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Planetary Alignment

| tue, aug 16, 2011 |

I believe that there is a heightened possibility of a large magnitude earthquake during the next 4 to 5 days.

 I have studied compelling research in which long alignments between planets can trigger earthquakes. If an earthquake does occur, it will be by the will of YAHWEH. Such alignments may influence a Geo-response, but we must keep in mind, it is only because of the mechanisms that the LORD has put in place that such a response is even capable of taking place. YAHWEH is in control.

As we move closer to Rosh Hashana, I fully expect an increase in judgment upon the nations of the world, with possibly the largest judgment to date on the soil of the USA taking place this fall. I encourage all of us who are children of the MOST HIGH to continue to seek and worship our FATHER and LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. The HOLY SPIRIT will be our guide and comfort.

God Bless, daniel