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Testing the Almighty Hand of Jehovah

| thu, september 10, 2009 |

Obama-Netanyahu-Abbas summit - Sept. 22 in New York

The Obama administration early Wednesday Sept 9 decided to schedule a tripartite US-Israeli-Palestinian summit at UN center in New York for Sept 22, DEBKAfile's Washington sources report, the day before the US president meets Russian president Dmitry Medvedev at the UN General Assembly.

The three leaders will declare Middle East peace talks resumed from that point. Defense minister Ehud Barak was referring to this development when he warned Tuesday night that Israel must brace for hard decisions.


I believe firmly in my spirit that a divine response to this action will be manifested upon this nation. This road is a sure road to national destruction and the trigger for all of the United States of America's unpaid wages of sin to come due. The nation will shake and tremble at the response of the ALMIGHTY GOD. Who will listen, who will hear, and who will see the connection?

September 22nd is the first day of fall. I and others have received direction by the HOLY SPIRIT to remain very vigilent during the fall of 2009.

Watch and Listen to the HOLY SPIRIT, never forsake your intimacy with JESUS CHRIST, and ALWAYS remember:

With GOD nothing shall be impossible. Luke 1:37