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The Widow

| sat, january 17, 2009 |

God bless beloved, may the Spirit of the Lord guide and comfort you presently and in the future. I pray that as you read this message you will be touched by the hand of our Father, reminded of our Savior Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, and dwell in the peace of the Holy Spirit.

1 Timothy 5:5-6 gives us two examples of widows, one that is left alone, trusts in God, and continues in supplications and prayer night and day. The second is one who lives in pleasure or the indulgence of fleshly desires having become dead while she still lives.

The second is a widow bound for destruction.

Further down in this chapter of
Timothy in verse 11, God instructs Timothy and the early church through the writing of Paul to not have the church support the second type of widow. She is too young, under the age of 60, and most times these younger widows would be more prone to follow their own sensual desires, disregarding their desire to follow after their original passion for Jesus Christ and His will for their lives. This would typically lead to the widow remarrying outside of the will God had for them and result in a marriage to someone of whom God disapproves.

This was not to say all young widows would follow after their own desires, though it does paint us a picture of the spiritual destruction (and eventual physical destruction) incurred by a widow who follows after her own fleshly desires instead of God’s will.

This pursuit of flesh, or the will of self, instead of God’s will leads the widow to condemnation, or damnation. By setting aside her previous pledge of service to Jesus Christ the widow through pursuit of self has by default turned to Satan, having rejected chaste living, propriety, and a proper second marriage, pursuing- against Jesus Christ’s wishes- a carnal, self-indulgent, self willed life, thus voiding her of support by the church and of God.

In Lamentations we can find another example and meaning of widow. Here the word widow means “desolate place”, almanah in the Hebrew text. This example of widow and the one found in 1 Timothy chapter 5 leads me to the next widow; this widow fits the description of both and is one that we all know very well.

Her name is America.

America has become a widow; she has become desolate, she has left her first love Jesus Christ and now her relationship with the Lord is dead, having proclaimed God is dead and leaving Him for the idolatrous relationships found in each of her false gods and idols.

Her idols and false gods have only accomplished one thing, invoking the jealousy of the one and only Almighty God. These idols (too many to list) have increased by the passing days, have throttled the magnitude and demand of their servitude, and accelerated the course of final destruction in which these abominations will be consumed by the all-consuming fire of the Heavenly Father.

Before her decline America was great among the other nations, the envy of most of the world, but she has forgotten her greatness came only as a direct effect of God’s original blessing upon her.

She was first blessed because her foundation as a nation was built upon the Rock of Jesus Christ and the pursuit of religious freedom, religious freedom to practice Judeo-Christian faith and to rise up a society governed by the Biblical standard of moral and righteous living.

If the previous is the cause of her original blessing, then the following is the cause of her decline.

The pursuit to freely practice Judeo-Christian faith has been changed to the pursuit of many godless false religions demanding the indulgence into whatever makes the flesh feel good, fueled by sexual lust and material greed, a society set on immediate gratification without justification, without ever taking into account the consequences of iniquity, without ever even noticing the original blessing had all but vanished, too blind by sin to see her elevated status was to be short lived, having turned her back on the Lord her lonesome journey into sin consumed the remainder of the fuel that had elevated the nation to her peak, in her selfish rebellion she left herself not even a vapor of hope.

Her insatiable lust to self fulfill her damning desires fed the voraciousness of her momentous decline and will be the leading cause of her final destruction. The peak of her greatness is also the beginning of her fall. If at her peak the final vapors of God’s original blessing have been consumed, how much greater would she have been if she had never turned from the Lord, but instead she has turned from the Lord, now all that’s left is her devastating fall.

In her fall America has become a nation of loneliness, destitute of sympathy and friendly companionship. On her current path she will become even more isolated; the void of world support continues to grow as America declines into the abyss of her iniquity.

Her once abundant life, her people, the heartbeat of a once proud nation has without compassion or even the slightest remorse traded her previous relationship with Jesus Christ for the malignant tumors of sin Satan has so artfully allured her with. These cancers set to devour the very existence of all who have engaged in this atrocious and soul damning exchange of life for death.

She was once full of witnesses testifying of the salvation and life of Jesus Christ, who stood unshakable among the heathen, who professed with their mouth Truth and abhorred all evil.

Compared to her past, her present state of depravity has caused the once great abundance of believers to be greatly diminished. Diminished by the effect of Satan’s agenda against the forces of God, Satan continues to unrelentingly upgrade the enticement of sin, alluring the very elect into unholy complacency, demanding her compliance and devotion to the godless living proliferated by the perpetrators of evil, thus eternally joining them at the hip with the creator of wickedness.

The spiritual death of the backslidden and reprobate alike translates to victories for evil, victims that succumb to the lies of Satan, further fueling the campaign of Satan’s army, a campaign calling for the death of mankind and destruction of their souls. Increasingly persistent in their campaign, viciously pouring out the venom of Satan’s unholy doctrine of self-exaltation upon the reprobate minds of men who failed to retain God in their knowledge, who because of their reprobate state of mind are affected by the poisonous effects of Satan’s venom, setting them on course to pursue the things which are not convenient.

She has become a widow through the war she has funded and by the side she diligently supports. Her sins obtained through her dedicated support of evil have helped to nail her first love, Jesus Christ, to the cross. Blinded by her own doubt and love with wickedness she refuses to acknowledge Jesus has risen from the grave, she has refused His salvation, she has missed her appointment with everlasting eternal life, missing it for more of the same temporary satisfaction of evil’s selfish pleasures.

No longer is she the Great America, no longer is she the Godly princess among the nations, she has intentionally voided the betrothal to Prince, rejecting her Prince only to court the whores of hell. She has traded the Divine love of the King of Kings for the rot and destruction of Satan. Her decision to pursue death instead of life has striped her of her royal status.

She is solely to blame and responsible for her own self-inflected labor that will only increase in intensity, attached to her selfish decision is a contract requiring her to labor under her own strength without the added strength of the Almighty, and without the added strength of the Almighty she is doomed and without purpose, ultimately leading her to a lonely death in the cruel fields of her iniquity.

Even as I have seen, they that plow iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same. Job 4:8

I believe this is only part one. As I feel the Holy Spirit reveal more I will continue to study and write what it is I believe I am to share. Even as I write I know the Spirit of God is willing and ready to continue. To some this message will be cast as pearls to the swine, to others the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth throughout this message. Search your spirit in prayer and supplication; daily seek a deeper more intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father. Prepare for the times to come, this year will promise change, and change is coming.


God Bless, daniel