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Push for Peace

| fri, march 25, 2011 |


Yesterday and today, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, will be in Israel pushing the Israelis and Palestinians to resume "peace talks." In light of historical fact of judgment regarding such moves made by the US and the increasingly volatile situation that is unfolding in the Middle East and around the world for that matter, I would be increasingly aware of the potential for judgment to fall upon the US and all other nations that continue to march towards the siege of Jerusalem and Judah. 

The US, with every attempt to divide the land of Israel, is not attempting to make peace, but is in reality rejecting the kingship of JESUS CHRIST the LORD through the repeated attempts to destroy the land of HIS future rule. Such continued disobedience and rejection of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, which is the only unforgivable sin, will ultimately lead to the destruction of the USA and tribulation. Keep a watchful eye, the end is coming.

God Bless, daniel