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Heed and Prepare

| wed, december 10, 2008 |

Praise the Lord, He is the Almighty and there is none greater!

I pray that you are preparing your heart for the coming flood of judgment soon to be upon us. The day is drawing closer, the hour is soon to be struck, and the only way of escape will be
found in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

You may become uneasy hearing the words judgment; I would be lying if I said I didn’t.  I get uneasy every time the Holy Spirit reminds me, “This world will pass away.” Some will argue, some will deny the end is even possible, but even in denial they are still uncomfortable.

Whether or not you choose to believe in the coming judgment will not change the over all out come.  A greater majority of civilizations when presented with similar warnings of impending judgment, such as the warnings being proclaimed in America this very day and for the last +35 years, have generally turned a deaf ear.  These civilizations illogically based their security in their fleshly ability, prestige, or in some other insignificant rationality.  Once the dust settled everyone unrepentant suffered dire consequences, some were even destroyed and left without a trace.

Here are three things that will always happen when the Lord has a warning for a chosen group of people.

  1. 1. The Lord will have someone whom He has prepared to hear and with the power of the Holy Spirit understand the message within His warning.
  2. 2. This individual will then take the message and with the unction of the Holy Spirit deliver the warning to the people of which it is intended for.
  3. 3. The message will be received or rejected by the people of whom the warning was intended for.

Nineveh is one well-known example of a warning received with immediate repentance and drastic lifestyle changes throughout the whole societal structure which lead to them being spared from God’s wrath. This is an example of the minority, one of the few times when a group of people heeded the warning of God.  Too many times before and after Nineveh the ears of the wicked have turned deaf, not wanting anything to do with a message that shines light on their openly wicked lifestyles or ideologies. This is when the wicked receive their judgment.

I cannot say for sure when the Lord weighs the righteous against the unrighteous, I only know of one time in the Bible when the Lord even eluded to this being an option for the possibility of staving off judgment, but even then I personally believe the petition Abraham was making for Sodom and Gomorrah shows us a deeper revelation of the character of God and of Abraham.  God knew before Abraham even asked there would not be enough righteous to hold back the judgment of His wrath, though it does show us the Lord is willing to change an outcome because of the unselfish petition of a righteous man. This is just my interpretation of this area of scripture, whether you agree or disagree changes nothing of the past, or the present.

I do not know what the final straw is for this nation that we call America.  I can only speak of what I know in my spirit to be true; this nation will pay for her sins. She will be held accountable for every drop of unborn innocent blood she has shed, her advocacy of homosexuality, and for the plethora of idols she religiously and without conviction worships, allowing these idols to sacrilegiously occupy the hearts intended for the occupation of the One and Only Almighty God. This nation has left her morals, her conviction, and her reasons to be spared long ago.  Now she will pay.

Though we may live in the midst of the judgment we don’t have to be a part of the judgment.  The Israelites lived within the same region and within close proximity to the Egyptians without suffering the same consequences of judgment.  They suffered not during these judgments because of God’s protection. God was not going to make His chosen children suffer the judgments because the judgment was purpose specific; the judgments came upon those who (pharaoh and his people) would not heed the words of the Almighty God being delivered through Moses and Aaron.  Even as the death Angel came through and took the first born of every man and animal alike, those with the blood of the lamb upon their door were spared, because they had heeded the words of the Lord.

The Lord Jesus Christ has given us the same defense through His blood that was shed on Calvary.  By accepting this Blood you have allowed Jesus to mark the posts of your heart and by accepting His council you can place the Blood of Jesus upon the spiritual door of your home.  The Blood of Jesus Christ is our defense in these days of judgment, these impending days that will consume those who through their own pride are found unprepared, days that will carry over into nights filled with the wailings of those who have not heeded the warnings and who have failed to place the Blood of Jesus Christ upon their door post.

These coming days are not a fantasy conjured up in some crazy unstable mind of man, man on his own couldn’t even begin to phathom the depths of the Lord’s sovereign judgment, and God forbid any man who claims to warn when his warnings are only that of his own making.  Don’t be fooled, the coming hour of judgment will redefine reality as we know it, the brutal reality of sins definite consequences will fill even the hardest of hearts with terror unmatched by anything known to man. The Lord’s wrath is a terrible thing and those who heed not His patient warnings, chastising, and urgings to repent will know personally what it means to incur the wrath of God’s divine judgment.

There is still hope for the lost, there is still time to prepare, heed the warning signs and seek the council of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is our Savior, our Redeemer, and our Safety.  Man in flesh can never prepare for the judgment of the Lord, man with a spirit in tune with the Spirit of God can see and know when the time has come to prepare. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, seek the Blood of Jesus Christ, repent and reside in the Joy of Jesus Christ.


God Bless, daniel