   God Bless!  Daniel Eggers
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stay strong Israel.
Israel is daily in need of our prayers.  Israel is about to be confronted with some very dire situations.  The Bible tells us that our Father will be victorious and intervene so that the whole of the world will know that the God of the Israelites still lives.  What a tremendous day that will be, to bad it won't be enough to change the way the world thinks.  Keep Israel in your prayers, as I feel the worst has yet to begin.  God is our strength!  God Bless!  Daniel Eggers
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Monday, September 15, 2008

Being sick is no fun.
This has been a long last five days.  I haven't been very diligent in keeping the site updated, I was battling a severe sinus infection and shortly after I became invaded by this nasty bug my wife was also.  By the grace of God I am doing better and my wife seems to be headed back up. Keep her in your prayers.  We serve and awesome God, He is with us no matter what we are or aren't going through! God Bless!  Daniel Eggers
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