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The Split : She Will Act

| tue, november 1, 2011 |

US fears uncoordinated Israeli strike on Iran

Washington concerned Israel will mount military operation against Islamic Republic, State Department official says. US consequently putting greater pressure on Security Council to impose harsher sanctions on Iran

The following is an excerpt from Collapse, Destruction, and Our Back Against Israel published on February 5, 2009.

Israel and the Obama administration will begin to strain ties, the ties will come to a breaking point. The pride of the Obama administration will be the cause of the split and the trigger for America's fall. She (Israel) will act without the consent of the Obama administration, thus causing the prideful administration to cut her off. She (America) will have lost her saving grace; she will be now as another nation who curses the apple of God's eye. This will be the beginning of her tragic collapse.

The economy will soon collapse under the failed bailouts and trillions that were thrown to the swine. The economy is her (America) god, her idol of greed, her pathetic replacement to the One and only I AM! Without Israel, (the blessing) she is left to her false gods and idols to support her already decrepit state. These gods are as the air, capable of holding nothing. She has lost her support; the blessing is gone.

I believe that what I felt so strongly compelled by the Holy Spirit to write almost 3-years ago is rapidly approaching. I have long wrestled with the purpose behind this message that shook me to my core when I received it, but as time has passed, I have come to a position of peace concerning the matter. My earnest prayer for this website has always been that the LORD would use it accroding to HIS purpose and that through the course of HIS will I would be obedient and relay the few things that I have felt compelled to post here. I often pray that the information found at this website will help others understand the significance of the current and rapidly changing hour, an hour so vividly illustrated within the covers of the Bible and an hour that will take this planet into a time of unprecedented turmoil.

JESUS CHRIST is our hope and our salvation, our Pavilion in the storm and our sure foundation in the quakes of life. HE IS THE LIGHT and HOPE of the world, the KING and ETERNAL MESSIAH, let us rejoice in HIM and prayerfully support the work yet finished. We shall see the KING and HE reigns, yesterday, today and forever! Do not lose faith, stay strong in HIM.

God Bless, daniel