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Full Throttle : National Annihilation

| tue, october 6, 2009 |

The hour is very late. The minutes are few and the seconds are falling fast.

Events that are taking place in the United States of America and around the world are showing the signs of our Savior Jesus Christ's return. I do not know the day or hour of His return, but the clock is moving ever so closer to His glorious arrival.

Since Jesus Christ has not returned as of yet, let us not grow cold and complacent. This is not the hour to be blind or deaf to the wooing of the Holy Spirit and the signs that YAHWEH is presenting for His children to see. As the Body of Jesus Christ, let us seek understanding and direction for each passing moment and for the time still yet ahead.

The signs have been many. Just this year alone numerous signs have warned the United States of America, led by Barack Hussein Obama, of the coming collision with YAHWEH.

The linden tree on 6-9-2009

The teleprompter on 7-13-2009

The trees in New York Central Park on 8-18-2009

The Station fire in California 8-26-2009

And the September storm low that brought historic flooding to much of the south.

These are just a few of the different signs; many, many more have been seen. Each story has a message, within each message lurks a dire warning for this administration and nation to heed

Yet deaf and blind this nation is holding a hellish course. The administration of the US has so far failed to heed the warnings of the righteous YAHWEH, practically mocking each warning through continued rebellion, pushing the throttle to national annihilation. What nation can stand up against the LORD of HOSTS? As the divine hand of YAHWEH'S judgment crashes down upon her lands, the resulting devastation will render the nation incapacitated, without leadership, broken, and divided.

In all their pride and arrogance, both Obama and the USA will be made to fall before YAHWEH as Dagon did before the Ark of the Covenant. As Dagon fell broken and decapitated in the presence of YAHWEH, this nation too will fall.

I feel strongly in my spirit that the events to precipitate the fall of the USA will be directly related to and triggered by the current Obama-led administration blatantly cursing Israel. Whether this curse comes by severing ties, openly rebuking the nation of Israel, or by forcefully confronting Israel's coming attack on Iran, a curse is a curse and no matter the cause equally carries the same result.

The satanic desires of this administration to see the formation of a Palestinian State does nothing more than attempt to debunk a covenant created and backed by the words and sovereignty of YAHWEH. A Covenant sealed by Holy order, forever establishing ownership of the Promised Land to the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. A sliver of that Covenant land is currently the dry bones nation of Israel, a nation foretold by the prophet Ezekiel, a prophecy fulfilled in 1948.

This is the same Israel and Covenant land that Obama and the USA are so passionately seeking to divide. Who can stand to meddle in the affairs and promises of YAHWEH?

Throughout several different presidencies the USA has sought to form a Palestinian State out of the already existing and internationally recognized sovereign state of Israel. Each previous act associated with the division of Israel has resulted in divine consequences handed down by the Highest Judge. These consequences are too many to list here, but the number is staggering, and one that I am sure only YAHWEH himself knows.

With just a little research the connection becomes obvious. A cause and effect pattern begins to reveal the intricate relationship between the acts associated with the division of Israel and the coinciding divine consequences that inevitably result.

These various consequences have not only come as judgments and punishment, but as warnings and reminders. These warnings and reminders scream for the attention of all future men, women, and nations who may foolishly succumb to the satanic whispers of Israel's division. When these hellish thoughts make a leap at becoming reality, the promoting party is guilty of challenging the Almighty authority and Righteousness of the One and Only Almighty God, YAHWEH.

Challenging the authority of YAHWEH has never proved beneficial. Even Lucifer couldn't escape this simple truth. So if Lucifer and the angels cast from before the Throne of YAHWEH didn't stand a fighting chance, what chance does mortal men and carnal nations present? None.

Before I go any further I have something I must say. I will never claim to understand all the events that transpire in connection to this or previous administration's attempts to divide Israel and now Jerusalem. Through Holy Spirit led studies of the Word of YAHWEH and prayer devoted specifically to this issue I have come to accept the little bit of understanding I have received is just part of the greater plan of YAHWEH for my life. I give YAHWEH all the glory for what I have come to understand, fully knowing that none of what has been gained has been through my own carnal knowledge. That being said I do not claim to know the thoughts of YAHWEH. I want to forever remain, as far away from the corrosive pride that consumes a person who believes they themselves know the thoughts of YAHWEH, such pride is damning. All I can do is pass on what I believe the HOLY SPIRIT has shown me and in the process always keeping in mind that what I believe I have been led to see is only a fraction of the entire picture. The underlying and inherently invisible repercussions that result from the cause and effect of YAHWEH'S divine movements through judgment can hardly be comprehended in the limited comprehension of man. I am humbled to even catch a glimpse. This thought alone terrifies me. For everything revealed to man by the HOLY SPIRIT, an infinite amount of mystery always remains outside the realm of mortal understanding.

So this is what I have been led to perceive.

Recently on September 23, at the UN General Assembly Barack Hussein Obama made his most direct and public stand against Israel. Commentators, analysts, news anchors and the likes can all put in their two cents, but the only commentary that matters to me is the Word of YAHWEH and the understanding only obtainable through the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT on this issue. The Word of YAHWEH and HIS HOLY SPIRIT has continued to speak to me (and countless others) that the current path Barack Hussein Obama is taking only leads to destruction.

I could use words, verses, and various chapters of the Bible to prove the path currently being forged by Obama leads to destruction. I could even use more to prove the Covenant right Israel has to her current land and even her right to land that she doesn't currently possess, but what good does it do for those who are willfully blind to the Truth? If this land and her leaders are willfully blind to their own sins described clearly in the Word of God, than why would anyone think in this late hour an epiphany concerning the rights of Israel will dawn in the mind of these reprobates?

When the hour of her destruction comes, the United States of America will not be blameless or ill informed of her errors. She has been warned since she was created to stay in line with YAHWEH and keep HIS commandments. Men and women of YAHWEH throughout centuries have warned this hour would come if she continued on a path that leads deeper and deeper into sin. This defiant and insatiable lust for sin has brought her to a breaking point. Though the final straw about to break Lady Liberty's back is no straw at all, rather the weight about to come crashing down upon the back of Lady Liberty is a stone of immeasurable weight, the burdensome stone of Jerusalem.

The United States of America and her president have chosen the curse of YAHWEH instead of HIS blessing. The apple of YAHWEH'S EYE is of no appeal to Obama. The nation of Israel repulses him; this repulsion is becoming more evident as the days of his presidency continue to fall off. He longs for the division, destruction, and fall of Israel. Do not be deceived; seek the HOLY SPIRIT for clear direction as to the intent of his heart concerning the nation of Israel. Test the spirit of this man and the truth will be revealed.

I posted the following picture ( NOTE I have since taken the picture down.) after Barack Hussein Obama's speech at the UN General Assembly. I was lead by the HOLY SPIRIT to place the title "Behind the Veil" above the picture. Often times I do not know why the HOLY SPIRIT leads me to use certain words or do certain things, but I have learned through obedience to the HOLY SPIRIT'S direction answers always come in time.

After I posted the picture, title, and message I received concerning it, I received an email from a dear sister of mine. She noted the picture I had posted made Obama appear to have blood on his hands. The connections between this president and the appearance of blood on his hands are tremendous.

When I originally saw the picture I did not see the appearance of blood, though I did notice the reddish tint that seemed to be prevalent in the picture. Something about this picture really annoyed me. I assumed it was the picture quality as I am a bit of a perfectionist so as a result I debated about finding a different picture. I looked, but during my search I felt led to keep the one I had posted. The title did not seem to make sense to me either; though I kept it because I knew that was the title I had been lead to write. As I stated above, through obedience to the HOLY SPIRIT'S direction, answers always come in time.

In her email, my sister in CHRIST also expressed to me the example of Pontius Pilate washing his hands of the innocent blood of JESUS CHRIST before he was crucified and the veil of the Temple was torn in two. She had drawn a connection between the appearance of blood on the hands of Obama and the title of my post, "Behind the Veil".

When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made, he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just person: see ye to it. Matthew 27:24

Later on in the same chapter of Matthew verse 51 the reference of the veil being torn in two is found.

And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent;

The fact that these two verses lie in the same chapter of the Bible says something. I cannot even begin to adequately dissect all the parallels, but what I can say is this, YAHWEH is trying to tell those who are willing to listen to wake up.

This man, the president of the United States of America has much blood on his hands. Some of this blood is the blood of Israel.

As Obama gave his UN General Assembly speech, his disdain for Israel becomes more apparent, though still somewhat veiled. Obama stated, "...we continue to emphasize that America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements." A man led by the Spirit of YAHWEH would know the error of such a statement. Muslims and Hindus don't recognize the land of Israel as Covenant Land given by YAHWEH to the seed of Abraham and continued through the seed of Jacob.

This kind of statement only reinforces the demonic view that Israelis in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem are nothing more than illegal aliens, occupying land that apparently by admission of the US president isn't recognized as belonging to the sovereign nation of Israel. The loud applause by the other world leaders and delegates seemed to support this ungodly view.

Reports have even surfaced recently that Obama's Middle East team has reassured the representatives of the Palestinian Authority not to worry about these settlements, that the apartments and housing built within these "illegal" settlements will serve as good homes for the Palestinians after the formation of a Palestinian state. This is just one way the Obama team is attempting to undermine the Israeli government's stand against total settlement freeze and also a way to encourage the Palestinian Authority to come to the negotiation table without preconditions. This is just a little more of the blood on Obama's hands.

Further into Obama's speech he addressed the hot issue of preconditions saying, "The time has come to re-launch negotiations - without preconditions - that address the permanent-status issues: security for Israelis and Palestinians; borders, refugees and Jerusalem." As I stated above, this administration is attempting to find ways to undermine Israel's sovereign rights and find ways to bring the Palestinians to the table. Preconditions or not the whole issue of division is wrong, more importantly we see a key city up for division in Obama's destructive agenda. Time and time again I have referenced Zechariah chapter 12:1-3 and verse 9.


The burden of the word of the LORD for Israel, saith the LORD, which stretcheth forth the heavens, and layeth the foundation of the earth, and formeth the spirit of man within him. Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. 
Zechariah 12:1-3


And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem. Zechariah 12:9

Argue if you like as to whether or not these scriptures show a major warning to the current Obama "Peace" plan, I know it does and I will give an account for that view. Prophecy buffs can say yeah or nay, I know my Father is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and if HE says it, it will come to pass. Woe to the United States of America, and woe to Barack Hussein Obama, the attempted division of Jerusalem will cut you to pieces.

Obama continued by establishing what he envisions as a future Palestinian State, calling for "a viable, independent Palestinian state with contiguous territory that ends the occupation that began in 1967." Contiguous is a very deceptive word. The word is defined as touching, in contact, or in close proximity without actually touching. So what is it? Does he want the West Bank and Gaza to touch or just be close?

Hey, here is an idea, let Israel decide what they want to do with the West Bank and Gaza, they have been "occupying" it a lot longer than 1967. Does this administration even know the history of Jerusalem?

The proposed formation of a Palestinian State not only spells disaster for the USA, but for the world as a whole. The events that would follow a newly formed Palestinian State words cannot even begin to describe. Tribulation would surely follow.

We must continue to pray that Obama's plan for the division of Israel and Jerusalem will never come to completion. His plan could potentially set the right pieces in place for the Antichrist to take the world stage and for the Beast to come up from the deep. YAHWEH has warned against such an act. There are reasons this land should never be divided. The events foretold in Daniel, Zephaniah, and Revelation will come to pass in ways mainstream religion is all too blind about. This threshold cannot be come upon.

I have written what I have so far to get to this point. America is headed for disaster.

On September 28th I felt led by the HOLY SPIRIT to post a message stating the need to be aware of the proceeding days 9/29, 9/30, and 10/1. At the time I did not fully understand why the HOLY SPIRIT had moved me to do so. I had no specific revelation or advanced knowledge of any particular event, just the moving within my spirit to be alert.

The three consecutive events that followed on these three days all seem to warn of something much greater. I am not sure of all the significance behind each event, though I am convinced in part these events are in many ways warnings to this current administration, and the world, to stop the agenda of Israel's division. I don't claim to know all the whys and reasons, just that I believe without a shadow of a doubt they must be heeded as warnings. YAHWEH directed me to watch, so I obeyed and watched. I am sure HE directed many to watch. As a result I, and others, have seen within each event a warning for the potential of even greater events that will cause these that recently transpired to pale in comparison if left unheeded. Dark days lay before the United States of America, this administration, and the world.

The first warning on September 29 came as a massive 8.3 earthquake shook the island of American Samoa. The earthquake also caused a devastating tsunami and triggered tsunami warnings and watches as far away as Hawaii. Most might not know that Barack Hussein Obama is the Head of State to the American Samoa, the only unorganized territory of the US. The events that transpired September 29, 2009, on this small island caused the president to declare his first earthquake and tsunami related Major Natural Disaster event of his young presidency. It is no coincidence that this event took place on the same day the Obama administration picked back up on where the peace process meetings had been placed on hold because of the UNGA and G20.

The event itself should cause this nation to think of all the vulnerabilities exposed in times past through YAHWEH'S judgments. Who or what nation can stand against YAHWEH? Just as this 8.3 earthquake and ensuing tsunami came without warning, so will the devastation that lies before this unrepentant and defiant nation.

As of the time of writing this post, over 80+ large aftershocks have continued to remind the people of the terror that transpired on September 29, the same will happen in the United States as event after terrifying event takes place. One by one these events will hit like the pulse of a panicked heartbeat, the heartbeat of judgment and wrath will consume the wicked.

The next day a large 7.6 earthquake shook the Indonesian island of Java. This earthquake is on the same island as Jakarta, the same Jakarta that Obama lived in from 1967-1971. He has often referred to Jakarta as his "his childhood home." This earthquake also triggered a tsunami warning. The aftermath of this quake was huge. The damage estimates will take months to figure out, but already over a 1,000 are dead with as many as 3 to 4 thousand still trapped. The death toll will inevitably rise. Once again, this event will pale in comparison to the aftermath in the near future of the United States of America's collapse.

On the final day of the three-day alert watch, October 1, the DOW JONES fell  -203.00 2.09%. This is yet another sign that the economy is a façade. The economy of the United States of America will collapse. With just a strong enough wind and the whole thing is coming down.

I find it very interesting to note that on September 23, 2009, the same day Obama addressed the UN and solidified his unwavering pursuit to see the creation of a Palestinian State out of the Covenant Land of Israel, the intra-day DOW JONES high was 9937.72, the highest it had been since Obama took office. (This high, however, was lost by the end of the day.) From the intra-day high of 9937.72 of September 23, 2009, to the close of 9509.28 October 1, 2009, the DOW JONES lost 428.44 points. Keeping in mind that numbers hold significance, 4+2+8+4+4=22. since half of 22 is 11, this number could also be a sign of impending trouble. E.W. Bullinger has this to say about the number 11:

If ten is the number which marks the perfection of Divine order, then eleven is an addition to it, subversive of and undoing that order. If twelve is the number which marks the perfection of Divine government, then eleven falls short of it. So that whether we regard it as being 10 + 1, or 12 - 1, it is the number which marks, disorder, disorganization, imperfection, and disintegration.

So if 11 marks disorder, disorganization, imperfection, and disintegration then 22 is 2 times that. This would mean double disorder, double disorganization, and double disintegration. The reality of seeing double chaos in the financial market very soon is highly likely.

On this same day the Dow Jones fell 203.00 points, Obama said, "As I've said before, we support Iran's right to peaceful nuclear power." This was just part of a statement Obama released following his meeting in Geneva concerning Iran's Nuclear Program. This is one of the major components to the coming split between the US and ISRAEL. Israel cannot live under the constant threat of a nuclear Iran. Even if the world labels the nuclear aspirations as peaceful, a nuclear Iran will always be a looming threat to Israel. I have felt pressed within my spirit that the outcome of these talks will lead to a preemptive strike by Israel on Iran. The soft stance that the world, and more importantly Obama, is taking on this highly toxic issue will come back upon them.

I believe that the stock market fall is intimately connected not only to the stance Obama has taken against Israel at the UN General Assembly, but also his soft stance against the Iran nuclear issue that posses a huge national security and possible existential threat to the nation of Israel. In the text that Obama released after his meeting in Geneva, he also inadvertently connected the 8.3 earthquake and tsunami of the American Samoa and the 7.6 earthquake in Indonesia to this issue by opening up his remarks with condolences to the people affected by these tragic events. Little does he know just how connected he really is.

In the following days the markets will have a few rallies, but the overwhelming trend will be down. The message seems clear; this administration has seen its economic highs. This downward trend will continue until the final winds and rains of judgment expose the real foundation, a financial market built upon the shifting sand of Obama's ideology. I feel it is only a matter of time before it all falls into the abyss.

While keeping an eye on the stock market is important, even more important is keeping an eye continually on the affairs in and affecting Israel. These affairs will be crucial in the coming days.

What comes out of Washington in the coming weeks concerning Israel will be very important to the future of the United States. The Obama administration has requested (firmly requested) Israel and the Palestinian Authority report back by the middle of the month with steps each side has made to restart the peace talks. Obama has stated the time for action is now. Coinciding warning events will pick up in association with this continued pressure and unwavering pursuit by this administration.

Also a very important report was released today stating Egypt has brokered a deal to reconcile the two Palestinian factions Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. This reconciliation would bring the two into a unity government. This is a disastrous agreement for Israel in light of the peace process. It has the potential to set PM Netanyahu across the table with bloody savages who have raised terror, launched thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians, and vowed to destroy Israel or die trying. PM Netanyahu has already said he will not negotiate peace with a government that broadly represents or contains the Hamas terrorist organization. This reconciliation is supposed to be signed by both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority on October 25, the same day the IAEA is supposed to inspect the newly disclosed uranium enrichment plant in Iran's holy city of Qom.

Each day the Israelis move a little closer to a preemptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. Each day it appears clearer that Israel will do it alone. With the newly released details of a reconciliation being signed by both Hamas and Palestinian Authority and the stalled action against Iran's nuclear program only further solidifies the need for such a strike. October will be a month of huge sifts, spiritually and physically. The newly emerging revelations surrounding the nation of Israel will vault the world into the final minutes of time.

I still feel I have only in vain tried to explain what is coming for the United States of America. I only pray that I am faithful to the words that the HOLY SPIRIT places within my mouth and mind.

I cannot stress enough; keep a very watchful eye on the events in Israel and around the world.

The days ahead are going to get real interesting.

Call on the LORD; we will all need HIS strength in the coming days.

Just as the children of Israel, we too are being called out to the wilderness.

The same I AM that called the children of Israel out is calling us out. He will provide and sustain. Call upon the LORD! Call upon HIS name! HE has never forsaken HIS own.

Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for the Netanyahu led government, for family and friends, and most importantly, for the return of JESUS CHRIST.

Continue to maintain an intimate relationship with our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, call out to HIS HOLY SPIRIT to lead guide and direct, and never forget the simple truth, With GOD nothing shall be impossible.

If you have yet to make Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior, do so quickly. Time is running thin.

God Bless, daniel