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"The one concern of the devil is to keep [us] from praying. He fears nothing from prayerless studies, prayerless work, and prayerless religion. He laughs at our toil, mocks at our wisdom, but trembles when we pray."

- Samuel Chadwick

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Heavenly Father, You have placed my feet upon the narrow way. By Your Word I have been freed from the chains of Egypt, set free by the blood of the greatest sacrifice, the Lamb without spot or blemish. Hallelujah! I am free! Now freed, I receive Your law within my heart, such as can only be written by the touch of Your finger. Guide me O Lord, with your Shekinah glory, that I may be led day and night by the power and presence of Your Holy Spirit. O Lord, keep me from the hardness of heart that causes men to perish and from the stiffness that keeps men's necks from humility and repentance. Keep me in a place of sensitivity to sin, that my spirit would be grieved if sin I have embraced. Lead me into the wilderness of trial that the generation of sin that has grown up within me would pass away and I would emerge a new man, capable of crossing the Jordan. Purge me O Lord, from my unbelief, forever taking away the caustic doubt that rots the roots of men's faith. Preserve me in Your plan, that I would be an eternal servant in the holiness of my LORD and Your Son -JESUS CHRIST. Blessed be the name of the LORD!  Amen

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Heavenly Father, all of Your works are amazing and magnificent, of which all bear the signature of Your Word. From the smallest inner workings of a cell or strand of DNA, to the great expanse of space that no mind can comprehend, displays just a mere glimpse of Your infinite ability. Just as You spoke light into existence, You have shattered the darkness that once possessed my soul. You severed my chains and broke the bonds of iniquity that held me in the grip of eternal damnation. Hallelujah! By the Blood of Jesus Christ I am healed and eternally set free! You have set a fire within me that burns even to the very marrow of my bones. You have adjusted my focus and placed within me a supernatural passion and desire for righteousness. Through the guidance of Your Holy Spirit, I have set my eyes upon the eternal treasures of Heaven, of which no moth, no man, nor even the corrosiveness of rust can consume. Father, continue the work within me that You created me for. I pray the purpose of my existence would continuously glorify You in Spirit and in Truth. I want only to be at one with Your Spirit, and bound by this intimacy, an oracle of the resounding Truth that sits at the right hand of Your Throne.  Thank You Jesus Christ for Your Blood that was spilt for a debt incomparable to the sacrifice that You made, a sacrifice that exceeds all understanding and of which no equal can be found. No man is worthy of even a sprinkle of sweat from Your brow, much less a whole drop of Your Blood. Your demonstration of love that confounds understanding has made it possible for mankind to receive that which no man deserves. Thank You Holy Spirit for the comforting peace and understanding You have brought unto us through the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Continue to whisper, This is the way, walk ye in it, all the days of my life. Continue to prepare the Bride, without spot or wrinkle, for the eternal union appointed unto her with the glorious Groom upon the white horse. Father, continue to test the reins of my heart. Without You I cannot even exist and without You I am completely void of purpose. Thank You for Your love, love as unmatched and infinite as You are as God. In all these things, we, your children, eternally give you praise! Amen

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Heavenly Father, who can praise You as You deserve? If not for Your HOLY SPIRIT that abides from within, how would it be possible to worship You? I sing praise and worship Your holiness because it was You who has transformed my being through the sacred Blood of Your Only Begotten Son. You have transformed me from a child of wrath into Your eternal child of righteousness! Who is greater than JEHOVAH? Who else can confine a redwood into a seed? Who else can keep the planets in orbit and stoke the great fires of the sun and the stars? O Father, Your works are innumerable, of which no mortal mind can comprehend. Your power is immeasurable and Your knowledge uncontainable, You are infinite and omnipotent. Who am I to come before Your heavenly throne?  Who am I that You would shed the Blood of Your perfect Son, the spotless Lamb? On my own these questions remained unanswered, only in You, my GOD, did the purpose of my existence become known! TO WALK IN FELLOWSHIP AND WORSHIP WITH PRAISE THE ETERNAL GOD! Father, let the beauty of your brush continue to flow unhindered in my life. Come LORD JESUS, come! HOLY SPIRIT, continue to work in me the purpose in which You have been divinely sent. Father, I pray  that Your will would be done in my life and on earth as it is in heaven. Amen

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Praise the name of the LORD, for HE is faithful in all things! Heavenly Father, bolster my faith that it may withstand the greatest of testing. Solidify within me the instruction that You have presented to my spirit through Your HOLY SPIRIT whom You have sent with specific purpose. I desire faith without doubt. I desire faith that understands Your will for my life is perfect in every way. I desire faith that holds tight every promise from Your lips, never wavering from the solid Rock of my Salvation.  Help me Father, without You I cannot serve the purpose of my creation. Open my eyes Father, to the path that You have prepared for me. Encourage me Father, to rest in the peace found only in my LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST. Open my ears Father, to the whispers of direction per Your HOLY SPIRIT. Heavenly Father, because of Your SON I can give myself as a living sacrifice, knowing that it is impossible to please You without faith. So as Abel offered unto You a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, I too desire to give You my best everyday, not of my own strength, but by the power found only in Your SON. As Moses, I too will refuse to be a son of this world as he chose not to be a son of Pharaoh's daughter. I, by the strength of JESUS CHRIST, choose to suffer affliction with my fellow brothers and sisters, children of the MOST HIGH, than to enjoy the temporary pleasures of sin in this passing world. I am now but a stranger, a pilgrim, an alien in this foreign land called Earth. Soon and very soon, I shall see the KING. Come dear LORD, come quickly and take Your children home! Amen



Heavenly Father, open my ears from their sleep. Visit my spirit in the night, as You move make me aware of Your holy presence. When You call my name, let me perceive and not be blinded by carnal doubt. As Samuel lay asleep, Your voice awoke him, You spoke in the night revealing Your plan to the child's heart. I pray my heart will be as Samuel's, precious and true. Let my lamp's flicker and flame stay lit, keep the winds of deception from taking the flame from the wick. Speak Lord, for thy servant listens! Move me Lord, penetrate me in spirit, and unveil my eyes to Your holy presence. Clean are Your words to my soul, straight is Your path unto my feet, and righteous and holy is Your direction. Keep me from the hand of Satan, yet when war is to be waged, guide my sword of the Spirit to cut deep into the flesh of evil, and cut free the bonds of wicked men. You and Your ways I do daily seek, faithful You have been to me all of my days! Thank You Father for Your blessed Son, Jesus thank You for Your precious Blood, and Holy Spirit thank You for direction in the days to come. Amen


Heavenly Father, let me have a heart like Hannah, who trusted You in the midst of great affliction, who called out to Your holy name, never doubting and always believing You had heard her prayer. When I, like Hannah, taste the bitterness of affliction, when my soul burns with the seemingly unquenchable fire of agony, let me also call upon Your name, Jehovah King of kings. When You have brought me through the fiery furnace of affliction, may I never forget to send my words of praise to Your throne as I rejoice in Your strength, having held close the words of comfort You placed within my soul by the hand of Your Holy Spirit. With my burden having been lifted, You saw me through the valley of darkness. Father, I pray my burden of affliction brings glory and honor to Your name, in weakness might I be made stronger for Your name sake. That I may be a living testimony of Your tender love, mercy, and glorious strength. Thank You Jesus for the debt Your blood has paid! Amen


Heavenly Father, You are my comfort and my strength. When my world shakes, You keep a firm hand upon me. When my foot slips, You keep me from falling through the cracks. When I have sinned, You are always ready to forgive me. When I repent, You give me the strength to be victorious and overcome. Father, let not the icy grip of fear come upon my heart. I want only to trust in You and rely only in Your peace. Though You will roar from Zion and You will be heard from Jerusalem, causing all the heavens and the earth to shake, let Your rod and staff comfort me. You have promised to be my stronghold, my shelter, and the eternal hope for Your people and the strength of the children of Israel. I pray my eyes never fall from Yours dear Jesus, thank You, forever I will praise You! Amen


Heavenly Father, Lord of hosts, how exceedingly wicked the people of the nation upon many waters have become. The burdenstone will not be moved and the cup of trembling will be consumed, cut down and lacerated she soon will be. Your mercy, O Lord, has given into the watchmen's cries, words proclaimed for the just and unjust alike, though the just have heeded the worlds and the unjust have continued to reject and scorn those who have received Your words to repent and prepare. Your just children have heard, as our heart and soul flee from the corruption and iniquity found in the company of wicked men. We have heard Your call for judgment, why have so few repent, why have so few heeded Your words? We flee like Lot and his daughters, not looking back, focused only upon Your direction and firmly rejecting the lusts of this fallen nation. Her wine has seduced the nations of earth; now the nations are staggering and enraged by the drunkenness of her sins, having drunk from the golden cup of the Almighty's hand. Upon her fall the wine is spilt on the ground, never again to be consumed by the greed of the nations. Some will mock and rejoice, though most will wail, gone is the wine that grew the nations much wealth, gone is the nation upon many waters. The unmovable stone will crush her in her arrogance, precise and just will be the wrath of God that completely consumes her, all nations will look upon her and see the hand of Jehovah. Woe to you nations who now look upon the son of perdition, who rejected the witnesses of the eternal God, who reject once again the message to repent. You wicked nations only continue to turn in wickedness, has the Divine judgment seemed to distant upon the nation of many waters? Know her judgment will seem like mercy for the wicked nations left to the tribulation under the reign of the son of perdition. Forget not Jerusalem, those who supplicate for her salvation, cry for her, for she is forever the Lord's. I have marked my own says the Lord of hosts, eternal is the protection upon your head. Amen


Jesus Christ, You are the New Covenant. No longer needed is the blood of bulls and goats or the ashes of a red heifer to purify or sanctify the flesh of mankind. You are the High Priest of the Holy Tabernacle, no longer a tabernacle made by fleshly hands, but by the power of Your Might You have established upon Your shoulders and the Blood of Your veins the Holiest of Holies. Through Your own Blood that was spilt and not by the blood of goats and calves was the sacrifice made eternal and complete. Only once did You enter into the Most Holy Place and only once was it needed to obtain mankind Your eternal redemption. You have fulfilled the words of Your prophets of Old, staying true always to Your Words You placed upon and within their lips. How much greater was Your sacrifice! Greater than any previous sacrifice of goats and claves, Who was presented before Jehovah without spot or blemish by Your eternal Holy Spirit, and offered Yourself upon the cross as the final sacrifice of Blood for the redemption of mankind to the Eternal Heavenly Father! Because of You Jesus we may now forever serve the great I AM, now we can be purged of sin, and through Your resurrection we can embrace eternal Life. Thank You Jesus for the ultimate Sacrifice. Amen
Hebrews 9:1-14


Heavenly Father, grant me the strength to endure hardships as a good soldier of Jesus Christ I pray. That I would be made continually stronger by the grace found in the Blood of Jesus Christ, the Blood that rained from Calvary's cross, and the very Blood that has given all mankind the hope of life eternal. You have placed a burning call upon my soul; I have heard Your words of Truth and seen the Light, to Your call I have answered and submitted myself. You have called me to war not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, and against spiritual wickedness in high places. As I battle, keep me constantly aware of the enemies entanglements, the meaningless affairs of this world presented only to distract and weaken me as I wage war against wickedness. I am a soldier who is dead with Christ, no longer living in this world, but through the power of Christ victorious defeat of death through resurrection, I am a living soldier invested with an eternal purpose. Jehovah, I pray for Your strength, wisdom, and discernment as I battle for righteousness, that I would never deny Your sovereignty, lest You deny my soul of eternal life. I pray I will always be content to suffer and endure the battles for Your name sake. Each battle preparing for the last, upon that victory of the final battle, I pray that under Your reign I would be capable to serve faithfully in Your eternal Kingdom forever. Amen


Heavenly Father, let me learn to rejoice in my weakness, that the power of Jesus Christ may rest upon me. I pray through weakness, I may better speak the utterances of the only true God and reflect upon the revelations that He has given my spirit, that each would be by the ability that God has given me: Father, that You in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. For only in Jesus Christ is grace sufficient for me: for Christ's power is made perfect in my weakness. May the thorn in my flesh keep me humbled, a constant reminder that only through Christ can I ever be victorious, constantly relying upon the grace of Jesus Christ and the power of His might to overcome the messenger of Satan. Therefore, I will take pleasure in my weakness for Jesus Christ sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong. Thank You Jesus for being my strength, my defense, and my eternal Savior! Amen


Jesus, You are the Lord of glory! Had the rulers of this world known this, they would not have crucified You. Help us not be as these men who trusted only in derelict wisdom, the false wisdom of a corrupt carnal nature, but let us speak through the wisdom You have ordained before the world unto Your glory. Search me Heavenly Father with Your divine Spirit, that I may be proved righteous and true through the direction and revelation of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, Your resurrected and eternal Son. Help me not trust in the knowledge of corruptible men, but in all things trust only the Spirit of the incorruptible Elohim. I pray I would discern all things through the direction of Your Holy Spirit, testing each spirit according to the Holy Spirit, and to never trust my own inept ability when attempting to discern such spiritual things. Thank You Jesus for sending us Your Comforter! Amen


Jesus Christ, my Savior and Blessed Redeemer, You are the atoning sacrifice, the propitiation for my sin. Not just my sin, but also for the sins of the whole world. Your body took unfathomable and horrific punishment, being broken and torn so that the world and I may come to the Light of Your divine Salvation. You are the Light and in You is NO darkness. As I fellowship with You in the Light, keep my path from darkness, for if I say I fellowship with You but remain in the path of darkness I am a liar and do not live in Truth. Since I have come to the Light, the cleansing Blood You shed on Calvary's cross has washed my sins away; only upon this path do I wish to remain. As I walk in the Light as You are in the Light, having been regenerated, I am strengthened, emboldened, and continuously renewed by the Flood of Your Holy Spirit. Keep me always on the path; keep me always in the Light, and in the way of Truth. These are the prayers of my heart dear Jesus. Amen


Heavenly Father, as Your Word flows from the threshold of Your throne and the wicked are once more warned and rebuked for great wickedness. As Your hand shakes the heavens and the foundation of the earth, remember and keep Your children close and in Your wrath let there be mercy. As Your Words of Truth crush the wickedness of men, overthrowing kingdom after wicked kingdom, destroying the illusion of strength found in the prideful and arrogant hearts of wicked men, and rendering even the greatest defenses useless by the power of Your might, even so let there be mercy in Your wrath. In this day, raise up Your remnant, pour out Your Holy Spirit upon the parched clay of Your children, and instill Your direction in each and every heart of Your chosen. Let me forever be a servant to You and Your righteousness, the son of the mother in who's womb you have knitted and known me. Since the foundations of the world You have called and chosen me like countless others to serve in the eternal service of Your Heavenly Kingdom. Give me strength to guide others out of darkness by the Light of Your divine Truth, to pierce even the blackest darkness of evil, reminding the demons and devils that not even the greatest among them can compare to Your Power, Might, and Authority. Let us be moved in these final days and used by Your unshakable Holy Spirit. Amen


Jesus, You poured out Your soul unto death, being numbered with the transgressors; You bore the sin of all people. Great and unmatched was the weight that You bore, heavy alone was my burden You took in intercession for my transgressions. Through the will of Jehovah, our Heavenly Father, Your death and resurrection has freed us, delivering us from the present evil of this world. By the grace of God You have brought salvation to all who will receive this gift, greater than any gift ever offered to mankind. Not one of us is deserving of such a priceless gift, having crucified You, nailing You to the cross and placing an immeasurable weight upon You through our sins and lusts thereof. Though there are none deserving of such a gift as this, You still sought to set every sinful captive free. Through unmatched love and unselfish devotion You broke the bonds of sin, cast off the chains of our demonic oppressors, and set upon our shoulders a new robe, white, spotless, and free from the blemishes of our previous sins. Your Blood that our sin has spilt is the very Blood that has and continually washes our sins away, purging us of iniquity, and regenerating us in spirit. Jesus, because of You I am alive. Hail to the King of kings, the precious Lamb that was slain so that we all may be free! Amen


Heavenly Father, help me to have patience and enduring faith in the face of persecution and fiery tribulations, that I may overcome such trials by the Blood of the risen Lamb. Jehovah, let me never forget that You sent Your only begotten Son, that through His death and victorious resurrection I can be saved. Daily my heart rejoices with the knowledge of what Your Son Yeshua did for me, that through such exceeding grace I have received my everlasting life. Upon a patient hope I long to see You, my Lord and my Savior. Every part of me desires to be reunited with my Creator, to once again feel the embrace of my Lord, and hold the very hands that gave my spirit life. As I wait in earnest for this day, help me hold fast and diligently study Your sound doctrine, being wary of those who twist and pervert scripture to deceive and attempt to ruin the hope of salvation. Forever open my eyes to Your Truth everlasting, that I may be established faithfully on You and kept from evil. Continue to work my heart for love and tender kindness, that through such love I may reflect the presence and loving grace of Jesus Christ that dwells within me. Amen


Jesus, You are the chief cornerstone, a living stone rejected by men, but precious, having been chosen by Jehovah. You have called Your children out of darkness, establishing a church upon Your apostles and prophets. By Your sacrifice and resurrection, You have bound us together to grow unto Your Holy Temple. No longer are Your children strangers, but having been chosen, we are fellow citizens, saints of the divine Kingdom You have built in heaven! Thank You Jesus for the Blood You spilt and for the debt You paid. You have conquered death through Your victorious resurrection. Through love like no other, You have brought us together under one Spirit. Amen


Heavenly Father, illuminate the path before my feet. Keep me firmly planted on the path you have laid before me. Help me to overcome the obstacles in my path and the forces of evil that come to hinder me. As I wrestle with principalities and rulers of darkness in this world, strengthen my blows with the sword of the Spirit, and reinforce the armor You have given me. Increase my endurance as the battle carries on. Holy Spirit encourage my spirit, motivate me for righteousness, and continue to feed me the bread of Life. I see the darkness upon the horizon, my eyes have been opened and everyday You have increased me in Your Truth. I continue to pursue You, I continue to offer myself unto Your will, and Father I desire only that which brings glory and honor to Your name. Keep me close in the days ahead. Thank You Father for the love You have shown me and the direction You have given me. I do these things in honor of Your name. Amen


Heavenly Father, forgive us, for the iniquity in our nation is exceedingly great. The streets run deep with the blood of the innocent, the evil within her heart demands more of the innocent's blood to quench her unquenchable thirst for bloodshed. The eyes of the unrighteous seek greater perversions, leading to impure and abominal desires, and drive to satisfy the fleshly cravings with damnable lusts. No longer does the voice of this nation shout for truth, lies she speaks. The lies are no longer whispers between the burning ears of evil men, bold is now the voice of deceiption and loud without shame. The great halls of justice that so many times echoed truth have now become hollow with the sounds of perverted injustice. These halls now deprive the needy and rob what is right from the poor as they are cast aside by the very men who in their wickedness have abused the power meant to protect the people they trample. Hypocritical in her motives she has removed the foundation on which she was established, appeasing the wicked and bowing down to their idols. Lured by the false gods of material, power, greed, and ungodly pride, a kingdom of idols she has become. Forsaking all that is Holy she continues to denounce the laws of God, she has forgotten His voice, and walks no further in His ways. Instead she proclaims that God is dead to her people. She tells her land that it is God who has forsaken us and don't worry about God, He never even exist. She continues in stubbornness, following only the wicked desires of her unrepentant heart, she is in love with her seducer Baalim. Where will her mighty false gods be when You lift Your restraining hand O Lord, when You the I AM pours out Your wrath and justice through righteous judgment? Will then the hearts in this unholy land repent? Will the wicked repent as their bodies fall as dung upon this unholy land? Father forgive us, has the mercy for the hard of heart been spent? Place upon the righteous the blood of the Lamb, as we trust in Your protection as the destruction of this unholy land comes. Amen


Heavenly Father, help me to achieve Your will for my life. I need Your guidance and divine direction. I submit myself to You and the plan that You have established. You are my Rock, my Shield, and my Savior. I place all of my faith in You and not in the things this world offers me. I will not place faith in corruptible things but rather place my faith in the incorruptible things of Heaven. Let my mouth speak truth and encouragement to those who have yet to acknowledge You as the Almighty King! Hear my prayers O Lord, keep my feet bound to the narrow path, and help me to lead others to Salvation along the way. Only You will I serve! Amen