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"The one concern of the devil is to keep [us] from praying. He fears nothing from prayerless studies, prayerless work, and prayerless religion. He laughs at our toil, mocks at our wisdom, but trembles when we pray."

- Samuel Chadwick

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JESUS CHRIST, my Lord! O how many sins You could write in the sand concerning me. Countless times I did tempt and test You O, LORD. My sins, my sins, they smothered me to death, deep in the earth I have been buried. Yet despite my iniquity You spoke O, LORD! Hallelujah! Out of obscurity and into the light I came forth. Hell hath no grip, relinquished by the sound of You voice! You have broken the snare that held me in derision. The accusers of my soul have all but faded into the background of my past. Who is there that can even now still condemn? By the Blood of the LAMB my accusers have fled, condemnation hath no ground, and YEHOVAH's wrath has been removed from my soul!!! The Light of the World has led me out of darkness, now in the light of life I see HIS lead, o how I now passionately follow! Thank You JESUS, my LORD, my Savior, and my Strength! Come, come, let YOUR kingdom rise. Amen

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Heavenly Father, you are great and your glory is beyond the words of man. You have sent Your only begotten Son that we may come into fellowship with thee in Your presence through eternity. O my eyes have seen in the midst of the darkest night! Behold the glory of the LORD is upon us! Hallelujah! He is with us. My eyes, my eyes, not of flesh and void of vein, such are the eyes no flesh can possess. He has granted us vision that darkness cannot cover! Glory, glory, sing ye praise to the Lamb of GOD! He has opened the eyes of the blind and set our sight upon high. O my bowels are full of the meat no man has seen or even touched! Behold the glory of the LORD is within us! Hallelujah! He is in us! My bowels, my bowels, not of flesh and void of vein, such is the bowels no flesh can possess. He has fed us by His Word; we are made fat by His promises! As a Shepherd He has led us to the pasture of our supplication. Glory, glory, sing ye praise to the Shepherd of GOD! He has fed the hungry with flesh most Holy, we are sustained by His Word to hunger no more. O my mouth once thirsted before I had tasted of His eternal spring! Behold His glory welleth out from within us! Hallelujah! He flows out from within us! My mouth, my mouth, not of flesh and void of vein, such is the mouth no flesh can possess. He has caused Living Water to flow from our lips, by the power of His Holy Spirit we speak as a river that thunders, made of praise and truth it flows by His instruction. Glory, glory, sing ye praise to the Creator on High! He has placed within us a spring no drought can quench and has promised a Latter Rain yet to come! O my body is to be made anew upon the day of glory! A body free of spot or blemish and made of matter unspeakable! Hallelujah! We are now the Body of Jesus Christ! My body, my body, not of flesh and void of vein, such is the body no flesh can possess! We are of a body that was sacrificed and torn for our transgression, then resurrected to glory, forever placed at the right hand of our FATHER. Glory, glory, worship the resurrected King of kings! He has given His body so we may be eternally set free! No greater love hath man ever seen. Come LORD JESUS come! Take us to glory that the body may be whole, joined eternally and forever by your WORD! Amen

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Jesus Christ, praise Your wonderful and blessed name! You hear the supplication from the lips of Your saints. You act upon the repentant heart of those who have embraced Your Holy Gospel. Who is worthy to endure Your love? Give me the strength to walk in the righteous way. Increase my faith that it may grow bolder when mixed with Your Holy Gospel. Give me the ability to resist the temptations that lure me astray. I have found my peace in YOU! I have found my strength in YOU! I have found my salvation in YOU! You have given me the desire to live and the hunger for righteousness. Some say that you no longer perform miracles or that Your angels no longer entertain us. Some even say that Your gifts dispensed through the Power of the Holy Spirit were only temporary, experienced only by early saints. Keep our eyes open to the deceit of our enemies as they attempt to limit the power and reach of Your endless ability.  Well, I still believe that You are the same yesterday, today, and forever!  I will shout and sing the words of praise detailing the awesome works of Your hands! Who else stretched forth the heavens, laid the foundations of the earth, set the stars in their place, and breathed the spirit into the nostrils of man? Who is a great as my GOD? NO ONE! Father, You have given us so much to praise You for! Jesus Christ, You have given us endless reasons to rejoice! Holy Spirit, You have given us the direction and guidance needed to continue upon this righteous path!  HONOR, GLORY, and PRAISE unto the HIGHEST! Amen

Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief. For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do. Hebrews 4:11-13

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Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is. Jeremiah 17:7

O Heavenly Father, that You would plant me as a tree beside Your holy river. Cause my roots to spread as a bloom, to burst forth for righteousness, the coolness of Your living spring. Cut away the bank that separates me from Your holy river. Move me ever closer to Your cool spring of Living Water. Keep these roots beneath me from waning. You have caused these roots to penetrate the bedrock below, the foundation of my Salvation that keeps me firm in the trial of the tempest, the harsh winds of the storm. Keep me green even during the days of the unbearable heat. Refresh me with the coolness of Your heavenly breeze, even as the heat of Your wrath is breathed as fire upon the wicked and their hellish intentions. No matter what the season may be or bring, cause my leaves to stay green O, LORD! I will not fear the drought that consumes or the snake that hisses from the branch. Make his lies yet fall again, from the highest branch even to the ground. He has said I will not produce fruit that is worthy of the Creator, yet I know it is not by my trength, nor by my might that these branches even bear the weight thereof. It is You, my Elohim, that causes the fruit of the branch to produce, praise Your Name! It is my prayer that You guard me from my heart. Search it out and try my reins! Make what has been crooked straight, that the fruit would increase, being pure and luscious. I will not forsake You, O LORD, the hope of Israel. Neither will my eyes hang low in shame, yet high and towards the Blessed Hope that sits to the right of Your throne they shall stay!

Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou art my praise! Jeremiah 17:14


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Heavenly Father, the Cup is Trembling and the wine within is full and to the brim. Your anointed have warned against this path, having divinely prophesied of the end that lies before such nations that take this route of destruction. Are they blind to the danger in their rebellion? This burden is too heavy for them, how long before it cuts them down? Under the weight of this Stone they shake and their perceived foundations of stability are destroyed. They are shaken and moved by the breath of Your throat. Who can stand once You have blown the winds of wrath? Father, we are assured that You judge according to truth against those that commit such things. Of which we must not forget, we have all fallen short of Your glory. The error of our ways has been revealed by the opening of our eyes, by the Blood of the Lamb we can now see. Let us pray that they too will see the grievous error before them. For we know the Day of the LORD is near upon all the nations: as they have done, it shall be done unto them. It is by Your word that we know their reward shall be upon their own head. Father, You are the Creator who is eternally blessed. It is in You and by You that we are blessed. It is only by the words of Your mouth that we are even capable of knowing truth and it is only by Your Holy Spirit that we are capable of receiving Your righteous direction. It is in You that we find safety and relief.  Help us see O, LORD, that we are hopelessly lost and miserably incapable of winning the war that rages against our soul without You and Your power. We cannot stand against the wiles of the devil, unable to survive for even a second without Your protective hand.  Help us to do all things in love. That through the example of JESUS CHRIST we too would have love for all, an enduring love that demonstrates the same love that was rendered unto us by JESUS CHRIST, who was stricken and torn on our behalf.  No greater love has the world seen, then the love demonstrated by the Only Begotten Son of JEHOVAH as He willfully endured affliction and death for all mankind. Praise the LORD HE is risen, Praise the name of JESUS CHRIST the LORD. Let Your will be done FATHER, on earth as it is in heaven. Amen



Heavenly Father, thank You for today, another day that I can live for Jesus Christ. A day that I have been given to profess my love for righteousness and truth. The breath within my lungs, the blood in my veins, and the life within my bones are all possible because of Your creative hand. I have so much to be thankful for, so much to rejoice for, and every reason to give praise to the One who has given me uncountable blessings. My world was once in darkness and void of light, then I met You and Your salvation has broken the darkness, consuming me with Your Light! I was once cold, now I am hot with the fervent passion of Jesus Christ. I desire to continue to live for You, to honor, praise, and glorify Your Almighty Name. I am a child of the I AM and forever I will worship His Name! Amen


Heavenly Father, El Elyon, You are God most High! The Creator and possessor of Heaven and of earth. You sit upon High, upon the highest throne in all Heaven and earth. You sit upon the White Throne watching the just and the unjust, discerning all of man's actions with wisdom and righteousness unmatched. You have directed the footsteps and the paths of all men, help me understand and hear the calling of Your will for my life. You are forever faithful to all who call upon Your Name, who fear and love You beyond understanding. You are always ready to forgive the repentant heart, mend the broken spirit, and dwell within those who have accepted You as Lord and Savior. Let me never forget You are the Creator and I am the creation. I pray I will forever give You honor, praise, and glory as I stand before Your Throne. You are the same yesterday, today, and forever. For the rest of my earthly days I will sing of You and all Your glory! Amen


Heavenly Father I thank You for another day to live for Truth. I pray that You will continue to challenge me, continue to motivate me to pursue the path of righteousness no matter the cost. I desire only that which is holy and brings glory and honor to Your name. Help me resist the temptations of the devil, to reject the things that formally held me in bondage, and to rely on Your strength to see me through the inevitable battles. You are my Champion, my Savior, and my blessed Redeemer. Only in you will I trust and in you do I place all of my faith. Thank You Father for another day, thank You Jesus for the debt that You paid, and thank You Holy Spirit for the strength to maintain. Amen


Heavenly Father, come upon my tongue like as of fire, come upon me as I call upon Your Holy name. Give my spirit utterance, direction, and purpose as the wind of Your Spirit flows around and through me. Being baptized not just by water but through the fulfilment of Your Word, being baptized with the Holy Spirit. Continually fill me with Your Spirit, consume me, and move me. Chastise me for things of righteousness, embolden me for the work of Your will. Continue to purge my heart from the desires of a corruptable man, as You separate the just from the unjust, gathering the wheat into Your garner; and as You burn the chaff with Your unquenchable fire. Not my will but Yours be done! I desire a burden of Truth, to pursue only that which brings glory and honor to Your name, and to stand strong against the one who desires my destruction. I want Your wisdom, knowledge of divine truth, increased faith, the gift of healing, to perform miracles in Your name, to prophecy to the just and the unjust, to speak in divers tongues, and to interpret the meaning there of; these are the things I desire and seek. Use me, today, tomorrow, and for all eternity! In the name of Jesus, Amen!


Heavenly Father, By Your word the heavens, the earth, and all that dwells within were creatively made! Let us fear the name of the Lord GOD Almighty, the I AM, and let us stand in awe of His mighty works. Praise the Lord, O you righteous: for praise is beautiful for the upright. We will sing unto HIM a new song, For the word of the Lord is right; and all of HIS works are done in Truth! Look upon us from heaven, behold Your beautiful creation! The righteous are justified by Your name, the workers of evil will have their day of judgment, for no man is saved by the vain pursuit of self salvation, by their own feeble attempt to run from the all seeing eye of the I AM! Your eye sees the heart of man and protects all that fear You, upon us who hope in Your mercy. Deliver our soul from eternal death, deliver us from the pangs of famine, and be our everlasting shield against the one who desires our destruction. I have a heart that rejoices in the Lord because I have trusted in Your holy name! Let Your mercy, O LORD, be upon us, according to our hope in YOU. Amen


Heavenly Father, You are the Potter and I am the clay. Within Your hands I begin to take shape, slowly Your hands have transformed the lump of clay I once was into a precious vessel. Pour Your Spirit into me, fill me past the point of overflowing, and cease not the living water from Your eternal spring. You are the reason I have life, breath, and drive. Without You I would be void of purpose and direction. In You I can do all things, nothing is impossible for You! Continue to purge my heart of the corruptible things of this world, continue to refine me like silver, if seven times is not enough, continue seven times more. Thank You for saving me from an eternal death of regret and bringing me to a place of eternal peace! You are my Abba, my Jehovah, and my friend. Amen


Heavenly Father, be with with us as the days ahead begin to test our faith, themper the spirit within us, and challenge our thinking. Let us not worry but wholly trust in You for all our needs. Remind us of the lilies of the field and the birds of the air, how they find safety and provision, are we who are called as Your children not any better? When You instructed Elijah to go to the brook of Cherith, will You not also led us to water when our earthly resources have vanished? When You say ravens shall bring us our bread and meat both morning and night, will we have the faith to believe? Will doubt be a burden to our faith, or will our faith not doubt the impossibilities of Your provision? Father, anchor our feet in Your unmovable Rock so we can faithfully stand in this evil day. Thank You for Your Blood, Your Love, and for every reason to continue on. Amen


Heavenly Father, as we are delivered from the slavery of this materialistic nation, protect us from her judgments. Save us from the enemy before us, delivering us not into the hands that wish harm upon us. Upon the event of her judgment, as we are expelled into the wilderness, do not forsake us I pray. Lead us by Your Glory day and night, so that even in the midst of darkness we shall not fear. As this nation crumbles like the walls of Jericho, prepare Your chosen people to rely not upon this nations spoils, for her spoils are corrupt and full of evil, but let us rely only upon You and Your Provision. Direct us to Living Water, feed us with the food of Your table, and guard us from the words of complaint and human doubt. Let our trembling be quick, but our confidence in You last for eternity. You are the I AM, in You nothing is impossible, PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME! Amen


Heavenly Father, as thresholds are crossed and man crosses the sanctified bounds in the name of science, protect those who have rejected such ideology. The doctrine of satan is void of life, corrupt, and a sentence of death. As Your watchmen sound the last alarms, open the ears of the saints to receive the message being broadcast, and help them overcome the doubt and reservation the enemy will place within. You have a plan and a purpose for Your children, You are still in control, and forever You remain on the White Throne. Give us the strength to not be shaken in fear, give us the fortitude to trust wholly in You, and give us mouths of praise and not of grumbling. Praise to You and Your HOLY NAME! Thank You Jesus for Your blood, thank You Father for the sacrifice for our sins, and thank You Holy Spirit for the strength to face the unseen. Amen


Heavenly Father, keep open the door that no man can shut, so the words You have placed upon the lips of my testimony should not fall upon deaf ears or the unmovable soul. I pray I am patient in all things, slow to speak, quick to listen, and though at times it is tempting, grant me the grace to never judge. Direct me thoughts, increase my heavenly knowledge, and reinforce my feet upon the solid ground. Give me strength to pursue Your spiritual value, Your virtue, and most of all, Your vision. I am a worker in the Kingdom of God, let my labor be not in vain, unproductivity only hinders my spirit, and lack of direction only consumes valuable time. Upon the door of my heart You have knocked, since I have opened up unto Your knock, my life has forever and eternally changed! Thank You JEHOVAH for Your Blood that has rained down upon my parched soul! Amen


Heavenly Father, surround me with Your presence, envelop me with grace, and shower my soul with Your sweet mercy. The darkest of my days have been replaced with the Light of your mercy and your grace, the loneliest with the comfort and friendship found only in that of my Redeemer, and the toughest have been made easier by the strength of Your hand. Steady my thoughts, settle my spirit, and direct my innermost being to lie down beside the still waters, even in the midst of such great darkness I shall not fear. When judgment of the ages is cast upon my eyes, let me not fret at the sight of it, let me not waver, faint, or even tremble for the fear of it. Let me only recognize in awe and in reverence the tremendous strength of Your mighty hand. Renew me O Lord, renew my strength, embolden the spirit within me, and give me and increase in faith to stand firmly upon the Rock of my Salvation. YOU ARE JEHOVAH! Non in greater than You, non is more majestic, and full of grace. With You I cannot fear, in You I have the victory, and daily I devote myself to the path You have laid before my feet. Thank You Jesus for the love unmatched and the grace that much abounds! Amen


Heavenly Father, test the reins of my heart, steer me from the awful iniquity of this life, and keep me firmly planted in the sound doctrine of the narrow path. Let me never leave my First Love, daily encourage my spirit with Truth, and I pray the hour of my persecution is short. I will never compromise my faith in Jesus Christ for the temporary doctrines produced by a world focused only on hellish pleasures and unholy self-gratification. There is only One that I will follow and only the One that I will serve! I cannot serve two masters, if I begin to grieve my First Love, please Father grieve my spirit with Your Holy Spirit, and with Your burning hand of conviction burden my soul, that I may better see my iniquity. Chastise, correct, and perfect my spirit, preparing me for the Groom of my salvation! Protect us Father, guide us with Your Spirit, and Jesus, thank-You for Your Blood! Amen


Heavenly Father, I pray I will always stay grounded on the sound doctrine of Jesus Christ. That my focus will be only upon that which is Holy and acceptable in Your eyes. Help me to resist the temptations of immorality, that I may always be careful to never erect idols within my heart, and may my walk forever remain guided upon the path of righteousness. I pray for an increase in strength, that I may not fear the things that I must suffer in this lifetime, rather let me rejoice in faithful perserverance as I travel through the fiery trials, knowing from the record of my past that You have never failed or forsaken me. It is for You that I live, for You that I may die, and because of You I have received life eternal! Thank You Jesus! Amen


Heavenly Father, You are the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, that which Is, which Was, and which is to Come, the Almighty! You are my safe harbor during the storm, a Lamp unto my feet and a Light unto my path, my direction, hope, and the plot for my course. With you all things are possible, nothing is impossible, and I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me. Father, please stay within our midst, continue to prepare Your Bride for the days of trial ahead, and help us to guard our mouths from the sounds of grumbling and complaint. Thank You Jesus for Your Blood and the sacrifice to which nothing else compares! Amen