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Never Alone

| tue, october 20, 2009 |

We are not alone as we set out for the distant shore. Jesus is within. When the storms arise and the seas come to consume, have faith. Jesus Christ always delivers.

Never compromise the Truth of the Gospel. Always cling to the Word, holding each and every promise close. The Word of the Lord is strength unto all who will receive it.

Seek first the will of the Father. Just as Jesus Christ sought only His Fathers will, we too must follow His example. Endeavor in such things that bring glory to the name of the Lord.

This life is not about personal gain or worldly riches. This life is about one purpose, a daily living sacrifice unto the Most High. Only by Truth can this sacrifice be made.

The enemy cannot shake the firm foundation of Jesus Christ. Though our flesh may quiver, take courage, knowing that our feet remain unmoved in Christ.

Evil days will come. Even so, such evil is no match for the One and Only, ALPHA and OMEGA.

Stand firm, stay strong, and trust in Jesus Christ, therein lays the key to faith.

God Bless, daniel