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To Live in the Flesh is Death : In the Spirit of God is Life

| mon, may 5, 2009 |

We as Christians should never be living for the flesh as we once did before our eyes became opened to the Salvation of Jesus Christ. Of late many Christians have been falling back into the flow of sin, adopting the lives of sinners as their own, conforming to this sinful world that is soon to be judged by God's mighty hand, and as a result, will receive the same judgment.

Scoffers say the sky will never fall, there is no God, and to live your life however is seen fit. The more pleasure and self-satisfaction, the better the life, at least this is the lie that has been bought into.

The coming judgment will be horrific, unimaginable, and inconceivable to us at the present. Many watchmen, prophets, and children of God have only seen glimpses, the glimpses seen have been so horrific, and because of a merciful God, only glimpses He allowed His children to see.

The professional Christians, the pew warmers, the body of liars and deceivers will receive a punishment that causes intense grief, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. These are those who have repeatedly heard the message of Jesus Christ, even accepted Him as Lord and Savior, only to turn and become once again a flesh driven rejecter of Jesus Christ, whose death will be the same as the world in which they live and in which they have placed their hope.

Brothers and sisters, please listen to me, the world has crossed a threshold of judgment. At this very moment we have a daily increase of events, the very events Jesus Christ warned about in the Olivet discourse in Matthew 24. These are in place to be warnings and signals to seek the Salvation of Jesus Christ, become freed from this world, and focus on the eternal and not the temporary. The judgment is coming. Families living in sin will be ripped apart; those not marked by the blood of Jesus Christ will be met with death, just as in Ezekiel chapter 9, this means men, women, and children. These things are not easy, nor will they ever be easy to accept, but we don't have to accept such things for our families or ourselves.

Jesus Christ has given us a way out, a plan called salvation. We must first seek Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God, not the flesh. Please prepare your families and yourself for these coming days of terror. You do not have to live in fear, but the only remedy for this fear can only be found in the arms of Jesus Christ. DO NOT attempt to save yourself, YOU WILL DIE in your vanity. LIFE IS FOUND ONLY IN THE SAVING ARMS OF JESUS CHRIST.

Here are some points to focus on concerning living in the Spirit of Life and not in the spirit of flesh.

+ We must daily walk in the Spirit of Life and not in the flesh. Romans 8:1

+ By walking in the Spirit, righteousness might be fulfilled in me, as we reject the flesh and embrace the Spirit of God. Romans 8:4

+ Our mind would be set upon things of the Spirit, pursuing the Spirit and not the flesh. Romans 8:5

+ A carnal mind = death, is enmity against God, God cannot be found in us, we cannot please God. Romans 8:6-8

+ A Spiritual mind = Life, peace, we are with God, God is found within us, we please God. Romans 8:6-8

+ We must not live in the flesh, which is certain death, rather live in the Spirit of Christ Jesus, which is Life through His righteousness. Romans 8:10, 13

+ Once we accept the same Spirit that raised Jesus Christ to dwell within our mortal body, we are no longer in debt to the flesh, nor should we continue to live in the flesh. Eternal death is the completion of continued living in the flesh; eternal Life is the completion of living in the Spirit of God. Romans 8:11-14

+ For those led by the Spirit of God, they are the children of God. Having received the Spirit of Adoption, whereby we can now call God, ABBA, or Father. Romans 8:14-15

If you have left your first love Jesus Christ, return to him today. If you have never received Jesus Christ, receive Him today. Judgment is real, it is soon, and will not be a simple speed bump, but a show stopper for the lives of billions, all will see the judgment of God, only few will recognize and repent. Repent now; live for righteousness and no longer for the flesh. To live for flesh is literal and spiritual death, please don't let yourself die, please don't let your children die, and most of all, if you have chosen Jesus Christ, don't let others around you die without having shared with them the saving message found in Jesus Christ.

God Bless, daniel