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The Grave Mistake : Conditional Support

| thu, april 23, 2009 |

Today Washington through the voice of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a warning to Israel; cautioning Israel's new right wing government lead by Benjamin Netanyahu to pursue Palestinian peace talks if Israel expects to receive any help from the Arab nations (and hinted US support) with the current Iranian threat.

This is what Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee:

"For Israel to get the kind of strong support it is looking for vis-à-vis Iran, it can't stay on the sidelines with respect to the Palestinians and the peace efforts. They go hand in hand."

She went on to say a couple of other things, but this comment really sticks out as a carrot on a string.

It seems Washington is trying to use common knowledge held by most that Israel needs the support of the US if it is to confront Iran militarily; I believe this is a grave misconception. Despite the US firm belief Israel must have the support of their military, Israeli intelligence officials and high ranking Israeli military leadership believe Israel has the military capability if needed to attack Iran on it's own, though Israel has stated on several occasions that a coordinated strike with the aid of the US is preferred.

The statement out of Washington today is troubling for several reasons.

+ Washington is conditioning its level of support for Israel in regards to a potential military strike against Iran on the level of commitment Israel is willing to devote to the US/Arab nation brokered peace incentive.
+ By stating their level of support hinges on Israel's cooperation, Washington is establishing its role to dictate how the Palestinian State will be set in motion.
+ The purposed peace plan Washington will expect Israel to adhere to if Israel would like to receive support against Iran is void of any Israeli input, formulated by the US and Arab Nations, thus US / Arab peace incentive.

Netanyahu will be making a trip to Washington in May to receive the Obama administration (and Arab Nations) purposed plan for a Palestinian State, at which time Netanyahu will present Israel's purposed plan. The plan formulated by Netanyahu's government is sure to be the opposite of the plan brokered by the US and Arab nations, only increasing the tension between the two governments.

In an interesting move, one that I believe holds great significance for the future state of America, Obama is planning in a televised address to the nation to state his administration's stance and aggressive role in the coming peace negotiations. We must pay close attention to the address and the information that Obama presents. I believe it will carry with it a heavy penalty if any of the following statements are made:

+ This (Obama) administration believes Israel should considered Jerusalem and/or the West Bank as the potential future site for a Palestinian State.
+ The Golan Heights should be returned to Syria and as a result the Syrian government has agreed to continue negotiations for the recognition of Israel and a committed stance against Hezbollah.
+ Any support in confronting Iran's nuclear threat will hinge upon Israel's commitment to the Peace incentive brokered by Washington and the Arab nations.
+ Israel must recognize a Hamas shared Palestinian government as part of the Washington / Arab nations peace incentive.

I don't know for sure if these will be the demands of Obama's televised address, I am only stating that if any of these, or all, are stated, a heavy price will have to be paid by the nation or nations that support such demands against Israel. Whether or not any of these points are made, I believe this televised address holds a great deal of significance. This event will happen sometime towards the end of May.

Keep your eyes set on Israel and your prayers directed to the continued peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless, daniel

Heavenly Father, as the burdenstone is put in place and the cup of trembling is filled, protect Your children who bear the mark of Jesus Christ. Lead the governors of Judah in Your guidance, that they will forever trust the Lord of Hosts. Amen

Clinton says Israel risks losing support on Iran