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Fire is Her Destruction

| tue, december 2, 2008 |

I must say, a furious battle is being waged. The forces of the Almighty are locked in arms with the forces of Satan. This battle will ultimately lead to the final battleground, but before I continue, this battle has been being waged since before the fall of man.

I must remind you, I am only a man, and what I have to say is my own opinion, my own thoughts, though I only share them because I feel a yearning to. I am man, so by default you may see me as wrong until I am proven otherwise.

I am going to start by urging everyone to pray for our nation and her people, the children of Israel, and our fellow brothers and sisters of the world like we have never in our lives prayed for before. I cannot, though vainly in my struggle I have attempted, to put into words the feelings that burn within my spirit. My spirit feels like a wild fire exponentially growing in intensity, and the brush ahead of this wind-stoked firestorm is only getting dryer.

Daily as I come before the Lord I am consumed by a very real sense of urgency. This feeling is all together very indescribable, but one that is no doubt real and intensely urgent. Feeling this urgency and the lack of true understanding to its purpose, I pray the Lord would give me better understand, I seek only His guidance and direction. I pray that the Lord would better help me understand the day in which we live, the events that consume our daily lives, and how to prepare myself and others for the answer I know He will give.

I pray that what I am about to say is wrong, that maybe I have only caught myself up in my own underlying fears.

America will burn. America will be cut from her very foundation. America will no longer lead the world, but because the world has led her, she has lost her first love. America has been told to repent, told to turn from her wicked ways, chastised by the very Spirit of the Almighty God, but with no reproach, with no remorse she has continued on her wicked path.

All consuming fire, fire that burns all in it's path, fire that knows no bounds, no fatigue, no guilt. America has chosen her fate, decided her destruction, and no longer dwells by her own accord within the refuge of the Lord.

The furnace of vengeance is being fueled by America's unrelenting greed, by the ungrateful profit of the fat years, and by the lies of hardened hearts in the now lean years.

Her wealth is gone, her majesty is gone, her power a mere mirage, soon to be discovered by the very enemies she helped to create.

She has placed herself higher than the Almighty, in her misguided pride she will fall. She has decided who will live, and who will die, who is worthy and who is not. By her own methods she too will be judged.

She has protested the religious freedom her very fore fathers died to defend. Forgetting it was the Almighty God of Israel these me fought so valiantly even unto death to defend. She has replaced her God with the golden calf of money, the same money that will ultimately pay for her death.

How long can she continue to slap the face of the Lord, Who in His graciousness brought her such great wealth, prestige, and honor. The very Lord Who protected her when she herself could not, Who fed her when she herself could not, and Who loved her even when she returned it not.

She has been warned. She has a price, a price that can only be covered by the Blood of Christ. When this Blood is rejected, the rejection damns the souls of those who fail to accept. We are damned by our sin, America is damned by her sin, the only hope is that which is found in the Lord Jesus Christ. Only HE can take away our sin, ONLY HE can wash away the sin of America.

This message is strong, unaccepted by most, few will see, and few will understand. Those bought by the blood have a purpose; we have an obligation to point others unto the Light, the Light that no darkness can quench. Sometimes the messages are tough, but even tougher when we decide not to share the message placed within our hearts.

America will pay for her transgressions, all men do, and all will ultimately see the glory of the Lord. Only some will be prepared, while others will forever regret the rejection from their lips.

America please repent, turn now, and seek the face of the Lord. This is the very message played over and over to her soul for decades. She can claim no ignorance to her sin, only blinded more and more by her hardened heart and reprobate mind.

The Lord has never left her; she herself chose to be freed from the mercy of the Lord.

What comes upon a Nation who walks alone in the valley of the shadow of death, can only lead to destruction.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

Please pray for our nation.

God Bless, daniel