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Release and the 20-Year Anniversary

| tue, oct 18, 2011 |

Today, 20-years ago, from a news conference in Jerusalem, US Secretary of State James A. Baker III, said President George H. W. Bush and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev were inviting Israel, the Palestinians, and other Arab nations to come to a Middle East peace conference to be held in Madrid, Spain, on October 30, 1991. Shortly after the conference in Madrid, the new era of US led "direct negotiations to achieve real peace," began.

I am grateful to the LORD JESUS CHRIST that Gilad Shalit will be released by the terrorist organization Hamas in Gaza. I cannot even imagine the joy and elation his family and friends will experience as they see him again in person for the first time in over 5-years.  I pray that God receives the glory and thanks and that the Shalit family will rightfully praise the name of Yeshua Ha'Mashiach for Gilad's release, hopefully helping to set in motion a revival among the Jewish people led by the Holy Spirit and fulfillment of the fullness that has yet to come to pass.

I find it interesting that Gilad's release is taking place on the 20-year anniversary of the US led peace talks announcement. I must say, as to which I only have a few witnesses to this statement, I felt sometime back that war would come across the region of the Middle East shortly after Israel had Gilad Shalit back in Israel. I am not prophesying, only sharing what I believe the Holy Spirit placed upon my spirit over a year or so ago regarding Gilad Shalit's release and the timing of other events still to take place in the region.

May YAHWEH have the glory and the praise for what HE is about to do. The world and the men and women of it cannot claim ignorance to the judgment HE will render.

Watch Israel.

God Bless, daniel