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The Ticket

| wed, january 15, 2014|

One goal of the enemy is to execute and raise various environments of fear. All flesh can be found in and out of such environments. We, the redeemed, are without exception, we too find ourselves in and out of these settings.

At first we are humming a song of Joy, only to hear a voice in the darkened ambiance saying, "You seem happy. Do you not see that you are in the Valley of Despair? Can you not smell the odor of death enveloping you? Why are you so happy?"

At such a point the nature of flesh wants to fear, for flesh is the tent in which we still currently exist.

There is release from such fear.

The ticket is the Blood of Yeshua ben-David. Once we are forgiven the flesh must pass away, along with fleshly doubt, fleshly fear, and the condemnation we carried in the pre-salvation fleshly canvas.

Afraid? Of what?
To feel the Spirit's glad release?
To pass from pain to perfect peace?
The strife and strain of life to lease?
Afraid of what?
-Ten Boom (He Sets the Captive Free pg.43)

It is hard to believe at this time that everything before our carnal eyes is temporary. Only once we have received the gift of eternal life can we even begin to open the eyes of faith that prepares us for what we will see in the hereafter, the next real step in our existence.

So why fear? Adam (man), through death and sin may be the instrument of our fleshly destruction, but it is Christ that has given us the ticket of Freedom needed to make the trip free of condemnation and fear. Because isn't it the menace of condemnation that promotes the roots of fear?

So, are you still afraid? Of what?

God Bless, daniel

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