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The Banner of Our King

| tue, december 23, 2008 |

Praise the Lord! He is worthy of our praise and we exalt Him above all other names.I hope and pray all is well with you that read the words within this message.


Do not become to weary with the burdens of our day.  If you are a child of the Almighty rely on the renewing power of the Holy Spirit, if you have yet to make Jesus Christ your personal Lord and Savior, do so, and with urgency.


Brothers and Sisters, we are entering into a time not seen before, a time that has only at best been spoken of by the prophets of old. Every day that passes is another word of prophetic scripture fulfilled, and every day that passes is another day closer to the complete fulfillment of all of God’s inerrant Word.


For those of us who have given ourselves completely over to the will of the Lord, this is a time of anticipation, fulfillment, and excitement; the return of our Messiah is ever closer. For those who have yet to bury the old man and be raised anew, who have yet to accept the free gift of salvation, this will be the beginning of sorrows and torments of which history will have no true comparison.


The choices have been made and the order has been given.  Only those who have and those who will soon give their lives to the Creator can be spared. This is time of reflection, a time to allow the Holy Spirit to shine the Light of Truth within every corner of our soul, to prepare us for the day we are to be reunited with the Lord Jesus Christ as the Spotless Bride. This is the hour to announce who is King, to announce our loyalty, and to fall under His banner as we head into battle. (Joshua 24:15)


Do not be over whelmed by the reports, the news, and the worldly leader’s mislead promises of fixing the current events.  We serve the King of Kings, no leader will ever or can ever give us the same promise of protection that we have received from our King. We must grab a hold of these promises, keep them close to our heart, remembering that no man, demon, or Satan himself can ever take away the God given eternal protection that our Father gives.


We are going to be tried and tested; we are going to face the impossible, only to see the Lord make possible the impossible. (Luke 18:27)  When hunger knocks on our door God will answer with provision and supply. When fear grips our heart God will melt away the tentacles with His consuming fire, bringing us comfort in His heavenly warmth. When fatigue exhausts our spirit, God’s Holy Spirit will personally rejuvenate even the driest of souls. (Matthew 6:25-34)


All of these things are promised in the inerrant Word of God. We claim these promises in the name of Jesus Christ, His blood is the power behind our atonement, the collateral that pays out on the promises of our Father, and the Truth that sets us free. We must not, cannot, and even at the threat of death ever deny ourselves the validity of these divine truths.


Though it rains upon the just and the unjust, we have the Lord as our Pavilion and protector. (Psalm 27:5) Only the Lord can protect during a time of His judgment, man will die in vain attempting to save what the Lord has deemed time to pass away. The only protection is and will forever be found under the Wing of the Lord. (Psalm 57:1)


The enemy is attacking the believers right now, bringing doubt, bringing fear, and trying to trigger other fleshly emotions. Do not succumb to these attacks, put on the armor of God and reside in the promises of His divine Word. (Ephesians 6:10-20)  Know we are bought with a price and the debt has been paid, our Lord is the victor, and Satan will for eternity live his defeat. (1 Corinthians 6:20)

Join me in praying for those who are and those who have yet to dwell in the peace of our Almighty Father. Pray with me for our nation, the leaders, and the events that are soon to change the face of our world. It is not a time to deny the day in which we live, but time to embrace the direction of our Heavenly Father; only He can guide us through the rough seas ahead. 

God Bless, daniel