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The Wedge of Judgment

| sun, april 25, 2010 |

NOAA satellite image taken Saturday, April 24, 2010 at 1:45 p.m.

Prayers for the People joins many other brothers and sisters in Christ who are praying for the families of those in Mississippi who lost loved ones yesterday as violent storms unleashed brutal tornadoes across the south for much of the day.

Our prayers are also with the unknown number of people at the current time who are without shelter because of the many (so far reportedly 40+) tornadoes that ripped across a large portion of the country yesterday morning and afternoon.

The storms cut through a large swath of the country, with areas in Mississippi, Alabama, the Florida Panhandle, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri were placed under tornado watches and warnings as severe thunderstorms swept over the region. (link)

Some very important events, with some very significant consequences, took place this week and I will do my best to connect some of the dots. I pray that others of you will aid in this endeavor.

It is highly important to understand that all the Biblical signs are vibrantly pointing to much more disruption and turbulence ramping up in the United States and across the world directly connected to events transpiring in Israel. Let our spiritual eyes be opened as we continue to seek the direction of the Holy Spirit with the hope of better understanding these events that appear as utter chaos and unconnected through the eyes of man. I pray that Jesus Christ would be glorified as we obediently listen, warn, and edify His Body as His HOLY SPIRIT continues to prepare us as a spotless Bride without blemish or wrinkle.

The unrelenting pressure upon Israel by the Obama administration has come to a threshold and I believe something spiritually crossed this threshold within the past few weeks. The overall tone of frustration is visible even through the sugarcoated words of doublespeak. An entity of utter darkness is emerging from behind the veil and taking a more visible role in the pressure that is being amply applied upon Israel. The deep-seated hatred has had millennia to fester and formulate the 4th quarter push that is currently taking place, one that will throw the whole of the world into tribulation and chaos unlike any previously known to man. This entity will soon be revealed for who he really is.

Despite all of this, we must not lose sight of the plan that our Father in heaven has. He has placed HIS very character and integrity upon each and every word and promise HIS SPIRIT divinely inspired the lips of His anointed and prophets to utter. It was JEHOVAH Himself who placed the words of fire upon the tongues of HIS faithful. With this consuming fire HE has burned the Words of HIS plan into every heart, soul, and mind of each and every one of HIS who will join HIM for eternity. It is these self same words bearing the complete WILL of JEHOVAH, spoken of by HIS anointed, that shall be forever burned into the Cornerstone of New Jerusalem as an infinite record of HIS eternal righteousness. Every HOLY SPIRIT-led utterance by the prophets, the anointed, and JEHOVAH'S faithful, since the creation of man, is not just the essence of an infinite GOD, but also the bold reality of the eternity that waits all who have accepted the MESSIAH, the SON of the ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH, as The Way, The Truth, and the LIFE. We must never, even if for just one second, demean the authority and power contained in each and every word of our GOD by lowering them to just mere words spoken by mortal men. It cannot be forgotten that it was by HIS word that all things were made, and without HIM nothing was made. Nor that without HIS WORD, LIFE, rich and incomprehensibly abundant LIFE, would cease to exist without HIS words of promise. So let us continue to trust in HIM and daily pray that HIS sovereign WILL would move unhindered, even though the signs of fulfillment and resulting judgments of unheeded warnings are difficult to mortally comprehend and accept, we must remove the flesh and discern through the eyes of the HOLY SPIRIT.

With that said.

On Monday, Accuweather reported that an area of unsettled air would be converging with cooler air from the north over parts of Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas. At the time this report had been released about the potential for a stormy Tuesday, Israel was finishing up with the celebrations commemorating its 62 anniversary of independence, Iyyar 5 on the Jewish calendar. Little did anyone know on Monday, just how intimately connected the unsettled air mass parked over the upper-Midwest would be to events taking place in Israel the following day, but by the end of the week, the Light would once again penetrate the darkness, of which the darkness could once again not comprehend (John 1:5).

Moving forward to Thursday, Israeli media reported that the United States and Israel had been holding secret negotiations to find common ground to place steps towards moving the stalled "peace process" forward. In the report it was noted that Obama's White House Middle East policy expert, Dan Shapiro, and US Middle East envoy George Mitchell's deputy, David Hale both arrived in Israel on Tuesday, the same day Accuweather had warned of a potential for disruptive weather from the unsettled air mass moving down from the Rockies and hovering directly over the plains. The system came to life on Tuesday evening as storms sparked 2 tornadoes in the Texas panhandle, a harbinger of things yet to come.

On Wednesday, the system had stalled and produced a couple of storms, but as far as I can tell no tornadoes.

Early Thursday morning I felt led to post Converging Events in light of what the Spirit was leading me (and others) to see in regards to the converging events taking place in the weather system over the plains in the US at the same time the US was meddling with Israel.

I had already planned to keep a close eye on the system because of its close proximity to where I live in OKC. The knowledge that George Mitchell was in Israel twisting the arm of the Netanyahu didn't make my uneasiness fade away all day, I even called my mom (GardenGirl) several times from work to see if any storms had popped up. I reminded her, (preached to the choir), of the dire danger that would come as a result of what was taking place, dismayed at the willful blindness embraced by so many when it comes to the connection of Israel and JEHOVAH'S wrath upon the nations that curse her.

As a result of Bible study, prayer, and research, I have come to look at things in light of what is going on in Israel and when I hear of the threat of bad weather and I know that the US is in Israel trying to divide JEHOVAH'S land, I would think it irresponsible to go about my day like it was just any other. Another thing I have learned to keep in mind, when a weather service issues a warning several days in advance about a storm system that parallels the US meddling with JEHOVAH'S Covenant Land in Israel, the advanced warning must be recognized as JEHOVAH'S mercy before HIS judgment is unleashed.

Sure enough, later Thursday evening the system came to life unleashing the largest YTD outbreak of tornadoes with a reported 30+ tornadoes and major hail in the Texas panhandle, Colorado, and Kansas, all the while George Mitchell was in Israel seeing what concession he could squeeze out of Netanyahu and hand back to his boss at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

On Friday morning I felt led to write the Unbreakable Breaking Point, you can read it here to see what was discussed and pointed out. It was this post that Brother Art (Ultraguy) over at New Wineskins referenced when he posted Saying the Opposite: Thoughts on ‘O's Remarks on Israel, an outstanding post presenting Spirit led insight into the mechanism of rhetoric hissed as doublespeak by the forked tongue of the President and Vice President. In it, Art points out the significance behind the opposite meaning of Obama's words in regards to Israel. I highly recommend reading it if you haven't already.

There are invariably many factors that led up to the tornado outbreaks in both the Plains and the South over the past few days. I want to bring into focus at least two of these factors I believe are significant.

First, Brother Art (Ultraguy), myself, and many others have continuously pointed out that words have significance and when the speaker of those words is cursing Israel in principal, it might be the very words that they are speaking that could hold clues to the judgment in which they will be judged, or in the cause of Mr. Obama, the nation that he represents is judged by.

For this, we have to go back to Monday, the same day that Israel was celebrating its 62nd Independence Day celebration and Accuweather (among other metrological sources) began reporting on the upper-level disturbance moving into the plains.

President Obama made the following remarks, (certainly doublespeak), in a letter he addressed to Alan Solow, chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and personal acquaintance he knew from Chicago. In the letter the president said the following.

"As we continue to strive for lasting peace agreements between Israel, the Palestinians, and Israel's neighbors, all sides should understand that our commitment to Israel's security is unshakable and that no wedge will be driven between us." (emphasis mine)

These two words are very significant; though at the time they were written and became public they seemed to possess little significance. I first heard this quote from my mom, who stated to me that she thought the phrase was rather curious. We often look at the specific words that are used and who used them to see if they might contain any clues to judgments that lie ahead. Her immediate thought was one along the lines of an earthquake, something that would divide as a wedge divides. The thought hung around and a mental note about the phrase was filed away. It was only a few short days later that the file was quickly reopened as events adjusted the focus surrounding these words into absolute clarity. As I checked Watch.org run by Bill Koenig, it was a link that he set up that triggered the instant clarity.


Storm spotters and chasers were tracking this "wedge" tornado for about an hour before it tore through Yazoo. (You can read more here)

Yesterday, the deadliest tornado and most destructive one came in the form of a wedge.

A wedge tornado is one that is wider than it is tall, typically in the F4 to F5 range, basically a monster. This was not the only wedge tornado that was produced during the duration of this system since Tuesday. Out of 80+ tornadoes so far reported, several of them came in the form of a wedge, as the meteorologists on the Weather Channel throughout the "tornado emergency" kept explaining that the right ingredients had come together to produce these higher scale and longer tracking tornadoes. I myself have seen the destruction of a F5 first hand, the infamous OKC May 3rd, Tornado of 1999. This tornado, along with the other tornadoes in the outbreak on May 3, 4, was also connected to judgment (scroll down to #19) and unless you have seen the aftermath of whole sections of pavement stripped away leaving only the earth underneath it behind, it is hard to fully explain the awesome power behind such tornadoes.

Obama said, "no wedge will be driven between us." Yet the judgment that came upon his land came in the form of many wedges. One wedge even took the lives of at least 10 people in Mississippi and leveled 30+ homes in Yazoo. The reality is a wedge has separated the United States and Israel, visible as the HOLY SPIRIT reveals the wedge held between the fingers of the ALMIGHTY. With perfect precision, the LORD is dividing all who come to divide HIS Land with the razor-sharp wedge found on the two-edge Sword of David.

As Obama continues to meddle in Israel, continuing to drive a wedge between the US and its BEST ally in the whole world, JEHOVAH will continue to drive HIS wedge into Obama's land in the US.

I want to share a personal opinion, one that I believe is extremely valid at the moment.

It is my belief that anytime a concession is made by Israel that is the direct fruit of unrelenting pressure and meddling by the hand of the United States, judgment from the HIGHEST THRONE immediately falls upon this land. This to me is one reason why it is so very important to be aware of the moves that are being made against Israel and the continuous pressure that is so feverishly and unmercifully being heaped upon her by the current United States administration that the world is rallying behind.

Demonic spirits, filthy and abominable, are behind the ever-increasing curses emanating from the halls of government buildings around the world and from every black heart that calls for Israel's destruction. Even a lot of churches are turning a blind eye, effectively joining the hordes of demons who stoke wicked thoughts into the actions that attempt to question Israel's sovereignty or Covenant writ by GOD concerning the Promise Land.

The world has failed to understand that it is not the world that is alienating Israel, rather it is JEHOVAH who is alienating the world from Israel. It is not Israel that is in greater danger when isolated and left only to hope in JEHOVAH, rather it is the world that is in lethal danger when isolated and distanced from Israel with no hope in JEHOVAH because HE is no longer real to them.

Based on the judgment that has fallen upon the land the last several days I would like to point out some disappointing concessions made by the Netanyahu-led government in Israel in direct response to demands made by the Obama administration after the approval of 1600 housing units in East Jerusalem raised the ire of Washington during VP Biden's trip. (Personal note: Israel has absolutely nothing to apologize for or even be shamed about when it comes to building in Jerusalem. It is a legal, democratic process that they have in place and not to mention their inalienable and GOD given right to continue to build in Jerusalem with great pride. I unconditionally support their right to build to their hearts content.)

As I posted in Pressure, Concession, and Dangerous Outbreak, Netanyahu was reported to have agreed to release over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails, to remove several roadblocks in the West Bank, and to ease the blockade on the Gaza Strip, as a series of gestures towards Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

What we have here is an OUTBREAK of Palestinian prisoners, or a SWARM, just like the outbreak of tornadoes, or the swarm that on unfolded as warned by Accuweather. I am not sure of the crimes committed by these prisoners, but I would believe it is safe to assume they are not serving time for failure to pay traffic tickets.

Much more could be said about the connections between the events that transpired this week in the Covenant Land of JEHOVAH and the land of the United States of America. Much more could be said about the symbolism of the events and the words used that in hindsight seem to point to the precise judgment that fell upon this land, much like the "settlement freeze" presented much of the nation with a wild winter. What can simply be said is that the United States is on a lethal collision with JEHOVAH, one that will decapitate the harlot of Babylon.

Please see the signs that are so clearly being presented by our merciful and faithful FATHER in heaven.

Listen to the words that are being spoken by those intimately connected to the peace process. Question the words and bring them before the Throne of Grace. I believe the HOLY SPIRIT is speaking to all who will listen as to the lateness of the hour.

Prepare your heart; wash it in the cleansing Blood of JESUS CHRIST. HE is the only HOPE in this hour of great darkness. Do not lose faith, it is by faith that we understand the Will of the LORD supercedes all other wills. It is HIS plan, HIS story, and HIS purpose that has never ceased to move forward. The strength of our faith is not based on numbers, our faith is only as strong as who it is that we place it in. Place your faith in GOD, HE has placed HIS honor, word, and character upon the truth of HIS promises to never forsake HIS own.

Let us also keep in mind that this storm system is still alive and George Mitchell is still in Israel attempting to jumpstart the stalled peace process. Mitchell is to meet further with Netanyahu today, at the same time, there is a Massive Anti-Obama Rally Set for Sunday in New York.

I hope and pray that this post has helped with discerning some of the interwoven events that have just taken place. Let us continue to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and that more blind eyes will be opened to the saving grace of JESUS CHRIST.

God Bless, daniel