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So What : The Point?

| tue, july 21, 2009 |

In my previous post The Eagle has Landed, I pointed out some interesting pieces that seemed to all fit together. As we have seen July 20th come and go without any major event throwing the world into utter chaos, one might ask, "So what was the point?"

I can only share that which is placed upon my spirit to share under the direction of the HOLY SPIRIT; I did state the following in the previous post:

+ January 20, 2009 - July 20, 2009 is 6 months
+ John F. Kennedy was the president that set the challenge that later sent up Apollo 11
+ In the vision of Michael Boldea Jr. the eagle lands and is then shortly thereafter interpreted to be involved in an international crisis, a generated crisis.
+ I only bring these different points out for others to ponder on. There is probably more, I am hoping others will find more dots to connect.
+ Keep an eye out for tomorrow, I am sure at this point most of us already are everyday, but tomorrow seems to have some interesting attachments to it.

What I stated in the previous post I did not claim to be a profound revelation, merely a word of caution, to be aware of the coming day (July 20th), but more specifically to keep an eye open everyday.

When the HOLY SPIRIT presses the spirit of man, it is never apparent why unless the HOLY SPIRIT also includes the specific purpose, those that HOLY SPIRIT urges are better acting in obedience than to sit back and try to make sense of it all.

I hope I have made some sense here.

I have never claimed to be a prophet; I only place on this site the things that I feel the HOLY SPIRIT has directed me to place. I do my best to limit my fleshly opinion and focus directly on the message that I have received.

I don't know the answers of tomorrow that many ask. Many ask when will all these things take place, I can only reply with the same answer that I am given in my personal prayer time, SOON.

It is not my place to open the eyes of the lost, only the HEAVENLY FATHER can open their eyes. I am only to act in obedience, the struggle of all struggles. I was once a rebel without a cause; now I am a humble servant of the MOST HIGH GOD with a purpose beyond my earthly comprehension. We have all been called for something; it seems I have been called to be the obedient alarm.

We are drawing closer to events that will change the landscape of both the natural and supernatural. Two worlds that have been intertwined since the fall of Adam, one seen, one rarely seen by the eyes of man, these two worlds are soon to collide again. This time the collision will be the last and in a way that will terrify even the godliest of men (women) among us.

War will be on several fronts. Soon Israel and Iran will be engaged. The United States will be faced with multiple enemies that all seem to rise against her at once in the natural and in the supernatural. War will be seen around the world.

Famine, disease, and pestilence of Biblical proportions will be felt by the poor and affluent alike. Hunger will grip the bowels unlike days before. Water will be sparse, the majority of fresh water will become contaminated by natural and man made pathogens, and the water that is left will be more precious than gold.

Economies will see no recovery in their current state, only once the new world government is established will the economy seem to grow, even this economy will only grow for a time.

Look around and see the signs that the HEAVENLY FATHER has so graciously left us to see.

The time is so very close for all things to pass away. We are closer now to seeing the fulfillment of all things spoken of by JESUS CHRIST in the book of Revelation than any other time in history. We have heard nothing new; nothing is new under the sun. What will come will have been foretold for millennia.

I will say again, the only hope for the coming days is JESUS CHRIST, I will never tire of saying HIS name, nor will I ever tire of telling people that HE is the only way and the only way for survival in the coming days. IF you call upon HIS name HE is faithful to respond, if you reject HIM and pursue your own ambitions you are doomed to failure.

Look to JESUS CHRIST for everything.

God Bless, Daniel