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An Issue in the Atmosphere

| tue, april 27, 2010 |

It grieves my heart to see the stage being set for another round of severe weather in the same regions affected a few short days ago.

The "peace process" is moving through the gears now and it would appear on the surface that the Netanyahu-led government is caving a bit to the pressure being unmercifully applied by the Obama-led administration. (Let us continue to lift Benjamin Netanyahu up in prayer.) It is clear that the Israelis value their relationship with the US more than the US does with the Israelis.

I encourage you who are paying close attention to the events surrounding the "peace process" as they unfold to continue to heed and intently listen to the HOLY SPIRIT as He directs our attention and understanding into these matters.

The understanding we receive is not to build us up as men and women in flesh, rather it is a tool to refine and perfect us as children of the ALMIGHTY GOD. With obedience and through the humility of the SPIRIT, this understanding comes so that we can better educate and edify those within the Body of CHRIST and help those who have yet to accept the Blood of CHRIST understand the lateness of the hour and its intimate connection with Israel and Jerusalem. This can only be done through the power and strength of the HOLY SPIRIT in accordance with the will of the FATHER.

Once again, on Monday, Accuweather and other meteorological sources started warning of the growing threat of "extreme weather madness" taking place this week. This much-advanced warning is undoubtedly the mercy of our FATHER.

I fully expect these systems will continue to come in one by one on the heels of each other as the US continues to move forward in pressuring the division of Israel. Expect unprecedented systems (storms, hurricanes, and even the eventuality of earthquakes) as unprecedented steps are being taken by this administration to see the fulfillment of a Palestinian state. No one knows for sure the order or intensity of which these unprecedented judgments will take place, but I am convinced that our FATHER is giving signs to those who are looking and listening to HIS HOLY SPIRIT.

It is my opinion that the "wedge" that is being driven between the US and Israel is confirmed by the "wedge" judgments that will continue to take place much in the way that the "settlement freeze" continued to be confirmed by the 22+ storms that swept across much of the land as they eventually converged over the top of Washington D.C. and the old Historic Capital of the US in New York during the 2009-2010 winter months.

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Many steps are now being taken by the Israelis after over a years worth of extreme pressure to suffice the Obama administration, coined as "confidence building" steps. One of great importance and one that I fear will carry the heaviest penalties of judgments are the ones connected to the unprecedented moves against Jerusalem. My concern is found in a report by media outlets yesterday that reported a freeze of construction in East Jerusalem.

From what I understand, which does have room for error; it appears to be a freeze in principal. It may also just be speculation as no one has officially announced such a freeze, but I believe that the response that was seen a few short days ago across the Plains and the South points to the potential of this report having some merit. Coupled with the response given in Washington by the State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley, who didn't want to discuss what Israel was telling the United States about Jewish construction, the connection seems to be confirmed.

"We have asked both sides to take steps to rebuild trust and to create momentum so that we can see advances" in peace talks, Crowley said. "We're not going to go into details about what we've asked them to do, but obviously this is an important issue in the atmosphere to see the advancement of peace." (emphasis mine)

But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned. Matthew 12:36.37

Yesterday, after a meeting with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, President Obama reaffirmed his, "unshakeable commitment to Israel's security." (emphasis mine)

This is just another word that has my attention; it is not the first time that it has been used and one that is undoubtedly pointing to further judgments down the road. Keep in mind, the Baja region on the US and Mexico border is still very much alive and hasn't stopped since its 7.2 on April 4th. It is of no coincidence that as the US is working on a plan to adjust the borders of Israel, she is receiving a warning directly on hers. I find it also interesting that of the two borders that the US shares with its neighbors, it is on her most hostile border that the warning is taking place.

Many things are taking place, so many that it takes all of us to watch and educate those around us. The Bible is explicitly clear about the outcome of the nations that come up against Israel and Jerusalem in the last days.

Let us continue to pray that the eyes of the blind will be opened and many will run to the saving arms of the LORD JESUS CHRIST before it is too late.

God Bless, daniel

I highly recommend checking out William Koenig's website, Watch.org, daily as he is one of the best sources for up-to-date articles concerning Israel and the events surrounding the "peace process", both the steps being taken and the judgments that follow. Alot of the articles I use on Prayers for the People have come to my attention through his site.