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Three Day Warning

| mon, september 28, 2009 |

I have felt the need to be extremely vigilant the next 3 days.

Tishrei 11, Tishrei 12, Tishrei 13

9.29, 9.30, 10.1

Do not weary in the days ahead. Challenges will arise and difficulties will be faced. We cannot forget that our Father, the I AM, has already opened a door and prepared us a way. The tension is about to break in Israel and the Trigger will be released in the US. Events in the US and around the world will soon transpire that will overshadow previous events in history. The Word of YAHWEH has shown this to those with eyes to see and He has spoken His words to those with ears.

Continue to seek the will of YAHWEH. Never neglect intimacy with JESUS CHRIST, listen to the direction of the HOLY SPIRIT, and remember, with GOD nothing shall be impossible.

God Bless, daniel