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Once in a Blue Moon : 1947, 1966, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon : 1947, 1966, 2012

| thurs, august 2, 2012 |

Today, August 2, 2012, hosts a full moon, the first of two to take place this month. The next full moon takes place on August 31, which is called a blue moon. About every 2-3 years two full moons will land in a single Gregorian calendar month.

I would like to make an observation, something I came across while doing research on lunar cycles.

The two previous times that the blue moon has taken place on August 31, came in 1947 and 1966. Both of these years were pregnant with events leading to major changes in Israel. Is it possible that this blue moon preludes another major event? Time will tell.

Keep looking up and focused on HIM, JESUS CHRIST is King!

God Bless, daniel