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Events : Three Day Warning

| fri, october 2, 2009 |

Do not fall asleep. As the children of YAHWEH, we must remain extremely vigilant in this current hour. Many things are about to take place. Please pray and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I believe that these last three days have shown a threshold was crossed and the resulting consequences of continued disobedience will increase. This nation is in grave danger. The signs are all pointing to imminent events taking place.

-God Bless, daniel

Tishrei 11, Tishrei 12, Tishrei 13 
9.29, 9.30, 10.1
Tishrei 13 
DOW JONES FALLS -203.00 2.09%
WARNING to Barack Hussein Obama
On September 23, 2009, the day Obama addressed the UN and solidified his unwaivering pursuit to see the creation of a Palestinian State out of the Covenant Land of Israel. The intra-day DOW JONES high was 9937.72, the highest it had been since Obama took office. This high was not seen by the end of the day. From the intra-day high of 9937.72 of 9.23.2009 to the close of 9509.28 today, the DOW JONES has lost 428.44 points.
*Also Today* 
"As I've said before, we support Iran's right to peaceful nuclear power." - Barack H. Obama 10.1.2009
This is part of the statement that Obama released today following his meeting in Geneva concerning Iran's Nuclear Program. This is one of the components to the coming split between the US and ISRAEL. I have felt pressed within my spirit that the outcome of these talks will lead to a preemptive strike by ISRAEL on IRAN. The soft stance that the world, and more importantly Barack Obama, is taking on this issue will come back upon them. 
I believe that the stock market fall today is connected not only to the stance Obama has taken against ISRAEL at the UNGA, but also his soft stance against the IRAN nuclear issue that posses a huge national security and possible existential threat to the nation of ISRAEL. In the text that Obama released after his meeting today in Geneva, he inadvertently connected the 8.3 earthquake and tsunami of the American Samoa and the 7.6 earthquake in Indonesia to this issue by opening up his remarks with condolences to the people affected by these tragic events. Little does he know just how connected he is. 
Let us continue to pray for the peace and safety of Israel. This month is going to be interesting. 
Tishrei 12 
7.6 Earthquake Indonesia
WARNING to Barack Hussein Obama 
Lived in Jakarta from 1967-1971 
"old childhood home" 
1Indonesia Quake Kills More Than 1100
Tishrei 11 
8.3 Earthquake/Tsunami
WARNING to Barack Hussein Obama

1st Declared Major Natural Disaster

-not the last-

2"Really stronger than other earthquakes that we had before."