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The House of Nets : Blindness

The House of Nets : Blindness

| thurs, january 16, 2014|

Bethsaida or Beit-Tzaidah means House of nets.

Read Mark 8:22-26Matthew 9:27-31, John 9:1-39

Does a child see?

Only when the child comes of age and can then be asked does one really know?

Only then can one know if a child can see.

But does the child see clearly?

One purpose behind the ministry of Yeshua is to make the blind see and for those who see to be made blind. It is in blindness that we have the hope of salvation.

One must first be blind in order to see. It is in blindness that we first find faith. When blind, you must rely on an outside source to “see” past the infirmity shrouding you in blindness. The blind always reach out, so we too must have our eyes closed in order to reach out in faith to Hashem.

Prayer is much like being blind. We cannot see Hashem, or His throne, the angels of heaven, or the sea of righteous, yet we reach out in faith expecting to touch heaven and hear the voice of our LORD.

What would lead one to do something so seemingly foolish to those around us that can “see”?


We must first be blind to be set free. Those who see before being blind have no “need” of faith and are thus not in a position to receive grace based on faith which, has the power to set them free from sin.

In blindness we reach out in faith. In faith we call upon Hashem, who has promised to open our eyes. Once Hashem opens our eyes we can then be set free of the infirmity that kept us in blindness. We have been brought out of Bethsaida, the House of nets and set free.

What the world or House of nets calls sight is really denial of the state of spiritual blindness it is in. We must be made aware of our blindness so that we may see. Once we see that we are really blind in spirit and cannot see Hashem, through faith, He is then capable of anointing our eyes with the Living Water of His Word, which proceeds from the mouth of Yeshua His Son.

We must first be blind to see.

Could this be why David prayed that Israel’s eyes would be darkened?

I pray that the fullness should come to pass in all our lives.

God Bless, daniel