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Special Prayer Request

| wed, march 11, 2009 |

Please pray for the lives soon to be affected by the executive order signed today, March 9, 2009, by president Barack H. Obama that lifts an eight-year ban on stem cell research, designating federal funding with taxpayer money to fuel the "in the name of science and pursuit of a cure" genocidal agenda promoted by harvesting cells from live embryos, terminating the embryo from which the cells were harvested.

I will be posting more to come concerning this horrific issue.

Please do not be fooled by those who try to promote this issue as honorable and the elusive answer to defeating diseases that have remained incurable. Taking one life to attempt (even if successful) to save another is neither acceptable nor ethical.

Please pray with us that future legislation will not be passed broadening even further the heinous boundary that has already been crossed. Life starts once successful fertilization begins to reciprocate cells; this is when life has started!

Those that falsely believe a human needs a working heart and brain before life has begun are ignorant of the molecular make-up of the cells themselves, each cell possesses the intricate design needed to be classified as life.

The information to create the heart, brain and every bit of tissue used in the human body lies within the stem cells researchers are so adamantly and without conviction obsessed with acquiring.

Those that think these discarded embryos from fertility clinics are better used in the harvesting of stem cells for the hope of bringing a chance of life to another individual is promoting genocide and tempting the wrath of the Almighty God.

This issue will not disappear soon and our president has called upon congress to lift bans that have been placed back in 1996 to protect fetuses from being intentionally grown for the use of scientific research.

Babies born in labs for the acquisition of data is a low comparable and if not lower to the ideologies of Hitler. Please beware of the agendas being promoted concerning the sanctity of life with this current administration.

Abortion is bad enough, using discarded embryos from fertility clinics is even worse, but growing fetuses for the sole purpose of scientific testing and experimentation is an evil not seen since the days of Noah.

Please pray that the Lord God Almighty will stop this research before it gets started.

Agreeing with You in prayer, daniel