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The Day Approaches

| mon, march 7, 2011 |

It has been two years since David Wilkerson put out his Urgent Message.

Brother David had put out the message on Saturday, March 7, I remember the day vividly. The message was really driven home the following Sunday morning as I was about to get out of bed when a 3.7 earthquake shook our apartment. Up to that time I had lived in Oklahoma for 21 years and that was the first earthquake that I could ever remember feeling. As I again read Wilkerson's warning later that morning, the earthquake that I had just expiernced seemed to make the message all the more sobering.

I wanted to reflect back on the words that Brother David felt so compelled of the HOLY SPIRIT to put forth. I feel that his words are just as important today as they were two years ago. In all actuality, I believe that this message is even more relevant today. Do not dismiss the words of this Godly man, the day approaches.

An Urgent Message

God Bless, daniel