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Heed : the Warning

| thu, november 20, 2008 |

I must be honest; my heart is heavy and full of the unshakable sense of urgency continuously causing me to seek the Lord for an answer. I feel this is a message that I must share, please read and pray, seeking what the Lord will share with you in your own prayer time.
I wish I could see the positive side of the news we are daily bombarded with, constantly taking in fresh economic data to only shortly realize the data is dead on arrival and the only place for it is six feet under in an already over flowing cemetery of dead bulls. Seeing the mass carnage I find myself stopping and thinking of the fat years, the days of harvest and plenty, when the very seldom-bad data was immediately trampled under the stampede of the raging bulls on Wall Street. Now the once dominant herd of bulls seems to have succumbed to the ever-vicious disease of greed. This disease is 100% lethal, 100% of the time.

The symptoms of this malignant disease may vary, but generally the initial symptoms may bring a false sense of euphoria, wealth, prestige, monetary bliss, and power, but these are just a few ingredients in the bitter-sweet outer coating, the real viral causing symptoms of the disease are found once this brief bitter outer coating is all but short lived. The next symptoms are a mix between immediate and time released, causing a loss of fortune, bankruptcy, denial, finger pointing, failure to admit wrong doing, cold-sweats, and sure collapse, ultimately 100% cold icy death.

So who allowed this infectious disease to go unchecked? Whose fault is it anyways? Well, contrary to popular belief the current economic situation exacerbating this noxious disease of greed isn't just brought on because of the Big 3, Fannie and Freddie, Bear Sterns, AIG, and fill in the blank company's insatiable lust for greed, no, it is our nation as a whole living outside of our immediate needs. Charge this, want that, grab, grab, grab, want, want, want, charge, charge, charge, you get the picture. Ironically the next shoe to drop will lay in the inability for the millions in this nation to pay back the multi-trillion dollars worth of outstanding personal debt, this is when the real pain will begin.

So we are all in this together, all guilty in some way of contributing to this nation's desire to want what we can't have. I am guilty, I can think of 5 things right now that I currently have, or once owned that I didn't need, or have really never truly needed, oh and I am certain I probably charged them all. I am currently doing the right thing through the intervention of some close council, now able to stare my financial demons in the face, ridding myself of these costly skeletons.

I am only trying to bring to attention that we are in some ways guilty of the horrible sin called greed, some obviously more than others, but this isn't a speck verses plank situation, what is done is done, we will either face the music or we will remain in denial until the disease has consumed our very last breathe.

We are beginning to see the root of the economic crises and the various reasons it has seemingly shattered to pieces, so what can we do to fix it? The answer is simply pray the people of our nation will be freed from their lust for greed, this idol of damnation, pray that the we will once again place the Lord as this nation's cornerstone once again. We must remember for this to happen the Lord will not and cannot regain His place if we have placed idol in His spot, the only way to replace this idol with the Lord is for the Lord to tear the idol down. We must pray that Lord will tear this idol down, He torn dagon down, He torn baal down, now He must tear these idols of greed and materialism down. If you agree with this assessment than please pray about this with me in your own prayer closet.

The Lord God Almighty is the only cure for the disease that is consuming everything in the financial market, and soon the personal finances of every person in this nation. Some are already feeling the cold fingers of greed's deathly grasp. I have hope, not just hope, but a promise that comes from the Lord God Almighty; it is in Psalms 91:9-16:

Because you have made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the Most High, your dwelling place; There shall no evil befall you, neither shall any plague come nigh your dwelling. For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. They shall lift you up in their hands, lest you strike your foot against a stone. You will tread upon the lion and cobra, the young lion and the serpent will you trample under foot. Because he has set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he has known my name. He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honor him. With long life will I satisfy him, and show him my salvation.

For this promise to become true we must make the Lord God our dwelling place, we must know His name and call upon Him in this time of deliverance. In this day that we live there is not one of us who is free of the guilt of sin, we are all sinners, only when we realize we are sinners can we truly be saved from the sin that continues to constrict our souls from acknowledging our fault and receiving the blood spelt on Calvary's cross.

If during this day of urgency, of divine chastising, spiritual awaking we would rather spend our free time watching TV, playing games, spending hours online and don't spend an ounce of time with our Father in prayer and supplication, we will answer for every second we denied His call, denied His chance to come clean, and denied ourselves the opportunity to intercede for a nation and her people who are in desperate need of prayer.

I cannot plead in any more earnest that we must all dwell in the shadow of the Lord, make the Lord God Almighty our dwelling place, petitioning for His peace and safety, because those during these final days of urgency who heed not the warning call to seek safety under the wing of the Lord, who would rather rely solely on their own feeble mortal strength, these will see the ultimate fall and painful destruction of everything they sought in vain to selfishly hold up that which cannot be held up against God's divine wrath.

Please heed the Lord, make time daily to seek the Lord and His guidance. Seek out His will for your life, we all have the time, it's only a matter of whether or not we make some for the Savior who had the time to bleed out, die, and carry the unfathomable weight of all our sin upon his beaten and torn shoulders. This is truth, this is a warning, and this will be a turning point for some.

God Bless, daniel