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How Long, O Lord?

| wed, october 14, 2009 |

Heavenly Father, how long is Your mercy? How long does Your mercy last for her who once knew You? A nation birthed out of the bowels of oppression and persecution.

How deep does Your grace run for her who no longer remembers Your grace? She has forgotten her deliverance. It was You, O Lord, that set her upon the land yet sown.

She has welcomed evil into her heart. She no longer walks after righteousness, seeking only vanity instead. She entertains these vain thoughts as she lifts her idols of vanity to the sky.

She has forgotten all the times You delivered her when destruction sought to destroy her. She has become willfully blind to Your saving hand, O Lord. She lies within her spirit saying, "It is I who has saved myself from destruction."

Woe unto her who falls into the pit of false peace and safety.

She has forgotten that it is Your shadow that has preserved her from the shadow of death. She has removed her hand from Yours, O Lord. The spirit of destruction holds her hand now. Emptiness and isolation lay before her at the end of her path, deep into the abyss.

Father, she has forgotten that You fed her when she had no food. Forgotten that You covered her when she had no shelter. Now she has left the table of Your blessing and the place of Your warmth and protection. Having left she now desires to sleep with the dead and eat with the filthy.

She has turned Your blessings into a curse. She has taken ownership of all that You have poured upon her. She has caused abominations to rise up, defiling that which was once holy upon her land. She has no shame as she worships abominations in Your place, O Lord.

She has replaced the voice of the priest with the howl of demons. She has caused the masses to turn from Your Holy way. Led by the tune of hell and doctrines of demons, pulpits speak pleasure as her demonic wolves preach. The wolves have fed the flock lies, calling that which is good evil and what is evil good.

The laws of righteousness have been replaced with laws of the most unholy nature. The blood of the innocent is shed over the rights of murderers and rapists. In her land she has saved the sinner and cursed the innocent.

Her transgressions run deeper than the ocean. Can she even be spared from destruction?

She falls before the idols of the fallen. To demons and devils she sends her unholy praise. Her voice is silent to You, O Lord. How many in her land still cry and sigh to You, these sins of hers being too grievous to ignore.

She is no longer astonished or afraid of You, O Lord. How terrifying her day of destruction will be. She has run so far from Your wing, yet still she boasts of safety. Woe unto her who continues to mock the safety of Yahweh.

How much longer will You let her last without You, O Lord? Her cistern is broken, no longer does Your living water flow throughout her chambers. Without life she will succumb to the chill of death. Who can stand once the stability of Yahweh has been forsaken?

She has called for correction upon her own head. Her wickedness and evil will have their way with her. Will her eyes be opened as she is reproved? Her fear for thee is gone, O Lord, the bitterness of iniquity now fills her prideful heart.

Her once noble vine is now polluted and shameful. A degenerate and strange plant she has now become. Her iniquity cannot be removed; she has rejected the cleansing Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ. Instead she clings to the innocent blood that stains her dress, willfully choosing to remain a filthy harlot.

Can her eyes be opened to her polluted soul? How deep has she gone into the valley of death? How much longer before this valley consumes her in all her wickedness?

Father, is there anything left to be done with her? She is dead, a rotting corpse of stench. Her hands are stained by the countless innocent she has murdered. She curses the apple of Your eye and beds in unnatural affections. How much longer Father? How much longer before Your wrath is poured out?

Woe to the United States of America! Your day of destruction comes like the fire within a furnance. Fanned by the winds of indignation and Holy retribution. Your lands will shake by the hand of the Almighty Yahweh. It will come upon you in an hour you think not and as the words of peace and safety pour from your lips.

God Bless, daniel