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"The one concern of the devil is to keep [us] from praying. He fears nothing from prayerless studies, prayerless work, and prayerless religion. He laughs at our toil, mocks at our wisdom, but trembles when we pray."

- Samuel Chadwick


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My eyes. My eyes.

O, how my eyes have drifted through the darkness.

Lowered in obscurity, my eyes sought for weakness.

Off the Throne, shadows turned to dusk, and dusk to pitch.

O, how I have struggled and groped in this darkness! 

Out of the shadows, ruin sought me, to tear and afflict.

The weapons of a war, a war no mortal eye can behold.

O, how I have wrestled to no avail!

O LORD! How many times must I lose?

Death becomes me!

Rot consumes me!

Beset, I feel as one conquered and defeated!

O, how many times must I cry?

O, how many times must I die?

FATHER where are YOU?

Where is YOUR SON?

Where is the warmth of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT?

I am defeated and broken, suffering misery at the hands of desire.

I am weak. I am incapable. I am my own destruction.

O LORD! I have found an enemy lives within me!

O LORD! Too often I am overrun and trampled by the hooves of failure.


O LORD! I need sight beyond my failures!

O LORD! Help me; I am lost in the midst of the blackest night!

O LORD! I am in need of YOUR gracious LIGHT!

Forgive me! I have tried O, LORD, yet I only fail.

Without the strength of YESHUA I tried to conquer, only I have failed each time without HIM.

I have only found misery when my eyes drifted down.

FATHER, I give up.

Praise YOUR name O, MOST HIGH!

Despite drifting in the void of night, YOU embraced me!

I felt YOUR hand caress me and gingerly lift my chin.

As my eyes ascended, YOUR tender gaze latched onto mine.

O, how YOUR LIGHT shown all around me!

O LORD! Forgive me! My doubt caused fear, and my fear uncertainty.

Dear LORD, I knew then, as my eyes met YOURS, YOU had never left me, nor was I ever forsaken.

I heard YOU speak to my spirit,

"Son, when your eyes are on sin, sin is empowered to rule.

When your eyes are on your failure, you will always fail.

But when you keep your eyes on ME, sin can never conquer, nor will failure ever succeed.

I AM your strength, your hope, and your salvation.


Son, keep your eyes on ME."


Praise HIS NAME!



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Heavenly Father, upon high I see the brightness of Your glory.

You are forever high and lifted up!

Your Holy Spirit has filled the Temple, and dwelling within the spirit of men He is unspeakable peace and comfort.

My Comfort, my LORD, Your Son has made beautiful the path before my feet.

I can see New Jerusalem descending, shrouded in the awesome brilliance of Your eternal glory and splendor.

The darkness has been consumed as chaff is devoured by Your power.

Unto Your Son the Bride has been given, the tares being long removed.

Joy is the flood from my eyes, filled full of the Living Water that has made me whole.

The Son has risen; through His death we live and by His resurrection we conquer.

Praise the name of the Highest, singing the songs of everlasting peace that is the worship of JEHOVAH!

Gone is the grip of sin, misery is long forgotten, and death is no longer.

Come LORD JESUS, come! Fulfill every word that You have spoken before the eyes of men.


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Heavenly Father, open the eyes of Your children I pray. Lift the veil and heal the blindness, that such an hour would be perceived.

The wicked have placed the ax of Belial upon the roots of Jacob, causing much fruit to fall from his broad branches. Preserve the fruit upon the branch for Your glory my LORD.

The wicked are in jeopardy of destruction. Your heritage they seek to steal by force and lies, claiming fallaciously to be victims of theft and claiming right to possess that which only You, the MOST HIGH, can possess.

The wicked devour the fruits of Your increase, like worms they devour the flesh of Your servant and crawl upon the dust of Your heritage.

O Lord, what a terrible and frightful day it will be, as disaster falls upon all who have devoured the first fruits of Your increase, only to offend and curse their own soul.

Woe to him who is little but says he is mighty and greater than You O, LORD.

Woe to him who claims peace but brings destruction upon Your heritage.

The sky casts long shadows and the chill floods the valleys, shakings and rumors stir the soul of the unrighteous.

O LORD, Your heritage is kept by Your Word and defended by the Sword of David, that all will see the great and glorious strength of Your infinite majesty.

Chastise and correct Your servant whom You love, that his feet will not slip into destruction.



Heavenly Father, let Your words come alive! Of all that You have spoken, let it also be done.

Gather Your flock that the shepherds have scattered. Bring us to the land of Promise, that we may reside under our Eternal King, The LORD our RIGHTEOUSNESS!

Write Your laws within our minds and inscribe each letter upon our hearts. Forgive us of iniquity, that each sin would be remembered no longer, having each eternally forgotten.

Praise the name of the LORD! You have set us free, opened our eyes, and whispered hope within our ears!

Let us not fear what evil brings! Remove the root of fear from within and cast it into the lake of eternal fire.

You have created the host of heaven, which cannot be numbered! You stretched the heavens and caused life to exist! Your power and might cannot be measured! Your grace and mercy last forever! Who can comprehend You and Your love? You are God, my God, and You sit upon the eternal throne.

I love You Father, I love You Jesus Christ, and I love You Holy Spirit. Let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


Jesus Christ, praise Your eternal name! You are my Lord and my Messiah, having saved me from the grip of hell and loosed from the chains of bondage.

I seek after the wisdom and knowledge that is hid away in You my Lord. Reserved and laid away for all who seek after You.

I am complete in You. You have given me life and the hope of eternity. I will continue to walk in Your ways, not by my strength, but by Your power and might.

Keep my feet firmly on the path before me. Open my eyes to see Your way as You direct with Your Holy Spirit. Open my ears to hear the still small voice that whispers guidance.

Thank You Jesus Christ for blotting out my transgressions with Your Blood. Thank You for discarding the ordinances against me, nailing them to the cross.

You are the King of kings and the Lord of lords, You have spoiled principalities and powers, making a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it.

Reign my Lord, reign for eternity, as Your kingdom will forever stand!


Heavenly Father, thank You for your precious grace and priceless peace.

Work in each of Your children the love of one another.

Guard our minds from that thief the devil, that the hope of what lies ahead of us in heaven would not be taken, diluted, or forgotten.

Father, let Your Word bring forth fruit in our lives, causing us to better understand Your grace.

As the fruit continues to grow, let Your Holy Spirit continue to work love into all of our actions, motives, and person.

Help us to pray for one another in Your Spirit. Praying that one another would be filled with the knowledge of Your Will, with wisdom and spiritual understanding.

Teach us how to walk, a walk worthy of You, O, LORD. Let these steps bear fruit with every good work, ever increasing in our knowledge of You.

Strengthen us with Your glorious might and power, of which no other might or power compares.

Let us be joyful in patience and longsuffering.

We rejoice in You and give thanks that we are partakers in the inheritance of Jesus Christ, the Light, and our Blessed Savior.

You have delivered us from the power of darkness, setting us free, that we may be translated into the kingdom of Jesus Christ Your Only Begotten Son.

Thank You Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit. Amen

Heavenly Father, there is no greater love than the love I have found in Your Son Jesus Christ.

I have experienced no greater patience, guidance, nor comfort than He freely gives.

I am humbled in ways I cannot describe; knowing that I have had my sins wiped away, cleansed, and having been made white as snow.

He has renewed and rejuvenated my spirit, mended my broken heart, and led me away from the pit of destruction.

In Him I owe my life, my love, and my eternal soul.

I love You Jehovah, I love You Yeshua, and I love You Holy Spirit. Continue Your work in me, that I may fulfill Your will as a living sacrifice.


Heavenly Father, fulfill Your words, even all of them unto completion.

Breathe upon Your children the same Spirit that breathed resurrection upon our victorious King, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Mold us and shape us, try us and purge us, all the while preparing us as Your children for Your glory and unto the greatest honor in the name of Jesus Christ Your Son.

Free us from the chains that bind us. That we may humbly retain a heart that forgives, harboring not the seeds of bitterness and strife.

In peril let us not be shaken, but empowered and strengthened by the Spirit of the Risen Lamb.

Only You can take the dead, dry ground and bring forth an abundance of life. Just as the continuously flowing river in the desert yields not to the desert's thirst. 

Despite the dryness of the land, You have caused my banks to overflow with the richness of Your fruit.



Heavenly Father, I will praise Your name. You are just and holy, perfect in every way. I am full of joy and happiness as I think upon You and Your wonderful work. You have saved us as lambs from the slaughter and given us a Messiah in our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Only Begotten Son.

In Your name will I sing my praise and rejoice!

Thank You Father for Your Love, Thank You Jesus Christ for Your Blood, and Thank You Holy Spirit for the direction that I daily need.



Heavenly Father, You have seen my inner struggles as they inaudibly wage within. You have seen every attack of the enemy, every word of slander, and every sinful memory resurrected in an attempt to cause me shame.

You have seen me discouraged and troubled, courting the feelings of unworthiness in the midst of these agonizing battles. You have seen these things, but You never abandoned me. Instead in the midst of these battles You have sought to comfort me.

You have continually reminded me that the sins of my past, present, and future were paid for at the cross by Your only begotten Son. Comforting me with the reassurance that I placed my past sins at the feet of Jesus Christ, having each covered and eternally forgotten by His Blood.

You have reassured me of this Truth by Your Holy Spirit that continually keeps me and directs me according to Your will. He makes me aware of the path before my feet and convicts me when I deviate. It was He who drew me from my darkest hour to the moment of death upon the cross, shadowed by the Redeemer, my Blessed Savior, Your Holy Son Jesus Christ.

Under the shadow of Your Son at the cross I saw Him sacrifice His life for my eternal debt. It was here that You lifted my spirit out of the pit of darkness and replaced the darkness with Your eternal Light. As He was resurrected, so have I been from the sin that bound me to death.

I called out to Your name and You heard my plea. You responded with Your comforting hand, reassuring love, and unexplainable peace.

Father I give You all the praise, all the glory, and will forever rejoice at the sound of Your Name! Thank You for guiding me through each battle. Thank You for never abandoning me. But most of all, thank You for sending Your Son to die for a wretched sinner like me. Amen


Heavenly Father, praise Your Holy Name! There is none like You! You have given me the sight I need to see the days ahead. You have been faithful to whisper direction, hope, and correction within my ears. Your Spirit guides me and prays for me in words that cannot even be uttered. I thank You Lord.

Father, I cannot accomplish anything of purpose without You leading me by the hand. I am grateful that I can be used by You in ways I could have never personally conceived on my own. You have ordered my steps, for that I worship You and continue to submit myself as a living sacrifice to Your eternal will.

Let me not fear in this current hour, or in any that still remain. No matter what I face or what fear may come my way, give me the strength to stand unshaken. Because of Your Son Jesus Christ I can stand firm and through Him I have the certainty of eternal life. Thank You Jesus Christ, You are my Lord and Savior, hallelujah! Come quickly I pray.

In these uncertain days I can continually count on You, O Lord. You are the same yesterday, today, and forever. Thank You Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.
I am yours, Amen.


Heavenly Father, in all things worth giving thanks we find You. Thank You for providing all of our needs. Thank You Jesus for Your blood You shed for our sins. Thank You for our freedom to serve and worship You. Amen


Heavenly Father, thank You for hearing our poorest prayers. Thank You for looking through our short comings and inability to be perfect. Father in You we find our security, comfort, and rejuvenation. Without You we would be nothing, we would be desolate, we would be without form. Thank You dear Jesus for giving us the chance to once again be united with our Heavenly Father, Your blood has truly set us free. Amen


 Heavenly Father, place us under Your wing.  We are in need of the protection that only You can give. Help those who have an ear hear You clearly as they prepare for the darker days ahead. Help those who have not heard hear for the first time. Give those who You have told and shown of the things to come the strength to remain strong in Your love.  Jesus Christ You are the King of Kings and You will we serve.  Amen 


Heavenly Father, place on our hearts those who are in need and hurting. Give us direction in this day that we live. Give our faith the encouragement we need to travel through these dark streets. You are our Comforter and our Rock, to You we get our strength and drive. Jesus thank You for dying on the cross for our sins, thank You for Your redeeming blood that You so freely give.  Amen 


Heavenly Father, as we come to You in our place of peace, hear our cries and know our tears. Only You can hear our requests and fulfill Your promises. You look to You for our direction, we look to You for our strength, and as always we give you praise for sending Your only begotten Son. Jesus You reign supreme. Amen


 Heavenly Father, You see and know every little detail of our existence. You know of every need even before we ask. You are forever faithful to Your children who call You by name. It is truly an honor to be a child of the only true God, a follower of the only true Master, and a beneficiary of the only true Salvation. Jesus we love You, thank you once again for Your blood.  Amen 


Heavenly Father, let Your will be done in our lives, in our nation, and in the world that we live. We know that You have had a plan for mankind since the foundations of the world were first set in place, we trust You still have the same plan. You are our God, our Master, and our Salvation. Jesus we love You, thank You once again for Your blood.  Amen 


Father, we hold true to Your promises in the time of our calamities.  You have a plan for this nation and Your faithful children that reside within her borders.  We will not fear, or tremble, or succumb to the lies of satan.  We will rely wholly upon You and Your truth. Hear us dear Lord, forgive us, redeem us.  Thank You Jesus for the sacrifice you made in our place.   Amen 


Father, I choose life and not death.  I pray this nation also chooses life and not death.  Forgive us, for we bring upon ourselves the justice that is do if we choose death. Thank You Jesus for the blood that You freely gave.    Amen


Holy One of Israel, we as a nation are one the verge of election day. We need Your guidance, we need intuitiveness, we seek the will of You dear Jesus. Continue to call our nation to repentance, chastise our spirit, melt the coldest hardest hearts  with Your love and mercy.  Let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Thank You Jesus for the blood that You freely gave.    Amen