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Writing on the Wall : Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin

| mon, may 18, 2009 |

Lately it seems the events and current government have caused most to entertain the thought, if not vocally project the phrase, " The hand writing is on the wall" Just as in the day of Daniel, at the feast thrown by Belshazzar, here in America the writing on the wall spells the same thing, this time it's for a different Babylon and lead by a different Belshazzar.

It doesn't take the discernment of a seasoned follower of Yeshua, wholly saturated in the Word of God to understand the days in which we live are different. The average Joe can sense something is amiss, something is changing is in the air. Whether protestant or Catholic, Jew or Gentile, the feeling in the air doesn't seem to care, all are feeling something. So why does some enjoying the smell of change while others are repulsed by the smell of sulfur? Here is the major difference; some have the discernment of the Holy Spirit, while others are blatantly being lead astray.

A violent shaking, unlike any seen before, one that will tear the unrepentant heart of America in two is soon to release. America's days have been numbered, her number is up, and she is only seconds away from receiving her sentence from the Almighty mouth of Jehovah.

America's sin has been weighed; the scales are tipped toward wrath and divine judgment. Just as in the days of Noah, watchmen, who also like Noah, are daily mocked, chided, and scoffed at. The message to repent has been ignored, thrown aside, and continuously disregarded as crazy rants of madmen. Though these "rants" will soon be validated, the message placed within the mouths of righteous men and women by the Spirit of Jehovah, this message will come to life, and as Galatians 6:7 reminds us, "God is not mocked."

Sin has permeated the church, just as the vessels of gold and silver taken from the Temple, the same vessels Belshazzar entertained his lords, wives, and concubines with. The church has become vessels of sinful entertainment, entertaining the flesh with worldly lust, greed, and materialism. The vessels have forgotten the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, His life, His love, and His commandments. These once proud vessels of Jehovah, Temples of the Holy Spirit, are now cesspools of Satan's filth. Smelling now of the heathen's wine, tossed to the side, no longer overflowing with the Living Water of the Holy Spirit. These will be judged; these too will be torn in two, having known Truth, only to throw Truth away for the lie. God have mercy on these souls....

AMERICA WILL BE DIVIDED! The division comes next, the nation has already been numbered and weighed. She is guilty on all counts, a blasphemer, killer of the innocent, idolater, fornicator, sexual predator, promoter of unnatural affections, just to name a few. She continues to pass and promote new legislation to aid and abet these atrocities, never repenting, set firm in her rebellion, and willing to die protecting all of her heinous crime against Jehovah.

America sealed her unrepentant heart when she elected a leader who mocks Jehovah, the infallible Word of God, and the values held within. A man who all this time has continued to professing to be a Christian, when in truth he is a deceiver, prideful, and a mocker of Jehovah. With pride such as his, only a disastrous fall will come, and the devotion of blind followers will only cause the fall to be even greater.

America has been numbered, weighed, and will soon be divided. She has been warned, yet her ears are closed, filled with the deceit and mockery of an anti-Christ spirit. She no longer uses her voice to offer praise and glory to the King of kings, no, she screams mantras and chants of "yes we can" to her new "savior". Jehovah has heard her silence in repentance, heard her screams in defiance, and soon will turn His back when she tries in vain to find Him again after judgment falls from the heavens.

Yes, she has been numbered.
Yes, she has been weighed.
Yes, she will be divided.

Seek Jehovah, repent from your sin, sigh and grieve at the abominations you see, and prepare under the direction of the Holy Spirit, these days ahead hold a shaking of all shakings. The days ahead hold things that man has yet to see, things that follow with, "that will never happen...", don't listen and don't be deceived. When doubt tries to move in, remember as just a reminder, men in Noah's day said it could never rain.

God Bless, daniel