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The Unbreakable Breaking Point

| fri, april 23, 2010 |

For the day of the LORD is near upon all the heathen: as thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head. Obadiah 15

As I sit here finishing up my morning fellowship with the Trinity, the ambiance of my study is filled with the patter of rain and rolling thunder. As a powerful upper-level disturbance continues to march across the state, this morning in Oklahoma City we are feeling the effects of the same system that rattled parts of Colorado, Kansas, and both panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma yesterday evening.

So far, as of last night, this powerful system produced *40+ tornadoes (one at least a mile wide) and softball, baseball, and golf ball sized hail. Our local news station storm chasers reported eyewitness reports of numerous cars on 1-40, just west of the Oklahoma - Texas border, had their windshields blown out by these massive hail stones. I am sure that more reports will surface today and into tomorrow as this volatile disturbance continues to move east. (*Note: The number of tornadoes has since been lowered to somewhere around 30. Though we have had a slow start nationally, April 22 was the largest tornado outbreak YTD. link)

Yesterday I noted what seemed to be the coinciding convergence of this system with George Mitchell's return to Israel. Once again Mitchell is attempting to make something out of the unrelenting US pressure on Israel to make "confidence building steps" to lure the Palestinians back to the negotiation table. On Thursday Mitchell held talks with the Israelis and today he will be shuttling back to Ramallah to talk to the Palestinians.

Knowing that Mitchell, the representative of the USA and POTUS 44, is still meddling in affairs that JEHOVAH has explicitly warned against should be cause for pause in light of the heightened threat of severe weather still moving across the continental US. Let us all understand the message behind the convergence of these events taking place here and there. Yet again, our Father is faithful as He warns against the steps that are begin ever so boldly taken against Israel and Jerusalem as He gives our nation and the world mere sips of the dregs of judgment from His Trembling Cup of wrath. Keep in mind, one day it won't be mere sips.

Let us continue to keep an eye on the actions being taken against Israel and pray that the Father's Will would forever take precedence over the vain imaginations of wickedness prodding at the pupil of God's eye.

I am presenting the following merely as a point of prayer as we come before the Throne of Jehovah. I am in no way the final word on the actions of the Almighty GOD whom I serve with fear and trembling, but as I have stated before, I feel I must faithfully present these things that I have felt so firmly led of the HOLY SPIRIT to warn about.

On Monday night, President Obama, along with the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, said the following as part of a statement congratulating Israel on 62 years of Independence, "To this day, we continue to share a strong, unbreakable bond of friendship between our two nations, anchored by the United States' enduring commitment to Israel's security...". (emphasis mine) [More of his statement can be read here]

First, it may be a moot point, but the friendship or better-termed relationship is not merely attached to the United States' enduring commitment to Israel's security, which is lacking with each passing day. The anchor is explicitly connected to the promise found in Genesis chapter 12. This fruit of divine promise is observable by the innumerable blessings that the USA has harvested through its continued blessing of Israel and the Jewish people. The fruit of such blessing is drying up with each curse projected towards Israel and the Jewish people.

Secondly, the words unbreakable bond reminded me of something that I had felt led to post on Prayers for the People February 5th, 2009.

Israel and the Obama administration will begin to strain ties, the ties will come to a breaking point.

As many others and I have noted before, words matter. Especially when such words are in regards to Israel during these last days. I can only wonder if this isn't another marker of how close we are to the final thread breaking between the USA and Israel. Which leads me to another statement that drew my attention.

Yesterday, VP Joe Biden made the following statements when asked if Israel would strike Iran without consulting (asking permission) from the US first.

"They're not going to do that."

Biden effectively said Israel wouldn't strike Iran without the Untied States. He even went a step further by grouping PM Benjamin Netanyahu ideologically with the likes of Russia and Great Britain regarding Iran's nuclear program, I believe this is a grave mistake. This fits with the second part I felt led to post on February 5th, 2009.

The pride of the Obama administration will be the cause of the split and the trigger for America's fall. She (Israel) will act without the consent of the Obama administration, thus causing the prideful administration to cut her off. She (America) will have lost her saving grace; she will be now as another nation who curses the apple of God's eye. This will be the beginning of her tragic collapse.

As I said before, I present these things to the Body of Jesus Christ for your prayerful consideration. The reality of the wrath that is coming upon the United States becomes ever so much clearer if we will just observe the signs that our Heavenly Father is so graciously giving.

IF you have not fled to the Pavilion of the ALMIGHTY GOD, do so quickly. The only way into this Pavilion is to accept JESUS CHRIST as Lord and Savior. True repentance is found in the complete rejection of the sin that nailed JESUS CHRIST to the rugged cross upon hill of the skull. The strength to reject such sin can only be obtained through the covering Blood of JESUS CHRIST.

Time is running out to decide, so choose this day who you will serve. As the wrath of JEHOVAH falls from before HIS throne I pray you aren't one of millions who choose sin instead of the LIFE found only at the feet of JESUS CHRIST.
Come Lord Jesus, Come!

God Bless, daniel

** UPDATE -- Brother Art (Ultraguy) over at New Wineskins has even further Spirit led insight into the comments made by President Obama and Vice President Biden regarding the United States wanning relationship with Israel in his post, Saying the Opposite: Thoughts on ‘O's Remarks on Israel. God Bless you Art!