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Two Groups : Which One Are You? Notes 

| sat, july 25, 2009 |

Soon we will understand better the word fall.

Fall- v.i. [fell, fallen, falling] 1, drop or sink from a higher to a lower level; descend rapidly; decline, 2, (sometimes with down) tumble to the ground, esp. after stumbling. 3, die. 4, come by chance. 5, occur. 6, pass from one condition to another. 7, (with away) decline. 8, (with for) be deceived by. 9, (with for) become enamored of. 10, (with in) take one's place in line; hence agree. 11, (with out) quarrel. 12, (with through) not come to exist; miscarry. -n 1, the act or result of falling. 2, (often cap) the season from Sept. 22 to Dec 21; autumn. -fall guy (slang) victim; scapegoat; dupe. -falling sickness, epilepsy. -falling star, meteorite. -fall off, 1, decrease; diminish. 2, separate; withdraw. (The New American Webster Dictionary 3rd Edition)

This morning as I was writting the message the HOLY SPIRIT placed upon my heart I was finishing up when the phrase, "Soon we will understand better the word fall" came into my spirit.

I was puzzled as to what it meant, so I felt lead to look it up in the Dictionary, I like many have an understanding of the common usage of the words used often in the english language, but for some reason I felt that I need to look at the word as a whole. These are points I feel are worth noting, espescially when taken in light of information that has come out recentaly about the coming fall.

1. drop or sink from a higher to a lower level; descend rapidly; decline This is going to happen with the economy this fall, of this I am certain.

2. tumble to the ground, esp. after stumbling Hillary, Sotomayer, and the Pope, and I believe that in the coming months many more will fall, (from their high places)

3. die This is one that most do not like to talk about, understandable yes, but with the on set of a manufactured virus, war, and civil unrest, this is unquestionable.

4. pass from one condition to another Swine flu, need I say more. (This could also be used when defining the coming events in the natural and in the supernatural)

5. decline The dollar collapse and everything else associated with the economy.

6. be deceived by I thank YAHWEH that everday more are having their eyes open, but the coming deceiption is going to send many to the grave. Watch out for the return of the fallen, these will once again attempt to be embraced as gods... Only Jesus Christ has already warned us the gods of the past are devils.

7. take one's place in line This gives me an image of immunization and unemployment, food lines, supply lines, you name it.

8. the act or result of falling This is the reason behind the judgment and wrath.

9. Sept. 22 to Dec. 21 We know this to be the FALL, but I think the dates are very important for the coming events. WAR, COLLAPSE OF DOLLAR, ECONOMY FOLDS, and SWINE FLU, MARTIAL LAW, the excrement on the fan.

10. meteorite Do we need more signs from the heavens?

11. decrease; diminish We must decrease for Jesus Christ to increase, the harlot will be diminished. Many things could be gleaned form these two words.


12. separate This is the point behind the message that I recieved today (Two Groups, Which One are You?). We must be separated and the two will be separated as the chaff is from the wheat.

I thought I would share these things with the rest of the body. Please, as always continue to seek the HOLY SPIRIT for direction in this hour. THE HEAVENLY FATHER is so faithful to HIS and will continue to be with all who call upon HIS name and forsake their own lives.

God Bless, daniel