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GEO-Related Event in the Near Future?

| wed, march 31, 2010 |

"I think the underlying relationship is solid as a rock. So my commitment, my personal commitment, to Israel's security is unwavering, and I think that there is broad bipartisan consensus on that. This is a disagreement among friends about how to move forward.[1]" -President Obama

Just as the "settlement freeze" terminology seemed to give us signs of the judgment connected to the continued and unrelenting pressure against Israel and her Covenant Land. Geo-related words are being used by the Obama administration, with the latest coming from the mouth of the President.

It is a thought that needs to be prayed about. But if words like "settlement freeze" seemed to point to the judgments that followed, we could be looking at a geo-related event in the very near future if the continued steps toward the siege of Jerusalem is not quickly diminished.

That doesn't seem likely with the U.S. seeking a 4-month East Jerusalem[2] building freeze in return for direct talks.

Heavy rains are toppling records[3] on along the East Coast. Flooding has been reported in New York[4], Rhode Island[5] and Massachusetts has even declared a state of emergency[6] because of all the rain.


My brother in CHRIST, Art (Ultraguy), posted Seismos Kata Topos (Earthquakes in Diverse Places) - UPDATED on his blog at New Wineskins yesterday. I recommend a read of this very insightful and thought provoking message.
Stay in prayer, this is not the time to be sleeping.

God Bless, daniel

Above is a very interesting 4-month radar loop, December 1, 2009 - March 27, 2010. Watch as 20+ storms seem to slam into Washington D.C. and the surrounding area shortly after PM Benjamin Netanyahu announced on November 25, 2009, a 10-month settlement freeze in the West Bank  after months of unrelenting pressure from the Obama administration. It looks like the breath of JEHOVAH is blowing across the land.


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