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Who Gave Obama the Authority?

| tue, april 21, 2009 |

Today Debkafile reported the Obama administration has opted to follow the peace plan initiated by Saudi Arabia. This had been stated by Middle East envoy George Mitchell last week, when he informed Netanyahu's government that Obama would incorporate the Saudis peace plan into the peace plan Obama was formulating.

This peace plan will demand Israel withdraw to the pre-1967 war lines, i.e. evacuating the West Bank, Golan Heights and historic Jerusalem, and only after complying to these demands and accepting the foundation of a Palestinian state will the Arab world recognize Israel as a sovereign state.

The Obama administration said that the plan would be presented to Netanyahu in June when he comes to Washington, with the new administration in Washington making it very clear to Netanyahu, this plan will be actively pursued.

Obama is even considering a televised address before Netanyahu comes to Washington, a move to inform the nation on the administrations position on the future of Israel as Obama sees it.

Let me blunt, this only spells disaster.

This will only further strain the once robust ties between Washington and Israel.

Netanyahu will never agree to the withdraw of either the Golan Heights or the West Bank, and Obama can forget Jerusalem, Netanyahu will never give up Jerusalem. All three of these areas Netanyahu has already made clear are not up for negotiation.

Obama is taking the final steps to national destruction. His lies, deceit, pride, and fist in Jehovah's face will not go unnoticed; all that is left now is the betrayal.

This is how Obama treats his friends? I don't think Obama really cares who or what Israel is. With every bow, every handshake, and everyday that goes by without making a stand for Israel, I believe the signs are before us.

Heavenly Father, protect Israel in the days ahead, give her leadership the wisdom and guidance needed to confront the snake and the dragon. Break every back of every nation that tries to consume her, defend her from the wickedness that grows on her borders and throughout the world. Prepare us Jehovah; protect the vine of Israel and the vine that has been grafted in. Amen

God Bless, daniel