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Step Back : Let Jehovah Take the Wheel

| fri, november 14, 2008 |

On Tuesday, November 11, my wife and I welcomed our first child little baby Emma Elizabeth into the world. It was truly a spiritually breathtaking event for myself, my wife, and the other members of the family that were present. I would like to take a moment and give credit were credit is due.

Back in March when my wife and I looked at the cross on the ept pregnancy test we knew it was a sign to start praying. Daily my wife and I took our pregnancy before the Lord, praying for the health of our child and mother, doctors, strength, patience, guidance, and financial ability to take off of work after the birth. Who better to seek when bringing a child into this world than the Creator Himself?

Throughout the pregnancy hurdles came, but the Lord always had an answer. Although hurdles came, Ally, my wife, couldn't have had better health, Emma our daughter to be was always in the best position for ultra sounds and her vitals always had the compliments of the nurses and technicians. Ally was continuously the envy of the nurses who before her had had children and were amazed at Ally's ability to be pregnant without all the extra weight gain. All of the compliments were nice, but Ally and I both knew that it was the grace of God everything was going as well as they were.

As the days fell off the calendar Ally and I, because of our accounted for income still didn't have a lot of things necessary for the arrival of little Emma. We didn't have but a couple clothes, no crib, and didn't have but a couple bottles. The Lord knew what we had and what we would need and He had a surprise. He had prepared to have our family and our church present us with everything that we would need. We had every need, EVERY need met, God was truly faithful to His word.

Even with all these blessings God wasn't finished. He blessed us with not just one doctor, but two. One who was like an angel, she would pray with us after check-ups and always give us positive and encouraging words to lift us up during every phase of the pregnancy. The other doctor was known among OBGYN circles as being the best in the region and one of the best in the nation, once again, God had everything covered. We continued to thank the Lord everyday, relying on Him to see us through.

As the delivery day drew near we continued to usher our prayers toward the throne of God, asking that Emma would be born at the precise moment that He had planned. We began to wonder if we would see the signs before the baby would come, or if Ally's water would break at home, we wondered if we would make it to the hospital in time to have little Emma. The Lord had this all planned out.

At the last check-up our doctor asked us if we would be interested in coming in the following day to induce. We talked it over and made the decision to come in and induce, knowing that this too was an answer to our prayers.

Everything went without a hitch, the epidural was perfect, the labor was short, Ally didn't even make a sound through-out the final intense birth pangs of labor. We knew that the Lord was with her through every push, every pain, and every tear. The peace of the Lord was undeniable.

Emma was born beautiful, perfect, and healthy. The doctors and nurses all complimented Ally on her seamlessly effortless delivery, on the beauty of our child, and the complication free birth of little Emma Elizabeth Eggers. God had everything in control, we were just spectators and beneficiaries of His wonderful blessings and endless love.

We know that not everyone is as fortunate as Ally and I are, but all we can do is thank the Lord for His blessing. We would just like to use this new chapter in our lives to give thanks once again to a Savior who is forever faithful to those who trust in Him. God hears every one of our prayers; we may never know how He will answer, but when the blessing and the answer are apparent thank Him with all of Your heart.

Through the pregnancy, the birth, the health care, gifts and necessities, finances, time off from work, every detail large and small the Lord met with exceeding generosity. Looking back, I can't think of a single thing that might have been overlooked, or passed over as not worth the time of our Lord. We give Him all of the praise and all of the glory!

This is only a testament and reminder to never be discouraged, only encouraged that we have a Savior who is interested in not only the largest details but also the smallest details of our lives. He will always see us through. Next time you find yourself in one of these moments that could have only been orchestrated by the hand of God, stop and send a little thank-you prayer, because our Father knows of every need before we ever even ask.

God Bless, daniel