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Rock Solid Betrayal

| wed, august 1, 2012 |

From time to time on the site I have noted key words used by the administration to describe the relationship between the US and Israel or the US-led "peace talks" and how these words have at times appeared to foreshadow the type of judgment that typically follows.

For those who may be unfamiliar with these connections and as a refresher for others, here are some of those examples:

Chilly Echoes of the Past

Some of the words used by the Obama administration have been; unshakable, conducive, atmosphere, wedge, freeze, and rock solid.

Now that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is reaffirming the "rock solid" relationship, could this be indicating that a geo-related event will take place in the future due to the pressure the Obama administration is applying upon Prime Minister Netanyahu?

The perception seems to be that the Obama administration doesn't want Israel, or more specifically, Prime Minister Netanyahu disrupting Obama's bid for a second term. If this is the case and Netanyahu decides to act in the interest of Israel and not the interest of Obama's bid to be reelected, this could test the tinsel of the bond, or as the Obama administration likes to wear out, "the rock solid bond." Could the condemnation and rebuke leveled at Israel by the Obama administration in the wake of an Israeli attack on either Syria or Iran be enough to shake the bedrock of the USA?

I don't know, but I have felt for many years now that we may see such a day come to pass.

Also, today, while Leon Panetta was meeting with top Israeli officials and Prime Minister Netanyahu, tropical depression 5 formed. This tropical depression has the potential to be a USA effective storm, including the potential to traverse the Gulf, over very warm water. As things appear to be heating up on the Israel-USA relationship front, so too are the temps in the USA and the increased likelihood of further difficult judgments on the near horizon.

Let us continue to be vigilant and prayerful of the events and times surrounding us.

JESUS CHRIST is the only Way and the only Hope.

God Bless, daniel