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An Eye for an Eye : The Apple of YHVHs Eye

An Eye for an Eye : The Apple of YHVH's Eye

| sun, august 4, 2013 |


While working on the site over the past couple of weeks, I have not failed to notice the various issues going on with and in relation to the "peace talks." 


1. The release of terrorists.

It appears that the Obama administration has pressured the Israelis into releasing over a hundred high-profile Palestinian terrorists as part of a "goodwill gesture" directed towards the Palestinians to resume talks. Some sources have stated that this suicidal gesture was agreed to by Prime Minister Netanyahu because of assurances from the Obama administration to help Israel with Iran in the coming months. This "assurance" from the Obama administration could easily lead to betrayal.

Interestingly enough, before Israel has had a chance to release any of these high-profile terrorists, enemies of the state of Israel, the USA has had her own enemies freed, thousands of them, all from various high-level security prisons around the world in a rash of prison breaks. Not to mention the terrorist threat the State Department has responded to this weekend, resulting in many US embassies being closed in the Middle East and other various Islamic nations.


2. The release of Intel.

The Obama administration, per the direct instruction of President Obama, has been intentionally leaking Israeli intelligence secrets. Several of these leaks have been directly related to tactical strikes the IDF has made in Syria, the latest being July 5. This in itself is a form of betrayal. It is increasingly obvious that the Obama administration is increasingly frustrated with Netanyahu's approach to the current hostile environments on the northern and southern borders of Israel.

Keep in mind, it was during this time that the Snowden affair was taking place, ultimately resulting in Snowden receiving asylum in Russia. As the Obama administration continues to covertly aid Israel's enemies, the LORD is overtly aiding the USA's enemies with intelligence leaks.


3. As I stated before, the trip Kerry made to the Middle East before he announced on Friday July 19, the "peace talks" would resume in the following weeks started on the 9th of Av. Historically speaking, this is a period of tragedy and suffering for Israel as well as a period of time the hook that ultimately led to the defeat of Israel's enemies was set. The Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Romans, and Hitler's Nazi Germany to name a few, all have at least two things in common, they were selected to be an instrument of chastisement upon the children of Israel, and though the LORD used these nations for his purposes, these nations were ultimately chosen for their destruction. The USA could learn from these nations, though I feel it is too late. Just as the nations before her, she too is looking to divide the land of Israel as well as pressure Israel to look away from and doubt the Covenant YHVH has made with her.

As more unfolds, I plan to update the website with the latest. The Obama administration has stated that the talks will carry on for the next nine months. I can only imagine the unholy fruit that could be born out of this period of gestation. We will see, but I am fully expecting chaos and judgment to be words associated with the coming months. Open your eyes and seek the direction of the HOLY SPIRIT. A day is rapidly approaching that will demand Faith.

God Bless, daniel