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PM Netanyahu's Wise Words

| fri, may 20, 2011 |

PM Netanyahu's Wise Words from Daniel Eggers on Vimeo.

I request that those of you who come to this website please take a few minutes to watch the history being made in this short 15-minute video. It is very important to watch the whole video. Watch both men and listen closely to the words being spoken. The GOD of Heaven moves in very peculiar ways. If I have ever witnessed the HOLY SPIRIT move, I would say the SPIRIT has HIS hand upon the lips of Mr. Netanyahu.

The President of the United States of America has been told the truth. The unequivical truth. Just as rulers before him have ignored the soverign truth, so too will President Obama.

President Obama has chosen to tread on the WORD of the LORD. Yet, it will be the WORD of the LORD that will tread upon the land as a wine-press. The angel of death will soon be upon the streets of the USA. Upon your post you must have the Blood of the LAMB. JESUS CHRIST is HE, the one who has descended in grace to ascend in power. Glorious is the WORD of the LORD.

The USA has choosen destruction.