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The Joy of the Lord is My Strength!

| sat, november 22, 2008 |

I must give the Lord praise for His name is higher than all names. His very name is finer than the finest gold, richer than all the riches seen by the eyes of man, impossible to fathom in the depths of my own imagination. No spice or its very aroma plays sweeter to my senses than to speak and breathe the very name Jehovah. Consumed by His comfort, without motion I am still, restored in His rest, my slumber undisturbed through His peace, by His strength I am guarded.

I will praise the Lord for His peace and comfort are in fullness and plenty. The universe itself couldn't begin to hold the vast depths of His peace. He has given me the cup I bear, the very cup of my blessing He causes to flow continuously without ceasing, My Father's graciousness never knowing an end.

My comfort dwells only under the wings of my Lord. Under His wing I find my Pavilion, my Shelter, my Rock, the perfection of my protection. In this perfection His majestic splendor remains eternally unmatched in both the Heavens and the Earth. Never will I find the comfort, or protection I find nestled under the bow of His wing.

My blessing is found only in my Father whose number one concern is the needs of His children. The smile I bear is the result of His love, the image of His smile upon my very face. He comforts me when my smile becomes a frown, when my confidence is shaken because of my self-doubt. Even before I am at my weakest point the Lord is there to comfort me and rejuvenate my very strength.

My Father will let no object come in the way of withholding His sovereign love, no void is to large, or abyss to deep for His divine peace to fall short of filling. In His peace I find my comfort, my safety from the unknown. I am protected by His grace, His mercy, and His love. Within His arms no hurt will I ever know.

My Father is unlike any other Father, for in His majesty all things were created, for He is the Great Creator. None can compare or compete with even His simplest of creations. For even the simplest of His cells is more complex than the very galaxy in which it dwells. He is the beginning and the very Life that His hand as created.

The joy that my heart possesses is derived from the same heart where joy first began. The joy the Lord first felt when He breathed life into Adam through the will of His divine plan. Ever since the foundations of the Earth God has intended for His Joy is to reside in the heart of man. Without this unique component the heart is truly tormented, continuously grieved, and unbearable sad.

My father has accounted for every hot tear I have shed and understood the grief locked in each as they fell from my face. Tears all to familiar to my Father who has also shed the tears of sorrow, the tears that were lost as His own Son hung nailed to a cross. Hung their rejected by man, who's sin along with mine bore deep into the very skin of the Son of man, with tears and a few last pre-resurrection breaths Jesus still petitioned His Father to forgive the very men that nailed Him to the cross. Tears that flowed again when the Son resurrected in flesh and returned to glory to sit at the right hand of His Father.

My Father knows of every challenge I will face, every near defeat I will conquer through His strength that I have received. He has numbered every time Satan thought victory was imminent, only to re-enforce the hedge and snatch it from his grasp. In my journey I will succeed, for the Lord will never give me more than I can handle. His Spirit thrives and rejoices when these various challenges and attacks I overcome by the blood of His Son. At the end of the race He waits to be the first to greet me, embrace me, and shower me with His praise. For by His strength this race I am able to victoriously complete.

Please take comfort in the joy that our Father is the Light, He is the Light that no darkness can ever seize. When darkness comes, when darkness is all you see, do as I do and open your eyes, by the Joy of the Lord all darkness will be gone. Hail to the King of Kings!

God Bless, daniel