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Bibi's Day of Confirmation

Bibi's Day of Confirmation

| mon, march 3, 2013|

Click to view the video of the meeting.

(Note: The longer video can be viewed on WhiteHouse.Gov) 

I just watched the Oval Office meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama, and I found it very interesting. Here are a few observations.

The President appeared somewhat tense during the opening part of the dialog. I didn’t count the number of times that he looked at Netanyahu as he spoke, but it wasn’t much. His words seemed bumbled and disjointed. At one point he noted that the deadline (that he set) for the peace talks is approaching and that hard choices “will have to be made.”

I believe that Netanyahu stood firmly within his reasonable position. Israel has given everything that can be expected and more than any other country has for peace. And for what? Blood, terror, and the fear that more will follow if and when further concessions are made towards the ruthless Islamic extremists who thirst day and night to see Israel pushed into the sea. Israel’s enemies will never recognize them as a state, much less a Jewish State, rather Israel’s enemies will forever see them as the Occupier. And why shouldn’t they, for even Obama holds such a view.

I could be wrong, but in all of the Oval Office meetings that I have observed between these two men, this one seemed strangely different. I believe that this is the first time the first (and only) question from the reporters had nothing to do with Israel, the peace talks, or Iran; rather, it had to do with what was Obama going to do about Russia.

I believe that this is the work of Hashem.

For many years now I, as many others, have prayed often that the Israelis would see Obama’s foreign policy for what it is and to never lean upon the reed of America for their security. Obama’s interest has never been in the security of Israel; rather, he has always seen the peace talks as the feather his predecessor’s failed to grasp. His ideology towards Israel is often similar to those who seek Israel’s destruction and not the type of ideology that genuinely seeks to preserve the Jewish nation State of Israel.

During the closing part of the meeting, which lasted about 17 minutes, one third of it was Obama stating his position on the situation between Russia and Ukraine, though not all of what Obama said regarding these two nations is entirely similar to Israel and Iran, Obama’s position on the Russian movements sounds eerily similar to the type of statements that he has made in the past about the Iranian nuclear program and Israel’s position regarding Iran’s nuclear proliferation under Obama’s watch.  I couldn’t help but change Russia to Iran and Ukraine to Israel as I listened to Obama speak.

I believe that Netanyahu was a timely participant in dialog that he would not have been so intimately a part of if he had not made his trip to Washington. Look at the scene for a moment. Here we have the Prime Minister of Israel sitting next to the President of the United States as he is asked to answer a question about his stance on the movements of Russia as they rape the sovereignty of an ally. Obama cordially answers that diplomacy is the only course at this junction and that by removing his presence from various summits should be signal enough that what Russia is doing is dangerous and could cause the Obama administration to slap Putin with more diplomacy if he doesn’t choose his steps wisely.

Keep in mind, Obama has “messianically” pressured Israel into trusting him with their sovereignty in the name of peace with the Palestinians. Yet every time Obama’s crises checks come due, they are denied; his account is overdrawn due to all the other previous foreign policy checks his mouth wrote, yet his administration just couldn’t cash.

His approach to Russia invading Ukraine is no different than his approach to Iran, his approach to Syria, and his approach to the peace talks.

Let’s look at the statement Obama made today, “When it comes to preserving the principle that no country has the right to send in troops to another country unprovoked, we should be able to come up with a unified position.” Netanyahu must know, as he sat two feet away from THE President of THE United States of America, that this would be the closest Obama would ever come to Israel’s aid if and when Iran decides to send buckets of sun Israel’s way. Obama is all talk and no show, no resolve, no hard position, only amateur at best, and one frequently described as being three and four levels removed from reality.

I doubt Bibi has ever had the desire to preemptively strike Iran, but desire and necessity are two different things. Today, if Bibi were to strike Iran tomorrow, it would be due to Obama’s inability to form a believable, trustworthy, and responsible position towards a nuclear program that threatens to wipe Israel off the map.

Bibi had confirmed today what I believe he has known for some time:   if Israel’s security is left in the hands of the American President his diplomacy will ensure that there won’t be a nation state of Israel left to defend.

Bibi stood his ground; for this I am proud. I couldn’t help but see a modern day type of Moses standing before Pharaoh. “Let my people go,” could almost be heard in the background.

God bless, daniel

You are My witness, declares the LORD, and My servant whom I have chosen, in order that you may know and believe Me, and understand that I am He. Before Me there was no GOD formed, and there will be none after Me. I, even I, am the LORD; and there is no savior besides me.

Isaiah 43:10-11

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