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Take Control With the Lord

| wed, december 3, 2008 |

Praise the Lord! I have found my strength and victory in my Lord Jesus Christ. Praise be unto His Heavenly Name for all eternity!

As I write this I am encouraged to remember one thing we should never forget: Not once in history has God ever been out of control. As I ponder on this thought I am enveloped by the peace of my Father, comforted by His strength, and desire to eternally reside in His presence.

As I reflect upon my own life, 20x20 hindsight reveals the statement above to be true. Even in my most deviant episodes were self-control was non-existent, my Father was still in control. My Father protected me, saved me from myself, and placed within my path my opportunity for salvation, the ultimate glorification of His name. His plan for my life was always in motion, only now can I look back upon my history and see His divine hand at work, guiding, directing, protecting, and planning.

I am just an example of the plan and the purpose the Heavenly Father has for all of His children. He loves us as we love our own children, or at least how we should strive to love our children. He desires a personal, loving, and intimate relationship with all of His children. He loves us so much He sent His own Son to die on a cross, to be beaten, torn, and rejected by His own people, all because He so loved the world. He didn't send His Son because He wanted to save the physical world, but rather to save the spiritual world of His children.

So many people right now are destroyed in spirit, struggling, dying within, and feeling left without any options.

Please hear this, we are never left without any options as long as there is breathe in our flesh, life within our bones, and a desire to find the true joy our spiritual bodies crave in earnest to devour. Never will we be left without an option as long as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords is reigning upon the Almighty throne and we are alive to acknowledge His gift and accept the purpose behind His Son's death. HE has established the Salvation of the world through His Son, the Lily of the Valley, the Cornerstone of our Faith, the Redeemer, the Alpha, and Omega.

I am here to proclaim the Truth is not dead, the Truth still reigns supreme, and the Truth will forever dwell in Glory for all Eternity. All of the evil powers and principalities of this world could never keep the Truth from a heart that calls upon the name of Christ. No one, nowhere, is without hope, No one.

Every second that falls off the clock, every minute, every day is just one last before the gates of eternity are opened to all mankind, minion, and angel alike. Don't wait until you stand before the white throne of judgment to be persuaded to believe in Christ and what He has done to guarantee salvation for all who will believe. Believe now, seek the Heart of the Lord, repent and find your Joy.

Will you eternally dwell with the Father in Glory, or spend eternity wailing and gnashing your teeth?

Free Yourself!

No one can carry the burdens this world so readily throws upon our backs; we were not created to carry such burdens. God desires to lift these burdens and free us from our bondage if only we will allow Him to do so. Take control with the Lord, He has always been in control even if you aren't. You will never have control without His hand to direct your path.

Joy, Peace, Comfort, Happiness, the true forms of these can only be found in the eternal arms of the Almighty Heavenly Father. Don't buy into the incomparable fakes man tries to sale as the genuine form, when you experience the real form, no other form can even compare.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

Take strength in the arms of the Father!

God Bless, daniel